Chapter 868: Using The Same Strategy To Take Revenge

    Chapter 868: Using The Same Strategy To Take Revenge

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    Therefore, he became a regular customer of the bar. He tried many ways just to see the beauty but she did not even bother to look at him...

    One day, he decided to give up as he realized he could never get her no matter how hard he tried. Thus, he tried to control himself to not visit the bar for a month. A month later, he decided to visit the bar one last time to say goodbye to this beautiful place. Surprisingly, the beauty was in tears when he dropped by and even asked him why he did not visit the bar for such a long time. Mu Yun was confused, so he asked the lady, "Did you miss me?"

    As a result, the lady nodded and then rushed into his arms!

    A love story has begun since then.

    Of course, Mu Yun was born to be a flirtatious man. After spending a few months together, he realized that the lady was not as good as he had imagined. However, the reason he put in so much effort was because of the difficulties to get her, before he gradually found out more and more of the weakness that she had.

    For instance, her feet were slightly bigger, her nose was not high enough, and her temper was really bad...

    Therefore, he decided to break up with the lady who was once an ice beauty.

    That was his first time using this particular strategy. Of course, he was not doing it intentionally in the first place but the effect was quite good. Therefore, he summarized his experience and then applied it to the second lady.

    The second one was a knight lady, she was extremely arrogant as though she was the only flower growing on top of a cliff; capable of attracting many heroes.

    She had a strange interest as she hoped all the men in the world would fall for her and would be best if they fought intensely. She used the same strategy on all the men and was not close to anyone of them but she knew how to fish for them. She did not give them hope but she did not completely reject them as well so that those men would always think that they had almost gotten her...

    She made them go insane for her.

    Mu Yun's friend was one of them, he got jealous and fought because of her. He even almost lost his life but at the end, he had been kicked aside like a stray dog.

    Mu Yun decided to take revenge on behalf of his friend when he knew of the incident, hence, he used the same way to get the ladies.

    Similarly, he tried every method he had like those men did to woo her heart. Mu Yun was very smart and handsome and he was considered outstanding among all, naturally, he managed to get her attention. However, the lady was just slightly closer to Mu Yun compared to other men.

    Mu Yun was not in a hurry; he decided to let go after a few days of aggressive actions and disappeared from her sight for a month. He brought a few close female friends along when he paid a visit to the lady again after a month...

    The girl was very upset and sad when she saw Mu Yun being gentle to other girls. Thus, she began to approach him as she probably wanted him to herself.

    However, he refused to show his intention and played around with her. The lady suffered a lot as she did not know what was on Mu Yun's mind. The more sufferings she had, the harder she could let go, the more she wanted him to admire her like he did back in the day...

    In the end, the lady really fell for him and only wanted to marry him. It was only then he considered to make her one of his close female friends.

    After that, he cold-heartedly dumped the girl so that she could experience the suffering...

    After the end of his teenage stories, Mu Yun even made a summary as he felt it was not complete enough...
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