36 Woman in White Pt.2

    Empty. Blank. Nothingness.

    Taehyung surveyed his surroundings for any sort of clue as to where he was. But all he could see was an empty space like a white room or a blank canvas. Like his eyes, his other senses detected nothing. He couldn't hear anything; he couldn't smell anything and there was nothing for him to reach out and touch. For all he knew, he may have already died.

    "Hello?" his voice sounded small. "Hello? Is anyone here?"


    Taehyung swerved around quickly at the sudden sound of a feminine voice. Once he did, he spotted a dazzling woman wearing white linen clothes: it was something he'd never seen before. The woman asked him, "Was it you who spoke earlier?"

    "Erm, yes. Yes-yes, you are right" he fumbled, stunned by her beauty.

    The woman peered at him and then smiled, taking Taehyung by surprise. He didn't expect her to be even more alluring when she did that.

    "It's good to know I'm not the only one here" she spoke, her voice melodic and pleasant to the ears. "I was beginning to think I was all alone."

    Taehyung returned her smile, "No worries. I guess we are both here together."

    "Do you know where we are?"

    Taehyung looked around again but eventually shrugged. "I do not, I am afraid."

    The woman sighed. "Well, I guess we should explore for the time being. Maybe we can find out where we are if we do."

    Wordlessly, Taehyung followed the woman who had begun walking ahead. For some odd reason, Taehyung was experiencing a strange, fuzzy feeling in his chest accompanied by a low-key aching. It was like he recognised this woman yet Taehyung was certain that he had never laid eyes on her before. He eyed her curiously as he thought, who was she?

    The woman, noticing his stare, stopped walking. "Are you alright?" she approached him swiftly, concern riddled across her dazzling features. "Is something wrong? Why are you crying?"


    Taehyung touched his cheek and was startled to find that tears were freely flowing from his eyes. He stared at his hand in confusion, "I-I do not know..."

    Suddenly, a sharp pain pierced through Taehyung's chest, rendering him breathless. He collapsed onto the floor, the air in his lungs knocked right out of him.

    "Hey!" the woman shouted as she ran to his side. "Hey! Are you okay? What's wrong?"

    Taehyung continued to gasp for breath as he curled into a ball on the white floor.

    The woman, not knowing what to do, searched her surroundings and started to call for help. It was only when minutes passed did she realise that they were all alone.

    Turning her attention back to him, she alarmingly asked, "What's wrong? What can I do to make it stop?"

    Taehyung continued to wheeze on the floor as another sharp pain overwhelmed him. It was like he was being kicked by a horse in the ribs, overpowering him with the most agonizing pain. Rendered breathless, Taehyung struggled to reply. It was as if his airways were being tightened like the mouth of a sack.

    The woman eyed him desperately as Taehyung struggled to answer. Concerned by his erratic breathing, the woman suggested, "Listen, I'm going to try and help you breathe, okay?" She thought for a moment before adding, "You might not like what I'm going to do but hopefully, it might help."

    Gasping for breath, Taehyung nodded frantically. He would do anything to stop the pain he was experiencing.

    The woman positioned herself near Taehyung's head and took hold of his cheeks. In response, Taehyung's eyes rounded at the closeness of the woman's face. Up close, her features were delicate but worn. Yet again, a sharp stabbing pain pierced through Taehyung's heart but this time, it was different. To Taehyung, it was more like a pain synonymous with a desperate longing, one that he still couldn't understand why he was feeling.

    "Hang on," she told him, causing Taehyung to focus on her again. And without warning, the woman crashed her lips on top of his.
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