Chapter 913: Great Intuition!

    Chapter 913: Great Intuition!

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    Di Fuyi did not interrupt her, as the stars had occupied his attention as well. He fixed his gaze at the space somewhere in the east. There was a star, though not obvious. It was not the brightest one among the sea of stars. Its radiance shone with a faded tint. However, there was something odd about its intensity. It should have been a very bright star, but a layer of dust had unfortunately masked its radiance. Apparently, he could tell from the star that the person was trying to conceal his true power. Its location in the sky was especially dark and gloomy.

    If his assumption was correct, the star represented the manipulator behind the scene. The star was still on the chart, meaning that he was still alive. He might still be working on some other evil plans.

    What would be his next move?

    The man had suffered a great loss because of him, so he would not be the target for the time being. Assumedly, the man's next target would be one of the heaven's gift disciples. Who would his next target be?

    Di Fuyi turned to look at the stars that represented the heaven's gift disciples. All of them appeared to be fine.

    The star chart would not reflect the little things. He could only tell from the stars when life and death matters were concerned. When the stars started to dim or appear to be falling off from the sky, that was when the anomalies started to surface. He did not have to visit the heaven's gift disciple. He only had to check the star chart and send help when necessary.

    The heaven's gift disciples were meant to be put through the mill, so it was important for them to go through the struggles. As long as their lives were not concerned, he would not meddle in their own affairs.

    He then turned to look at the newly born Star of King. The star was growing well and it started to have its own moons surrounding it. It was no longer a solitary star.

    The newly born King Star used to be inconspicuous, but now, it was starting to move towards the center. Certainly, the star was rather dull, not even as bright as its surrounding stars. Its radiance was of the seven-color rays, too. However, the strong intensity of the center star had completely masked it, making it look ordinary.

    The girl was breathing slowly next to him. He could smell her soft, subtle scent. Her scent was enough to draw him in. It was the kind of scent that only he could sense it.

    He could always find her out no matter who she had herself disguised as.

    He recalled the time when she tried everything she could to avoid him with countless of strategies, but still could not get herself off him. The more he pushed her over her edge, the more delighted he became. He used to take her as a source of joy, or even a piece that he could manipulate. However, as time went by, he slowly fell for her. By the time he realized his affection for her, it was already too late for his retreat.

    Perhaps, this could be their destiny.

    It was probably a predestined arrangement, for him to fall for her and to protect her.

    While he was deep in his own thought, Gu Xijiu abruptly pointed at one of the stars and said, "Am I that star?"

    Di Fuyi looked towards the direction of her pointing finger and was surprised. She was pointing at the newly born King Star. She had surprisingly found it.

    According to her skill, it was impossible for her to find the star. The girl was always full of surprises.

    "Why makes you think that you are that particular star?" Di Fuyi asked her, in a calm and composed manner.


    She had a great intuition.

    Di Fuyi smiled and did not continue to say any further, as the heaven's secrets must not be revealed. It was important not to disclose the secrets to her, as the disclosure would only bring her unimaginable disasters.

    Gu Xijiu could not really tell why she was especially drawn to that star.
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