Chapter 922: Took A Wrong Medication

    Chapter 922: Took A Wrong Medication

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    Ten months ago, the king of Haoyue Kingdom wanted the prince of Feixing Kingdom to marry his princess in order to strengthen the relationship.

    On the other hand, the princess of Haoyue Kingdom wanted to marry Rong Jialuo.

    Unexpectedly, Emperor Xuan rejected it at once as he felt the princess was not compatible with his prince, hence, he sent the messenger back to Haoyue Kingdom.

    One of the Emperor Xuan's noble consorts was from Haoyue Kingdom and she was also the sister of the current emperor. The noble consort was a quiet person, hence, she was one of His Majesty's favorite concubines. However, she was found cheating one day with a royal guard and was brought to the official meeting.

    Emperor Xuan was extremely mad about it and she was then given a long white silk for suicide purposes, while the royal guard was killed.

    The noble consort's corpse was delivered back to Haoyue Kingdom with a simple coffin made of redwood.

    The red coffin was a taboo in the ancient continent as it was equivalent to cursing all the women from maternal families to be infertile.

    The emperor of Haoyue Kingdom could not contain his anger anymore after being insulted continuously twice. Therefore, he tore the mutual agreement contract between both kingdoms and initiated a war in order to attack Feixing Kingdom.

    Many were killed once the war was initiated, the citizens were going through hard times as both of the countries were attacking each other.

    While Zhaoyang Kingdom refused to get involved as they were waiting to be the major winner.

    In fact, the three countries used to have certain minor arguments and fought once in a while, however, it had never been that critical before.

    Tianju Hall was isolated and they were not allowed to get involved in the wars between the kingdoms. Not to mention about Tianju Hall, even the three major clans would not get involved.

    Both Celestial Master Zuo and You would definitely stay away from the war. Celestial Master You did help to predict the results before the mayor departed to the battlefield, but it was only moderate.

    Celestial Master Zuo did not appear as he was busy practicing martial arts and Emperor Xuan could not even find him.

    The mayor was Rong Jialuo and the eighth prince, Rong Che, and Gu Xietian were the vice mayors.

    The three of them were already fighting on the battlefield when Gu Xijiu heard the news.

    In Tianju Hall, there were many students who came from other countries and many of them were from Feixing Kingdom as well as the Haoyue Kingdom.

    Although Tianju Hall was isolated and the students were not allowed to be involved in any war between the countries, and neither were they permitted to fight for their own countries. However, there was a gap between the students and best buddies as they were no longer close to each other because of the war...

    Qian Lingyu was having a headache as he was from Haoyue Kingdom. His uncle, Qian Yueran was the overlord of the Jiuxing clan as well as the national advisor of the Haoyue Kingdom. As the Qian family was considered a notable family in Haoyue Kingdom, many of the family members were holding a high military post during the war.

    Gu Xijiu's father was from Feixing Kingdom, while Gu Xietian was the former mayor of the Feixing Kingdom.

    Therefore, both of the families hated each other and both of them automatically became enemies.

    Many students looked at him with a different mindset when he practiced martial arts with Gu Xijiu and some of his friends who came from the same kingdom as him also secretly criticized him sarcastically.

    The strong friendship seemed to be unstable when the countries engaged in a fierce battle.

    Eventually, Qian Lingyu had stopped practicing with Gu Xijiu and he joined the other students for practice.

    The strong triangle had finally broken.
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