Chapter 900: She Was Really Guilty

    Chapter 900: She Was Really Guilty

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    He just said that he had killed the disciple of Tian Jiyue but never told her precisely why he had done it. Now when she heard it from Gu Canmo she thought that it must have been because of a personal resentment between the three of them. However, she felt that it might not be connected to any form of relationship. After all, what Gu Canmo had heard was just a rumor...

    Gu Xijiu knew very well that rumors were unreliable. She only believed in her instinct. She knew that Di Fuyi loved her very much and she would be the first woman that he had fallen for, and perhaps she would also be his last one. She would not suspect him just because of a couple of words someone said... Should he confront him about it?

    As she was still pondering about what her next actions were going to be, she accidentally bumped into someone and almost fell into that person's arm. When she looked up, she shouted, "Trainer Long!"

    The person who was standing in front of her was Long Siye. He looked very pale and sad. In his eyes, there were many surges of emotions. It was a mixture of anger, disappointment, and sadness...

    He looked at her for a brief moment, and finally smiled bitterly, "Xijiu, after everything we have been through, you still decided to go for him..." He paused when he had finished speaking, then turned and walked away.

    Gu Xijiu did not feel too good. She attempted to catch up with him, "Long Siye..."

    Long Siye stopped but did not look back, "Anything?"

    Gu Xijiu was nervous. She took out a sparkling red herb from her storage bag and took two steps forward. She handed it to him, "This is for you."

    Long Siye gazed at it slightly.

    It was the 3,000 years old Illusion Weed! He looked at her did not speak or take the herb from her.

    "I heard that you have been looking for this herb. Now, I am giving it to you." Gu Xijiu put the herb into Long Siye's hand without hesitation.

    Long Siye was stunned, and he stared at the Illusion Weed. He had been looking for it for many decades. If someone had approached him with it a few years ago, he would have exchanged it for the entire Tian Wen Clan.

    But now...

    He flicked his finger towards the Illusion Weed, and it flew over and dropped into Gu Xijiu's hand.

    "I don't need it anymore!" He answered and turned to leave.

    When Gu Xijiu watched his back disappearing from her view, she felt pain in her heart.

    She had rejected many admirers in her life and had never felt guilty towards any of them. When it came to a relationship, there had to be a mutual feeling between both parties. If it were only a feeling felt by one party, then the relationship would not last. However, she felt really guilty towards Long Siye.


    "Overlord, Xianzhu Hill has been invaded!" A tracking bird flew down and dropped a voice recorder spell on Long Siye's palm. The voice from the recorder spell belonged to the eldest disciple of Tian Wen Clan.

    Long Siye's face changed slightly, as he remembered that the ice palace which stored the cloned female body was on Xianzhu Hill...

    The palace was a restricted area. It was well guarded, and no one could enter the place without his permission. Even the disciple himself would not dare to trespass the place. Why would anyone invade the palace?

    He thought for a moment before he left a letter for Gu Canmo. After that, he summoned his crane ride and headed straight for Tian Wen Mountain.


    The palace was made from ice and looked like a world made entirely out of glass. The snow and wind blew strongly at the entrance of the palace.

    Everything was as usual, and nothing seemed out of place. However, the entrance of the palace which had been sealed with a spell was now widely opened.

    Long Siye frowned. There was an array of spells protecting this place, and he was the only one who could unseal the door. What had happened?

    He slowly walked over and checked on each of the spells. None of the spells had been triggered. He then walked to the front of the palace and waved his sleeve. The door swung completely open, and a wave of cold air blew out from inside the palace.
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