47 Your Kingdom Now Pt.1

    Streamers of green and gold fluttered in the wind as the large crowd waited for the appearance of the new emperor. It was still early but the palace grounds were already buzzing with anticipation. All the clan leaders from the kingdom eyed each other, acknowledging the other's presence but nonetheless regarding everyone with the same wariness they would if they were on enemy grounds. After all, it wasn't long ago since their forefathers were at war with each other.

    But for this particular day, they were all united in one thought only. And that was the desire to find out what kind of man was the new ruler of their great kingdom.

    Masked by the decorations of grandeur that graced the palace walls, the clansmen were a melting pot of conflicting interests. Like mantises in the grass, they blended in the background but their intentions were as noticeable as a cicada's cry.

    With one glance, Zeren could see through their cordial smiles and dignified postures as he surveyed the vicinity with eyes like a hawk. In his imperial attire, Zeren did his duty as the emperor's bodyguard by scouting the palace grounds for any sign of danger. He observed that stationed in all corners of the palace grounds, were the late emperor's imperial guards: men that Zeren still didn't quite trust. After all, it had only been two weeks since he and His Majesty had arrived in the capital.

    Zeren knew that danger followed His Majesty everywhere ever since he left the safety of the temple. In fact, he knew since long ago that His Majesty was always destined for the roughest of roads even from boyhood. And staring at the large crowd of people, Zeren realised that they had finally reached that rough road.

    The problem was, they were just at the beginning.
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