31 Youre so Gullible! Pt.4

    When Taehyung and Gyuri arrived at the field, they were immediately greeted by the orphans, who were eagerly awaiting their arrival.

    Gyuri was surprised when the orphans ran up to her and gave her a big hug, their big brown eyes glittering with excitement. Gulnar was exceptionally thrilled when he spotted the twisted fabric around Gyuri's left arm.

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    "Chun Chun!" he called for his sister. "She's wearing it! She's wearing it!" he pointed to Gyuri's arm happily as he continued to bounce up and down with unrestrained glee.

    Seeing what his little brother was gesturing at, Chun Chun too, demonstrated her enthusiasm. "Do you like it, Gyuri? Gulnar and I worked hard to make it for you."

    "It's beautiful" Gyuri replied warmly as she proudly showed off her ragged bracelet. "I like it a lot."

    Feeling slightly left out, Taehyung gestured at the basket as he spoke, "We brought you some bread today."

    Immediately, the orphans turned to the contents of the basket and their attention was fully diverted. They ate hungrily, their small, grubby arms reaching in for the flat pieces of bread which ultimately led to the sound of smacking lips and ravenous munching. It was like the orphans were always permanently hungry.

    Once they were finished, Gulnar approached Gyuri which surprised Taehyung. Normally, Gulnar would approach Taehyung first.

    "Gyuri," he said sweetly.


    He looked up at her shyly as he asked, "Can you be my Mama?"

    Gyuri's heart almost exploded from the cuteness.

    "Gulnar!" Taehyung shouted, slightly embarrassed. "What did I tell you? Gyuri is not your Mama."

    "But why not, Papa?" Gulnar innocently questioned. "She's already accepted the family bracelet!" He pointed to the twisted cloth Gyuri was wearing and then pulled his sleeve up. He revealed that he too was wearing something similar. "Chun Chun and I are wearing one too!"

    Chun Chun grinned as she pulled her sleeve up to reveal a bracelet as well.

    Taehyung inspected the ragged bracelets and commented, "So you made Gyuri one but not me?" He tried to hide it but he was slightly wounded that the orphans had taken a greater liking to Gyuri than to him.

    Noticing his dejected expression, Chun Chun interjected, "That's not true, Tae." She quickly scavenged through what little belongings they had and was glad to find what she was looking for. She grinned as she revealed what it was.

    "What is that?" Taehyung murmured.

    Gulnar's eyes brightened when he saw what his sister was holding. "Chun Chun, is that-?"

    "Yep. It sure is." She unravelled what she was holding and Taehyung and Gyuri discovered that it was a red string.

    Gulnar suddenly grabbed hold of Gyuri's hand and pulled her closer to Taehyung, whose hand he also took hold of. He smiled up at them both while stretching their hands out in front of them so that Chun Chun had better access to their palms.

    With the tip of her tongue sticking out, Chun Chun worked fastidiously, concentrating her efforts as she tied one end of the string around Gyuri's pinkie finger and the other, around Taehyung's.

    "There!" she exclaimed once she was done.

    Gulnar squealed in delight.

    Taehyung and Gyuri exchanged curious looks as both glanced down at their hands that were connected through a red string.

    "Chun Chun," Taehyung began. "What is this?"

    "It's a red string," she replied enthusiastically. "The red string of fate!"

    "Now, Papa and Mama are... married!" Gulnar squealed delightedly. "We can be a family now!"

    "What?!" the pair shouted in unison.

    "This is our gift to you, Tae" Chun Chun said with a wily smile. "Now, you have somebody to rely on." She pointed to both ends of the string. "They say that those who are bound by the red string are destined to be together regardless of time, place or even circumstance. The red string can get tangled, it can stretch for miles but it will never break. Because at the end of that string is someone you are fated to be with regardless of what obstacles may come."

    She peered up at them both with a toothy grin as she joined their palms together so that they were holding hands. "And that's our hope for you, Tae and Gyuri. We hope that you will always be together- no matter what."
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