Chapter 930: He Must Be Treating Her As His Pond

    Chapter 930: He Must Be Treating Her As His Pond

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    The green-clothed man took a deep breath and shook his head, "No, I still don't have any news on him." He then optimistically guessed, "Perhaps he is dead? Our people have been keeping an eye on Tianju Hall and Gu Xijiu. Although her expression showed as if nothing had happened, our men have gotten news that Di Fuyi never met up with her..."

    The white-robed man was furious, but said in a calm voice, "He would not die so easily! He must be hiding somewhere to investigate more about us..."

    The green-clothed man frowned, "In the past, we were at the dark, and he was at the bright. Now both of us are in the dark. We will not know what he will do to fight with us. I have a feeling that something is not right. He had caught Elder Long and had torn his soul apart. Until now, he has not fully recovered."

    The white-robed man smiled as he leaned his body at the edge of the pool and lazily said, "Idiot."

    The green-clothed man did not know whether he was referring to him or Elder Long and decided that it was best just to keep quiet.

    The white-robed man thought for a moment, "Any movements lately in the Tianju Hall?"

    The green-clothed man shook his head, "No." He tried to hold back but failed, "Is Di Fuyi really in love with Gu Xijiu? One year ago he was all head over heels for her, and there were even rumors saying that he had intended to marry her. However, it has been over a year since he last showed up to see her. Does he still love her? Or is he trying to use her as bait to get to us?"

    The white-robed man narrowed his eyes slightly and said calmly, "Di Fuyi is a very cunning man. He likes to manipulate the people around him, and no one exactly knows what is on his mind. I have been living in this world for a very long time, and I have never seen him fall for anyone before. Everyone is just like a chess piece to him..."

    Then he smiled, "The possibility that he liked Gu Xijiu is very low. I believe he must be treating her as one of his pawns. Have you forgotten how he cooperated with Long Siye and used Gu Xijiu as bait to kill Elder Long? If it was not for me, Elder Long would not have survived and would probably have turned into a wandering ghost."

    "Yes, My Lord is the best!" The white-robed man tapped on the poolside with his fingers. He seemed to be deep in thought.

    The green-clothed man said, "My Lord, Gu Xijiu is rather quirky. The rate at which she is practicing is just unimaginable! Furthermore, she is brilliant and cautious. I am afraid that she would be a problem to My Lord in the future. Why don't we kill her..."

    The white-robed man stopped tapping his finger and replied calmly, "Don't you bother about her. She will be mine sooner or later."

    The green-clothed man was stunned and blurted out, "My Lord, do you like her?"

    The white-robed man turned around slowly. Although he was wearing a mask and his facial expression could not be seen, the green-clothed man could feel that his eyes were glaring at him sharply. He almost fell to his knees and did not dare to speak anymore.

    The white-robed man stared at him for a moment and laughed, "You talk too much..."

    The green-clothed man quickly knelt down and bowed, "Yes, I am sorry My Lord!" He took out a knife from nowhere and cut off his tongue!

    Blood started gushing out from his wound and drizzled onto the floor. He was in so much pain that his body was trembling, but he warned himself not to scream.

    The white-robed man sighed, "I did not want you to cut your tongue. Well, since you are already feeling guilty, I don't want to punish you anymore. Go and ask Elder Long to reattach your tongue back."

    The green-clothed man was relieved. He thanked the white-robed man before retrieving his tongue and left in a hurry.
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