44 His Fleeting Happiness Pt.2

    "So... you just bring him mochi every night?" Pho questioned again. "You don't do anything else?"

    Gyuri sighed for the third time.

    Two weeks had passed since she had agreed to go along with Namjoon's idea, which composed of her bringing him snacks late at night. She had been sceptical at first but had gone along with his plan so as not to expose him in his lie. After all, it was the least she could do after he had rescued her from getting flogged that night.

    "What were you expecting?" Gyuri questioned while getting ready for the long day ahead. "Of course, I just bring him snacks," she paused as she thought, "but sometimes we talk."

    Pho was made excited by the news. "Ooh, what do you talk about?"

    "Pho, that is enough" Mayu ordered from the other side of the room. "Leave Gyuri be."

    Pho pouted as she finished tidying her robes so that her appearance was immaculate. "Oh, c'mon, Mayu. I'm sure you're just as curious as I am. Don't you want to know what Master Namjoon does in his spare time?"

    "Mayu would know if only Master Namjoon called on her" Kalyani interrupted. Everyone turned to Kalyani who was frowning as she finished changing into her robes. She continued, "She should be bringing Master Namjoon snacks, not Gyuri."

    Pho's eyes darted from Mayu and Gyuri who were unable to face each other.

    "If I were you," Kalyani addressed Mayu, "I would be upping my game." She sneered at Gyuri before resuming, "If you don't watch out, she might end up stealing Master Namjoon's favour too."

    "Don't be like that, Kalyani" she replied, but Gyuri noticed her voice wavering slightly. "Gyuri's not trying to steal any of the Kims' favour-"

    "Oh, yeah?" Kalyani scoffed. "Then, why does the Young Master ask for her all the time?"

    At this, Mayu didn't know what to say. She peered at Gyuri as if she was wondering about the answer to that question too.

    "He hasn't been doing so recently" Pho pointed out. "Maybe it was just a one-off?"

    Gyuri gave her a thankful nod. The truth was, Taehyung hadn't requested her presence at all for the past two weeks. Whenever they crossed paths, he would avert his gaze and ignore her. It was like his personality had taken a one-hundred-and-eighty-degree turn. And Gyuri couldn't understand why.

    "Regardless" Kalyani persisted, "it is plain as day that Gyuri has been trying to oust me from being the Young Master's personal maid."

    "Hang on a sec" Gyuri retorted. She couldn't stand by and let Kalyani accuse her any longer. "You're wrong. I'm not trying to steal your position or anything."

    Kalyani hmphed. "If that isn't true, then you must be trying to take Mayu's job instead."


    "You should be careful," Kalyani warned Mayu, completely cutting Gyuri off. "If Gyuri wins Master Namjoon's favour, it's not only you who will suffer but your family will too."

    Gyuri was about to defend herself when suddenly, a curt and sharp voice boomed from the doorway.

    "What are you all still doing here?"

    The four maids swerved around to find Madam Zhou glowering at them while tapping her foot. She had both her hands folded over her chest as she spoke again, "You should all be out by now! Did you all forget what day it is?"

    The maids exchanged looks with each other as they energetically dressed faster.

    Kalyani was the first to finish. "I was just leaving" she replied, before brushing past Madam Zhou.

    Madam Zhou inspected the remaining three. "Well?" she prompted. "Did you all forget?"

    "No, Madam Zhou" Pho responded meekly as she rushed to put her shoes on. "We'll be out soon."

    "Soon is not good enough!" she snapped. "Today is the wedding ceremony and everything must be perfect." Madam Zhou pinched her nose bridge as if trying to relieve the pent-up tension. "The wedding reception will be taking place in the Kim household as opposed to the palace. So, everything should be in order before the princess' arrival, is that clear?"

    "Yes, Madam Zhou" Gyuri and the others murmured.

    Madam Zhou sighed before urging the trio, "Get a move on, then!"
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