Chapter 910: It Was Horrible To Have No Culture

    Chapter 910: It Was Horrible To Have No Culture

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    She was telling others about it off the top of her head. She would never have expected him to really build her a crystal palace!

    She must be dreaming! It was too good to be true!

    Gu Xijiu wanted so much to bite herself.

    Readily, Di Fuyi conjured a specially made brush and turned to look at her, "Think of a name and I will inscribe the board on your behalf."

    Gu Xijiu did not know what to name it. Although she was well-educated, she was not really knowledgeable from a cultural sense. She could not provide any bombastic names and Di Fuyi immediately rejected the only ones that she could think of, as he thought that they were in poor taste.

    Finally, she was annoyed, "Since you are a man of culture, you should just name it."

    Di Fuyi contemplated it, "Why don't we use both our names? Dijiu Palace? Dixi Palace?"

    A glimpse of light flickered in Gu Xijiu's eyes, "Let's call it Dijiu Palace, as it rhymes with the meaning of everlasting eternity."

    Di Fuyi was slightly taken by surprise, but immediately smiled at her answer, "Alright, let's call it Dijiu Palace."

    He floated in the air and carved the characters of 'Dijiu Palace' on the board.

    His exquisite calligraphy was lively and vigorous, written with strong, fine strokes. The characters seemed powerful, as though they were about to break free from the constraint of the still board.

    The board was even decorated with floral patterns of primitive simplicity. The patterns and his writings were in perfect harmony, gracing the overall aesthetics of the building.

    In high spirits, Gu Xijiu was excited to take the brush from him, "I want to write on the stone, too."

    Di Fuyi gave her the brush and reminded her, "It is made of a unique ink. Once written, it will be impossible to remove. You have to think properly before you write anything. "

    "Don't worry!" Gu Xijiu played with it in her hand while she tried to think. She then raised her hand and carved a few words on the stone: Everlasting!

    There was power in her delicate writings. The strength of her characters was of equivalent quality as compared to Di Fuyi's.

    Di Fuyi was very impressed her writings, but still yearning for more, "I think we should also carve our names on it."

    "Sure," replied Gu Xijiu, almost instantly. In her head, she tried to think about what to write and was immediately struck by a sudden idea. With the brush, she wrote both of their names on the stone with his on the left and hers on the right. She then added the shape of a heart in between their names with an arrow crossing it. It represented the Cupid's arrow of love.

    Gu Xijiu found it to be quite profound, so she was excited to show it to Di Fuyi.

    Di Fuyi examined the arrow. The arrow was going from the right to the left. He then took a look at the two names and turned his attention to Gu Xijiu, "You wish for my heart to be pierced by the arrow?"

    It was horrible to have no culture.

    Gu Xijiu threw him a look of disdain and proceeded to explain to him the meaning behind Cupid's arrow of love. Di Fuyi immediately understood and was impressed. "Shall we add another arrow so both arrows will form a cross? It will look good and have an even more profound meaning."

    Gu Xijiu was astounded, "Do you really want to turn this heart into a sieve? According to you, we shall make it full of arrows. By then, it will no longer be known as the affectionate love - instead, it will be the oath of death with all these arrows piercing through the heart."

    Di Fuyi did not say anything back, as he had apparently made a mistake.

    He held her hand and pushed the door open as they entered, "Come, let's take a look inside."

    Both of them entered the building. There were all kinds of things that were made with corals - the coral reefs, the coral trees and the coral towers. There were some water weeds swaying in the breeze.

    The design of the building was of the style of a sea kingdom. Every grass and every stone exhibited their own unique ingenuities.

    There were several other places that allowed them to inscribe their own words. Di Fuyi did a few inscriptions, so did Gu Xijiu. She did her writings on the rockwork, the hawksbill pavilion and the door boards in the palace. The traces of their writings could be seen everywhere.
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