Chapter 921: She Was Still Having Menstruation...

    Chapter 921: She Was Still Having Menstruation...

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    In fact, this place was very hidden. No one would come and no one could enter without his permission.

    Therefore, Di Fuyi did not worry about her being in danger. He got up and frowned in shock as he tried to navigate her location.

    She was just outside the garden!

    He walked out to take a look and realized she was sitting on the bench. In fact, she was leaning on the wall as she had fallen asleep. Her long lashes looked like a fan as her eyes were closed.

    After all, she was only 15 years old. She was still considered young and needed more sleep at this age. Also, it was already nightfall - the night time she supposed to sleep, hence, he was not surprised if she was tired or sleepy.

    But why did she not sleep in the warm jade deck chair?

    The stone bench was very cold!

    She was still menstruating...

    He carried her and she immediately opened her eyes. She placed her arms around his neck as she realized it was him. She whispered, "Have you finished meditating?"

    In fact, she had returned a while ago but did not want to interrupt him. With that, she decided not to enter the garden but wait outside instead.

    Di Fuyi knew her worries and felt touched. He put her on the deck chair, "Sleep here, alright."

    Gu Xijiu did not feel sleepy anymore, she got up and looked at him, "You look much better now." In fact, he looked quite pale earlier.

    "Oh, the crystal palace has been built for at least a year already, right?" Gu Xijiu was wondering.

    Logically speaking, there was supposed to be some poems in the crystal palace, but she did not see any of it.

    "I've been waiting for you to do that." Di Fuyi smiled gently.

    That was a good place for meditation but no one has been here except for him, even the four messengers did not know about this place. Thus, he had no interest in writing any poems here.

    The mermaids who helped to build the palace had disappeared as well. Gu Xijiu was the second person in this world who knew about the crystal palace, no one else would know about it.

    They continued to talk for a while. Gu Xijiu looked at the hourglass at the corner in the room and realized it was the early morning of 16th August. She had a class to attend...

    However, she did not want to rush Di Fuyi as they needed the bubble membrane to leave the ocean and that required a lot of his spiritual power. Thus, he needed to have a good rest.

    "Do you need to continue meditating or rest?" She suggested.

    Di Fuyi shook his head, "No, I'm good. It's quite late already, let me send you back."

    He got up and walked out as he held her hand, "Let's go."

    He looked up at the starry sky before he stepped out the palace. There was a tiny new star above the sky towards the west twinkling once in a while...

    His eyes were sparkling and he felt relieved.

    Great, it was finally here.


    Time flies as a year of tough training had passed.

    Many incidents happened in the past one year and the biggest event was the war between the Feixing Kingdom and the Haoyue Kingdom.

    The three countries were the most well-known Three Kingdoms in history. The Zhaoyang Kingdom was the strongest nation, followed by the Feixing Kingdom and finally, the Haoyue Kingdom. Both the Feixing Kingdom and the Haoyue Kingdom had agreed on a political marriage in order to fight against the Zhaoyang Kingdom, hence, the three nations did not dare attack each other as they were balanced now.

    However, Feixing Kingdom had strengthened its military resources in the past one year and now they were even stronger. Eventually, they seemed to be able to compete with the Zhaoyang Kingdom and did not care much about the Haoyue Kingdom anymore.
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