28 Youre so Gullible! Pt.1

    Mayu was humming faintly along to a jolly tune when she was abruptly interrupted by the sound of scurrying footsteps and the appearance of a skittish Gyuri.

    "Gyuri, is something the ma-?"

    "Shh!" she hissed hurriedly as she rushed to hide behind one of the large clay pots in the corner.

    Baffled by her conduct, Mayu wanted to question her further when she suddenly heard Taehyung's voice call Gyuri's name. In a few moments, Taehyung appeared.

    "Hello, Mayu" he greeted distractedly as he peered into the pantry.

    Mayu bowed. "Good afternoon, Young Master. Do you need something?"

    Taehyung continued to crane his neck but stopped when he didn't find what he was looking for. "No, I am just searching for Gyuri. Did you happen to see her? I thought I saw her run past here a moment ago."

    Mayu turned to look behind her where the clay pots were. She shifted her gaze back to Taehyung as she answered brazenly, "No, I'm afraid I didn't see her."

    "Oh. Is that so?"

    "Yes," Mayu lied through her teeth. "Is there something you want to tell her? I can pass a message to her if it pleases you."

    Taehyung had his lips pursed. "That will not be necessary. But if you do find her, please tell her I wish to speak to her." He surveyed the pantry once more before leaving.

    Mayu let out a sigh of relief once Taehyung was out of earshot. Lying had never been her forte but she was glad that she was able to pull it off. As she deliberated whether it was a mistake to lie to the Young Master, the sound of faint rustling suddenly caught her attention. She turned and found that Gyuri had emerged from her hiding place.

    "Thank you so much!" Gyuri said gratefully.

    Mayu smiled. "No worries." Although, she couldn't help sweating as she mulled over her lie. "Why were you running away from the Young Master?"

    Gyuri frowned. "It's because he's been sticking to me like chewing gum lately."

    "Chewing gum?" Mayu repeated, befuddled.

    "Er..." Gyuri fumbled to explain, "I-er, I mean glue. The Young Master has been sticking to me like glue."

    Mayu nodded understandingly. For the past couple of days, she had noticed how the Young Master's demeanour towards Gyuri had changed significantly. Before, Taehyung and Gyuri were like oil and water: they didn't get along. Watching the pair was like a source of entertainment for the maids as the pair would always have covert showdowns. However, nowadays, Taehyung and Gyuri were like two peas in a pod. And no one could understand where Taehyung's sudden change of behaviour had come from.

    It was a mystery to them all.

    Mayu pondered over what she had witnessed over the past few days and said without thinking, "Maybe... the Young Master likes you?"

    "W-what?" Gyuri snapped to attention. "No way! How can you say such a thing?"

    "Well, how else can you explain why he's been acting so warm towards you?" Mayu replied thoughtfully. "He's been requesting your presence very often."

    "He's just making my life harder" Gyuri huffed. "Why, last time, he made me clean his room twice! And because I didn't finish my tasks set out by Madam Zhou, I had to miss out on dinner."

    "Yes," Mayu thought aloud. "I do remember that happening."

    "And what's worse" Gyuri continued, "do you know what he calls me?"

    Mayu tilted her head as she looked at her questioningly. "What?"

    Gyuri pulled a face that mimicked Taehyung's cheeky box-like smile, "Hey, ugly Gyuri."

    Mayu stifled a laugh.

    "It's not funny, Mayu!" Gyuri whined. "He's making my life a living hell."

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    Mayu continued to giggle. "You're exaggerating, Gyuri. I think this is just how the Young Master shows affection. He's never requested a maid as often as you." She looked up at the ceiling in thought. "Kind of think of it, I don't think he even asks for Kalyani as often as he asks for you..."

    Gyuri rolled her eyes as she groaned. "Don't remind me," she pouted. "Kalyani hates me now, doesn't she?"

    Mayu fumbled with the vegetables in front of her. "No... she doesn't."

    But Gyuri could tell that Mayu was lying. She knew that Mayu wasn't the type to lie with a straight face twice. "That's not true though, is it?"

    Mayu shuffled uncomfortably.

    "It's okay. I could tell by the way she's been acting that she's livid."

    "Please understand. Kalyani is the Young Master's personal maid so for him to request you instead of her is a bit..." She looked at her uncertainly.

