18 Afternoon Tea Time Pt.3

    Gyuri eyed the identical blue-patterned porcelain cups that carried different flavours of green tea. She gulped as the fragrant and inviting fumes beckoned to her, tempting her to take a sip even though she knew it was forbidden to do so. Gyuri sniffed the delicious aroma and a flowery scent greeted her nostrils, enveloping her in a sea of nostalgia that reminded her a lot of her dad. She sighed as images of him drinking green tea every morning flashed in her mind's eye, serving as a harrowing reminder of how far away she was from home.

    Madam Zhou, seeing her dazed expression, called out to her, "Gyuri? Do you remember which tea is which?"

    Gyuri jolted as she broke away from her daydream. "Erm, yes, Madam Zhou."

    But Madam Zhou was sceptical. "Just follow Ada's lead" she instructed firmly before ushering her into the single file behind Mayu and Kalyani.

    "Try not to mess up" Kalyani jeered from beside her. "Or else."

    Gyuri tried to stop her teeth from chattering. "I'm just serving tea" she managed to say rather nonchalantly, "How hard can it be?"
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