38 Woman in White Pt.4

    Namjoon let out an audible sigh once he had finished closing the doors to Taehyung's quarters. They were finally back at the Kim household and fortunately, they had arrived without rousing too much suspicion. Namjoon, being the respectable man he was, had managed to get the pair past the guards at the gates without hassle. However, their appearance did not escape the guards' curious stares. And why wouldn't they be curious? Seeing their masters in drenched clothing and faces as dark as thunder would lead anyone to question what could have transpired hours before.

    With furrowed brows, Namjoon eyed his cousin from where he sat next to his bed. "There really is no saving you."

    Taehyung rolled his eyes. "Please, cousin. Enough" he begged. "I already know that what I did was stupid and reckless and I will not do it again-"

    "But that is the problem, Taehyung" Namjoon interrupted. "I fear that what you say holds no substance. You just say what you need to say to get out of the situation but you never truly uphold your promises."

    "That is not true-"

    "Is it not?" Namjoon retorted. "Last time, you snuck out of the household and you almost had your hand chopped off. I give you a guard and yet you still sneak away unattended. This time, you snuck out and you almost drowned." He threw his hands up in the air to indicate his vexation. "Whatever next?"

    Taehyung was quiet for once. "I apologise" he murmured. "I know I have been misbehaving lately but-"

    "But, what, Taehyung?" Namjoon shouted. "How many times do you have to get into trouble before you realise that you cannot keep acting however you want to? If it were not for Gyuri, you would already be dead by now."

    At this Taehyung was attentive. "What do you mean?"

    "Gyuri was the one who rescued you" Namjoon explained. "She was the one who pulled you out of the water and revived you."

    "Gyuri did?" Taehyung asked, surprised. Suddenly, the woman in white's face appeared in his mind's eye. "Are you sure it was her? Not someone else who rescued me?"

    Namjoon gaped at him, puzzled. "Yes, it was her. Who else would it have been?" He looked up at the ceiling as if he was lost in thought. "It was quite astonishing. Gyuri jumped into the river and swam like a fish to your rescue."

    "I... I should thank her" Taehyung murmured, remembering that he had not done so yet.

    Namjoon frowned at him. "Yes, you should. Gyuri has not only saved your life once but now, twice." He paused. "But now that I think about it, why is it that, whenever you are together, you always get into trouble?"

    Taehyung was quick to reply. "She has nothing to do with it."

    "Really, now?" Namjoon sounded dubious. "It seems to me that you only ever get into trouble when Gyuri is with you."

    "What?" Taehyung exclaimed. "That is incredulous!"

    But Namjoon wasn't convinced. Taehyung watched as Namjoon straightened his sleeves, a habit which signalled to Taehyung that Namjoon had made up his mind. "I think it would be best if Gyuri leaves our household."

    This made Taehyung jump up on his bed. "No!" he shouted, flustered.

    Namjoon raised his brow questioningly. "And why not?"

    "Be-because..." Taehyung began but was unsure of what to say. Even he didn't know why he rejected the suggestion so passionately.

    "You and Gyuri never got on in the beginning" Namjoon reminded him. "And the fact that she is always with you whenever you are up to no good leads me to think that she is a bad influence."

    "But she saved me!" Taehyung protested. "Why would you dismiss her when she saved me? You have to honour her reward!"

    "Under the light of these recent events," Namjoon said solemnly, "being rewarded matters not." He turned to leave.

    "Wait!" Taehyung called out to him desperately.

    Namjoon halted.

    "Please... do not dismiss her."

    Upon hearing this, Namjoon turned to look at Taehyung.

    "Please, Cousin. Please... spare Gyuri." Taehyung played nervously with his bed sheets. "Do not cast her away because of me."

    "And why should I listen to you?" he asked testily. "Will you behave if I let her stay?"

    Taehyung meekly nodded. "I will."

    "I do not believe you-" Namjoon turned towards the door again.

    "I solemnly swear!" Taehyung shouted frantically. Namjoon faced him again. "I solemnly swear," Taehyung repeated determinedly "that I will behave from now onwards and I will do as you say."

    Namjoon eyed him carefully. "Taehyung, you do realise that solemnly swearing is a sacred oath?"

    "I do" Taehyung replied.

    "And such oaths should never be made unless you intend to keep them until your grave?"

    Taehyung nodded. "I am aware."

    Namjoon curled his lip in thought. "Alright. Since you have made such an oath, I will give heed to your request just this once."

    "Thank you, cousin-"

    "But woe betide if you break it, Taehyung" Namjoon warned. "As soon as you do, Gyuri will be out of this household, is that clear?"

    Taehyung nodded. "Yes, cousin."

    Namjoon turned to the door again. "Oh, and before I forget, do you remember anything from when you were unconscious?"

    The woman in white's face suddenly flashed before Taehyung's eyes again and he blushed. He averted his gaze as he stuttered, "No-no, I don't- I don't remember anything."

    Namjoon hummed as he thought. "I see."

    "Why do you- why do you ask?"

    "Because it is a shame," he told him vaguely, a smirk dancing on his lips. "It was your first, after all." He murmured quietly, "And it might have been Gyuri's first too..."

    "First what?" Taehyung queried. "What are you talking about?"

    Namjoon eyed him evenly as he revealed. "Why, your first kiss, of course."
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