Chapter 881: This Is The Price For Skipping My Class

    Chapter 881: This Is The Price For Skipping My Class

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    Her eyes were teary as she talked. Although she performed quite well that time, she was trying her best to hide her emotions. She tried so hard to calm herself down and even swallowed her tears when she was nervous and felt ashamed, as she did not want anyone to know she was depressed and disappointed...

    She felt depressed but she tried to suppress her feelings.

    "I'm really sorry, I..." Di Fuyi held her hand.

    Gu Xijiu immediately pulled back her hand and smiled. She wanted to smile evilly but she failed. Instead, her eyes were even tearier now.

    She remained silent. The apology was not always the best solution to reduce pain...

    Di Fuyi sighed, "Xijiu, it was really out of my expectations. I thought you could make it..."

    "Out of your expectations?" Gu Xijiu said with a higher pitch, "Liar! How could you not know my spiritual power? You know, only people with six and a half level of spiritual power or above can practice the Flying Wind magic..."

    "Not exactly, the students with normal spiritual power need to achieve at least a level six and a half of spiritual power, but not for you. You're a practitioner of the Wind spiritual power, hence, you only need a level six spiritual power to practice..."

    Gu Xijiu was lost for words. Then why the h*ck wasn't she able to fly on that day?

    "Xijiu, you would be able to do it if you didn't stay up late the night before the practical and if you didn't set a psychological restriction to yourself that it requires a level six and a half spiritual power to fly up there. Based on my observation and calculations, you were supposed to be the second last student to be up there. However, it was really beyond my expectations that you were physically weak as you didn't sleep for the whole day... coupled with the fact that you couldn't master the concept as you skipped my lesson which covered all the important highlights of the lesson. It was definitely not the outcome I wanted."

    Di Fuyi continued, "I only knew you wouldn't be the champion and you'd be the second last person to get up, but I really didn't expect you not to make it. It was really beyond my expectations."

    Gu Xijiu was annoyed as she seemed to have done something beyond his expectations quite often. However, it was just slightly more stupid than his expectation this time.

    Fortunately, she did feel slightly better after listening to Di Fuyi's explanation, hence, there was a reduction of her depression.

    She frowned and asked, "Let's say what you told me is true, how is it beneficial to you if I was the second last one to get up there?"

    Di Fuyi took a glimpse of her, "This is the price for skipping my class. Anyhow, I need to teach you a lesson so that you wouldn't get to used to skipping my class..."

    Gu Xijiu was speechless. Such a weirdo!

    She then raised her chin and took another sip of wine. Although the wine smelled good, it was a little hot as she felt her throat burning. Thus, she took a few bites of the bird thigh.

    Di Fuyi took away the wine bottle from her hand, "There's another objective for the practical lesson, do you want to know?"

    Gu Xijiu looked at him, "What kind of objective?"

    Di Fuyi slowly took a sip of wine and then took out a handkerchief to wipe her oily mouth. She did not pay attention to his actions as she was focusing on the 'objective' he mentioned earlier.

    Di Fuyi said, "Based on my calculations, your result would be quite disappointing and you definitely wouldn't be happy with it. Thus, you should put more effort into practice and stop skipping my class. In addition, I have a good excuse to help you to revise all the lessons..."

    Di Fuyi had a good plan at that time, he even got the dialogues well prepared so that he could use it to make her a compromise. As a result, he would have the opportunity to spend time with her alone...
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