8 Household of Kim Pt.1

    Subin's mouth was agape as her eyes attempted to absorb the scenery before her: the Kim household was huge.

    As the carriage entered through the impressively carved gate, she couldn't help but gawk at the vibrant greenery that exhibited an array of blossoming flowers and finely grown trees. The lake shimmered like a glittering blanket as the sun shone high above the blue sky, painting a picturesque scene before Subin's eyes, one that rivalled those only found in her K-dramas.

    I'm definitely not in London anymore...

    The carriage eventually came to a halt and soon, Subin was standing in the Kim household's courtyard, next to Taehyung. Namjoon jumped off his horse in time to greet a man with youthful features, who had come to welcome them home.

    Subin gaped at the man approaching and noticed how graceful his steps were. He was a relatively short man, much shorter than Namjoon, but he exhibited the same princely air around him making them very alike in manner and aura. The man wore blue robes with golden embroidery, his hair bound neatly in a bun and his complexion, a healthy amber colour.

    He smiled kindly upon seeing Namjoon and Taehyung, briefly glossing over Subin, who stood rooted to the ground, uncertain as to how to act in front of another handsome man.

    Wow, things just keep getting better and better! she thought while modestly eyeing the man up and down. This guy's eye-candy too!

    The man glanced at Taehyung and his smile slowly slipped away. "Taehyung, what are you doing wearing the servant boy's clothes again?"

    Taehyung scratched his head timidly as he stared down at the floor in shame. "Brother... I was just-"

    "You snuck out of the house again, didn't you?" he interrupted.

    Taehyung exchanged looks with Namjoon as if begging for help. But Namjoon only raised his brow at him. Eventually, Taehyung got the message that he wasn't going to receive any backup.

    "Yes, Brother Minseok..." he murmured. "I apologise for my conduct."

    The man, named Minseok, sighed at his younger brother. "You really are troublesome, Taehyung. When will you ever be cured of your tomfoolery?"

    "Now, now, cousin" Namjoon interjected. "I have already scolded him for his actions." He peered down at Taehyung. "He will be under stricter supervision from now onwards. I shall place one of my men to guard him at all times so that he never leaves the house without security."

    Taehyung looked like he was about to protest but Namjoon's steely gaze silenced him.

    Minseok nodded in approval. "Very well." He turned to look at Subin, who had been listening to the Kims' conversation quietly. "And who may you be?"

    Subin suddenly felt very flustered at having Minseok's attention directed at her.

    When Subin failed to answer, Namjoon spoke up, "This is Gyuri."

    Subin peered at Namjoon and he smiled politely. Right... I'm Gyuri now.

    "Gyuri?" Minseok repeated.

    "Yes," Namjoon responded. "She was the peasant who helped rescue Taehyung from danger today."

    Minseok rounded his eyes in surprise. "I see."

    "And to reward her, I have brought her here to work for the household. I hope that this is agreeable to you, cousin?"

    Minseok nodded. "Of course! Loyalty shown to the Kims shall always be rewarded." He gaped at Gyuri. "And since you also rescued my younger brother, it is only right that this is how we, as a household, reward you."

    Gyuri rubbed her neck bashfully. "Ah... it was nothing really."

    Minseok turned to Taehyung again. "I hope you have expressed your thanks properly, Taehyung."

    The youngest of the Kims hmphed. "She did not do anything special, brother."

    "I guess saving your life counts as nothing special then" Gyuri huffed.

    Taehyung narrowed his eyes. "Look, just because you happened to come in when you did does not mean I have to thank you." He crossed his arms over his body. "It was cousin Namjoon who rescued both of us. He is the one we both should be thanking."

    "You're right," Gyuri admitted and she turned to Namjoon. "I forgot to thank you." And then she turned to Taehyung. "But you still haven't thanked me for distracting the thugs."

    "If I remember correctly," Taehyung began, "I did not ask for your help."

    "Oh?" Gyuri said playfully. "Then who was it that was screaming at the top of their lungs a while ago?"

    Taehyung watched as Gyuri contorted her face while she mimicked Taehyung's cries for help in a theatric fashion. Namjoon and Minseok watched in surprise and then started chuckling under their breaths. Gyuri was surprisingly talented at impersonation. Taehyung, on the other hand, looked at her lividly as his ears turned pink with embarrassment.

    "That is enough!" he chided. "How dare you make fun of me!"

    Satisfied that she had annoyed Taehyung immensely, Gyuri smirked. Serves you right for leaving me behind before.

    Minseok spoke, "Well, I am glad that both of you escaped unscathed." He turned to Namjoon as he gestured for the reigns of his horse. "I have to go to the palace now so can I use your horse?"


    Like Namjoon, Minseok mounted himself onto the horse with ease. Once he was comfortable, he turned to his younger brother, "Taehyung, please escort Gyuri to the maids' quarters."

    "But brother-"

    "You can return the servant boy's clothes on the way" he added. "And Gyuri," he said, eyeing her.

    Gyuri jolted to attention.

    "Welcome to our household."

    The trio watched as Minseok galloped away on his horse, leaving puffs of dust at his trail. Once he had disappeared past the gates, Namjoon faced the young pair and addressed them. "You heard your brother, Taehyung. Go and take Gyuri to Madam Zhou."

    Taehyung was visibly displeased. "Fine." He turned to Gyuri and gestured for her to follow. "Come along, ugly Gyuri," he said to her contemptuously, "I will show you the way."
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