Chapter 932: You Did Not See Anything

    Chapter 932: You Did Not See Anything

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    This lady was wearing the costume of the royal servants, and two lines of blood trickled down from her eyes. She said pitifully, "Your Majesty, I died unjustly..."

    It was Noble Consort Jing! She was the one he had sentenced to commit suicide with a white cloth that was given to her by him.

    It was a ghost!

    Emperor Xuan started having goosebumps, and he raised his hand to hit the ghost!

    Emperor Xuan possessed a level four spiritual power. The strength of his hit was still very powerful even though he had not practice for so long. He was very sure that he was going to hit the ghost, but it suddenly disappeared.

    It then reappeared behind Emperor Xuan and said, "Your Majesty, I never had an affair with Custodian Hua, but you deliberately accused me of this offense just so you could have an excuse to trigger a war with the Haoyue Kingdom, right?"

    Emperor Xuan's entire body stiffened as he leaped forward and turned his head back. However, he was unable to see the ghost of Noble Consort Jing. Suddenly, a hand patted him on his shoulder, "Your Majesty, am I right?"

    Emperor Xuan launched a couple of attacks several times but still failed to hit the ghost. Finally, he impatiently shouted, "Yes, so what?!"

    "Why must you trigger a war with the Haoyue Kingdom, Your Majesty? I thought the Haoyue Kingdom is an ally of the Feixing Kingdom?"

    "Yes, but so what? I want to make my kingdom the strongest! I want to unify the entire world!" Emperor Xuan launched another couple of attacks with his fists.

    Suddenly, he felt pain in the back of his head. He was knocked down immediately.

    Noble Consort Jing who was behind him rushed forward. When she was about to check his veins, another young man appeared from behind her. The young man looked handsome and gentle, "Let me do it."

    While he was talking, he placed his hand on Emperor Xuan's vein. After a brief moment, he shook his head, "He is not possessed by another spirit. His spirit is still inside his body."

    Noble Consort Jing took off her costume and revealed the black clothes inside and rubbed the human skin off her face to expose her original look. It was Gu Xijiu!

    She glanced at Emperor Xuan, "This is the emperor, alright. However, his temper had worsened, and he had become very grumpy. He honestly wanted to follow the footsteps of Emperor Shi to unify the world... I suspect that some stupid drug must have been injected into his brain..."

    The young man raised his eyebrow, "Stupid drug?"

    Gu Xijiu said, "Don't you think that his ideas are foolish?"

    The young man was speechless.

    Gu Xijiu pulled a silver needle out of nowhere and directly injected it into Emperor Xuan's vein. When she pulled out the needle, it had been stained with Emperor Xuan's blood. Gu Xijiu waved the needle at the young man and said, "I am going to do a blood test. Please handle the rest." Then she turned and disappeared from the hall.

    The young man sighed softly. He glanced at Emperor Xuan and reached out his hand to pat his head

    Emperor Xuan felt as though he was waking up from a dream. When he opened his eyes and saw the young man, he was shocked. He wanted to call his guards, but the young man lifted up his hand like a ruler and placed it on Emperor Xuan's mouth. Then he blinked his eyes, "Your Majesty, what did you see?"

    Emperor Xuan was being hypnotized. His eyes were blank "What... What did I see?"

    The young man smiled and said softly, "You did not see anything."

    Emperor Xuan nodded and followed, "Yes, I did not see anything..."

    The young man nodded in satisfaction before he turned his body and left the scene.

    Emperor Xuan sat on the floor and was in a hypnotic state for quite some time. After that, he looked around and wondered why he was sitting on the floor...


    Inside a hidden room in the city, Gu Xijiu was busy testing the blood sample.

    She had learned a lot of things over the past year. She had also applied the knowledge she had gained when she was in the modern days and successfully came out with a lot of inventions that could be not found in this era. For example, the blood test method and certain drugs...
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