13 Chance to Choose Pt.1

    "You would think that she'd be full by now."

    "Isn't that her fourth bowl of rice?"

    "Poor girl, she must have been starving!"

    The maids peered through the crack in the door to look at Gyuri, who was stuffing herself with all the food she can lay her hands on. Madam Zhou was watching her from across the table, silently judging her table manners with her lips pursed into a slight scowl.

    The maids heard a soft chuckle and their eyes darted from Gyuri's gorging to Namjoon, who was leaning against the kitchen counter, observing Gyuri with mirth exuding from his eyes. Seeing the slight smile playing on his plump pink lips made the maids swoon from afar.

    One of the maids sighed, "Oh, my!" she said in a dreamy voice. "Master Namjoon's smile is ever so dazzling!"

    "Do you think it was the new girl who made him smile?" enquired another.

    "No way!" another maid replied. "How can she be the reason for his precious smile?"

    While the three peeping maids quarrelled quietly amongst themselves, Mayu watched what was happening from afar.

    "She's a funny one, isn't she?" Mayu heard someone say from beside her. She turned to her left and saw that it was Pho. Pho gave her a toothy grin as she continued, "Did you see her chase the Young Master yesterday? It was quite the entertainment!"

    Mayu smiled at her friend. In a quiet voice, she responded, "Yes, it was indeed."

    "I heard from Kalyani that she will be staying with us." She smirked, "Kalyani was obviously annoyed when she found out about it."

    "You know what Kalyani's like" Mayu replied. "She already finds our room crowded with three people sharing."

    Pho shrugged. "Well, I can't wait to find out more about her. I think that we'll be great friends."
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