    "I know" Gyuri admitted. "It doesn't make me look good at all." Gyuri sighed heavily to signal her weariness. She stared at Mayu with envy as she pondered over their difference in situation. "What is it like working for Master Namjoon?"

    Mayu blushed slightly as she fumbled. "He's-he's very polite" she mumbled shyly. "And very attentive too. In fact," she said, her voice seemingly rising in pitch, "he doesn't treat you at all like a servant. He treats you like an equal like-like you're a lady."

    Gyuri tried to hide her smile as she observed Mayu's love-struck expression. What do you know, she thought inwardly, Mayu's part of the Master Namjoon fan club.

    "Actually," Mayu continued to speak with her eyes brimming with adoration. "Master Namjoon was the reason why I was able to get this job. It was because of him that I am able to support my family now."

    "He really is a swell guy, huh?" Gyuri murmured amusedly.

    Mayu couldn't agree more.

    Suddenly, a face appeared from behind the door which made Gyuri freeze. Mayu looked over her shoulder and her jaw dropped from the shock. "Young Master!"

    Taehyung stood still as he loured at the two maids.

    Gyuri's voice was squeaky. "Young Master," she said, "I didn't see you there-"

    "Why have you been hiding from me?" he interrupted angrily.

    "I-I haven't been hiding from you-"

    Taehyung took a step forward and darted a look at Mayu who immediately left the pantry. Once they were alone, Taehyung resumed, "You have been avoiding me."

    Gyuri let out a sound of disbelief, "No, I haven't!"

    Taehyung gaped at her dubiously. "I do not understand" Taehyung murmured. "Have I done something for you to avoid me?"

    Gyuri shuffled on her feet. It was clear to her that Taehyung won't stop bothering her unless she confronted him squarely. "Yes," she bravely declared. "You won't stop badgering me."


    Gyuri's lips thinned as she inspected Taehyung's puzzled expression. "You've forgotten your promise, haven't you?"

    "What promise?"

    "We agreed," she said, trying to keep her frustration at bay, "that you would ignore me if I helped you out with the orphans."

    Taehyung's eyes suddenly showed a glimmer of recollection.

    "Does that jog your memory?" Gyuri taunted, her arms folded over her chest. She observed as Taehyung nodded slowly.

    "I apologise" he weakly murmured, "but I cannot fulfil our promise."

    "Figures," Gyuri uttered while rolling her eyes. "You've been doing the exact opposite."

    Taehyung ignored her sassy remark. "I cannot fulfil our promise because I have another to fulfil." He pulled something out of his pocket and offered it to her. "It is from the orphans" he explained. "They made it for you."

    "Really?" she accepted the item in Taehyung's hand. It was some sort of bracelet made from twisted threads of coloured cloth. "They really made this for me?" she was surprised that the orphans had thought of her at all. It had been a while since she had last seen them. She gazed at the twisted cloth with admiration. Even though it was made of a grubby material, she couldn't help adoring it like it was the most precious gold.

    "They keep asking for you" Taehyung added. "They keep begging for me to bring you again."

    Gyuri smiled weakly as she continued to eye the bracelet as she put it on her left arm. She teased, "It seems they've grown very attached to someone other than you."

    Taehyung couldn't help smiling at her playful reaction. "Will you come?" he questioned. "I do not think that I can keep avoiding their pleas for much longer."

    "Sure, I'll go" Gyuri consented, which surprised Taehyung. He didn't think that she would comply so easily. "But on one condition."

    "What? You want something in return?"

    Gyuri had an intelligent glint in her eye. "Of course, I do."

    He looked at her sceptically. "What is it?"

    "We're not gonna steal ever again" she replied firmly. "I don't care about your personal vendetta against the Lees. If you want me to come with you, you can't steal."

    "But how else am I going to procure food for the orphans?"

    Gyuri waved her hand around the pantry as if to showcase it.

    "Seriously?" he asked, bemused.

    "Yep," Gyuri's tone was perky. "I just don't want what happened last time to happen again..."

    "But nothing bad happened last time. Sure, we were almost caught but we managed to get away."

    "I wasn't talking about that" she mumbled under her breath.

    "Pardon? Did you say something?"

    "No," Gyuri answered hastily. "So, do we have a deal? I'll go with you as long as there is no stealing involved."

    Taehyung was hesitant. He focused his gaze on Gyuri's unshifting stare as if they were engaging in a staring contest. Eventually, he backed down and agreed. "Fine" he conceded. "We have a deal."
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