41 Stick of Pain Pt.3

    Namjoon couldn't believe what he was witnessing. Gyuri took all the food? Impossible! He never expected her to be a thief. It just seems out of character...

    As he watched Madam Zhou prepare her rod for Gyuri's punishment, Namjoon's eyes shifted to Gyuri, who was glancing back at Pho. Even though she should be worrying about being flogged, Namjoon couldn't help noticing the concern that was directed towards the sickly maid.

    Wordlessly, Namjoon gaped at Gyuri who demonstrated a brave front despite the fear in her eyes. Could Gyuri be...? He glanced from the ashen-faced maid to Gyuri and realised the reason behind her valiant behaviour. Namjoon smiled to himself. Gyuri really is a strange girl, he thought, before emerging from the shadows.
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