Chapter 919: Predestined Marriage 6

    Chapter 919: Predestined Marriage 6

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    Gu Xijiu really wanted to punch him!

    She pushed his hand away, "I'm not..."

    "Xijiu, I'll prepare the ceremony now if you want to get married after a few days. Otherwise, we can also marry three years later. So, which option you would like to pick?" He looked at her with a pair of shimmering eyes.

    Gu Xijiu was helpless!

    Finally, she made her decision, "Three years later then."

    Although the proposal sounded really odd, both of them really loved each other. In fact, Gu Xijiu really wanted to marry him since she confirmed that she liked him and he truly loved her. That was also the first time she wanted to marry someone and spend the rest of her life with a person.

    It was not easy to find someone sincere and since she had found one, they must be the best couple in the world.

    Gu Xijiu was not an indecisive person; she did not want to make someone's life miserable and she did not want herself to suffer as well. Therefore, she agreed to the engagement.

    It was a promise once she agreed.

    Di Fuyi held her hand tight and both of their thumbs were sticking together. He looked at her with a smile, "You have to keep the promise though!"

    Right after he finished talking, his wrist was glowing in gold and it was transmitted to her wrist as both of them were holding hands. Suddenly, a golden bracelet appeared on her wrist. It looked like gold and yet, it looked like jade as well.

    Gu Xijiu was shocked and said as she looked at the bracelet, "This is?"

    "A Love Bracelet." Di Fuyi smiled, "This is also the evidence of our engagement, do you like it?"

    That was the first time Gu Xijiu heard about this bracelet. It was unique as it was in a form of liquid and the shape was a phoenix with its head connected to its tail. The Phoenix looked as though it was alive as the feathers looked real. The eyes of the Phoenix were closed, as though it would fly away from her wrist the moment it opened its eyes.

    While the Phoenix bracelet was attached to her wrist, a dragon bracelet also attached to his wrist. Apparently, both of the bracelets were a couple bracelet.

    They were not only wearing similar designs of clothes; even their accessories were almost the same.

    Gu Xijiu was very curious about the bracelet and she wanted to take it off to have a look. However, it could not be taken off although it was quite loose.

    What was wrong?

    Gu Xijiu looked at the bracelet again, Di Fuyi quickly held her hand, "The love bracelet cannot be taken off, so, you're meant to be my wife."

    Gu Xijiu smiled and she realized that Di Fuyi was really smart as he managed to make her his wife with ease!

    She looked at the bracelet again.

    She seemed to have fate with the bracelet as there was a Firmament Stone on her left wrist but it was still sleeping.

    And now there was another love bracelet on her right wrist...

    However, the black bracelet and the gold one did not match.

    Perhaps, she should ask the Firmament Stone to switch its color when it was awake. Best if it could be changed to a nice color to match the light gold color of the love bracelet...

    Then that would look like a gold handcuff!?

    That was not a good idea! She sighed. She decided to just leave it the way it was, as that would be better than wearing a handcuff.

    Gu Xijiu comforted herself and asked, "Will this bracelet stay with me forever?"

    Di Fuyi's eyes shimmered and smiled, "It will be there until both of us part ways."

    Gu Xijiu was depressed and frowned as she looked at her, "Separate? Which means it would disappear if you want to cancel the engagement?"

    She was uncomfortable as she was worried that he would be the one to decide whether they were stayed together or go separate ways...
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