Chapter 906: Dont Pretend Anymore

    Chapter 906: Don't Pretend Anymore

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    Although Gu Xijiu felt speechless with his actions, she felt warm too.

    In some aspects, Di Fuyi was actually quite childish and she thought that he was very cute. She wanted to hug him.

    Gu Xijiu was a doer, so she hugged him. She put his hand on her arm just like how couples would in the modern day...

    The people in this era were quite conservative. Although there were a lot of couples walking on the street, most of them were just holding hands or walking side by side.

    In the modern days when Gu Xijiu shopped with Long Xi, they only held hand at times and she still felt a bit uncomfortable that time...

    But now when she held Di Fuyi's hand, she felt very comfortable as if it was meant to be.

    Of course, Di Fuyi did not reject her actions. In fact, he was very happy.

    When Gu Xijiu first hugged his arm, he was a bit awkward.

    After all, he had never been hugged by other people. However, he was very good at adapting and even immediately became used to it.

    Sometimes when Gu Xijiu shopped, she would put his hand down and go over to the stall. When she finished buying and forgot to hug Di Fuyi, he would patiently pull her over and give his hand to her...

    "Celestial Master Zuo, you're really a fast learner!" Gu Xijiu laughed at him.

    "Call my name." Di Fuyi patted her hand.

    "Di Fuyi?"

    "It is too normal!" Di Fuyi was dissatisfied.


    Di Fuyi was slightly satisfied this time, "I think you can also add a suffix in front of my name..." He was expecting something like "Brother Fuyi" as this was how young couples called each other.

    Gu Xijiu thought for a while and tried to say, "Grandpa Fuyi?"

    Di Fuyi was shocked, "What?!"

    "Do you think it is too old for you? How about Uncle Fuyi?" Gu Xijiu tried to tease again.

    Di Fuyi looked at her and smiled, "Don't pretend anymore!"

    He threatened her. Gu Xijiu could not help but laugh and she went close to his ear, "Do you want me to call you 'brother'?"

    Her voice was seductive and it blew into his ears, making him twitch inside his heart. So he pulled her over to him and kissed her, "You got it right!"

    Both of them continued walking happily. Suddenly, a seller blocked them. He was selling jades and he tried very hard to promote the fox eye jade in his hand, "This gentleman looks very handsome. If you wear this jade, you will be even more charming!"

    Di Fuyi glanced at the jade. His eyes were sharp enough to identify that the quality of this jade was bad. However, he felt the shape of this jade was somewhat familiar...

    He could not help but touch the fox eyes on his forehead.

    Although he had changed his outer appearance, he did not take the fox eye jade down but only used a spell to cover the brightness. It was not sitting nicely on his forehead.

    The trader also noticed the ornaments on his head. He was shocked, "Gentleman, how dare you wear this ornament? Take it down now if you don't want to die!"

    Di Fuyi frowned and asked curiously, "Why?"

    "I understand that you can imitate Celestial Master Zuo. You are quite handsome but still not comparable to him..."
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