Chapter 923: It Was No Longer Its Masters Favorite Bracelet--

    Chapter 923: It Was No Longer It's Master's Favorite Bracelet--

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    Gu Xijiu felt helpless as she had no idea why Emperor Xuan would initiate the war if none of them would benefit. However, Emperor Xuan seemed like he was being possessed by an evil spirit and decided to continue the war.

    The situation was like the incident when Liu Bei took the lead to attack Eastern Wu in order to seek revenge for his buddy, but both parties were injured severely and Cao Cao almost benefited from the war.

    Liu Bei did it for his buddy, but how about Emperor Xuan?

    Rumor has it that the princess of Haoyue Kingdom was ugly and was indeed incompatible with Rong Jialuo. However, His Majesty should have rejected courteously!

    It was fine to reject the proposal, but His Majesty had gone too far by killing the king's younger sister from Haoyue Kingdom and sent her corpse back with a red coffin!

    Even the dead would come alive if they knew they were insulted this way. Although the king of Haoyue Kingdom was the one who began the war, the main culprit of the war was actually Emperor Xuan...

    In fact, Gu Xijiu understood Qian Lingyu's situation, hence, she did not blame him.

    However, Lan Waihu was extremely mad and looked down on Qian Lingyu. Every time she bumped into Qian Lingyu, she would show an expression of despair without hiding any of her emotions.

    Gu Xijiu successfully upgraded her power this year. According to Gu Canmo, she seemed to have eaten the peach planted by the Fairy Mother Goddess as her spiritual power was skyrocketing to a level seven now!

    Needless to compete in a group, she was strong enough to fight with others alone now. Although her power was slightly lower than Qian Lingyu's, based on her fighting experiences, she could definitely handle it well even if she was going to fight with five Qian Lingyu's.

    She became the top student in the Ziyun first class, hence, Gu Canmo had begun to consider letting her skip a few levels.

    Although Gu Xijiu was not that friendly on the outside, she was very helpful and decisive. Thus, she had made a lot of friends in the past one year.

    Now, she was the most outstanding and welcoming student in Ziyun primary class which was completely different from the first day she came to Tianju Hall.

    Di Fuyi had left since the day he sent her back to Tianju Hall.

    He told Gu Xijiu he had to practice and restore his power for a year.

    Indeed, he had not been anywhere in the past one year and Gu Xijiu did not hear a single news about him. Even the war between Feixing Kingdom and the Haoyue Kingdom did not manage to attract his attention.

    Of course, Gu Xijiu knew such a mighty and great person would not be bothered by just any incidents when they decided to conduct a secret practice.

    Although she had not seen him for a year, she would still look at the love bracelet when she woke up in the middle of the night due to nightmares...

    She would have thought Di Fuyi was in danger if the bracelet happened to show some abnormal signs.

    Di Fuyi had mentioned to her that she could only navigate his location when she achieved a spiritual power of level eight and above and before she could do that, she could only sense the physical condition of the other party. On the other hand, the bracelet would detach straight from her wrist if Di Fuyi passes away accidentally...

    Therefore, Gu Xijiu cared about the love bracelet very much, she was worried that she would break it when she practiced her Kung Fu and she always protected the bracelet whenever she had to fight with others.

    The Firmament Stone was rather depressed because of that as it felt it has been abandoned and it was no longer its master's favorite bracelet.
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