50 Your Kingdom Now Pt.4

    Chayoung tried her best not to scowl. "You should be careful, Your Majesty" she uttered with concern. "What if you had gotten hurt?"

    "You need not worry, sister. I can take on a thief or two."

    "Still..." Chayoung murmured.

    Chim had a small smile. After two weeks of staying at the palace, it was the first time he had properly opened up to her. "How about you? Are you feeling nervous?" He realised that he didn't know a lot about her.

    "Nervous about what, Your Majesty?"

    "Why, your marriage, of course," Chim replied. "I heard that it was arranged by Father."

    Chayoung's cheeks were tinted rose.

    "It is to one of the clansmen if I am not mistaken."

    "Yes," Chanyoung answered. "I am betrothed to the Kim's eldest son, Kim Minseok."

    "Kim Minseok..." he muttered under his breath while deep in thought. He met eyes with Chayoung, "But were you not attached to one of the other brothers? In your last letter, you spoke of a Kim Junmyeon-"

    "That was a long time ago" Chayoung interrupted. Chim noticed his sister fumble with her sleeve. "Minseok is my fiancé" she stated, before looking at her brother resolutely. "My duty is to him now."

    "Well, sister, as long as you are happy with him, I have no qualms."

    "Oh yes, I am very happy" she responded eagerly. "He has treated me kindly since we were children and I have grown fond of him." Chayoung peered up at him as she spoke, "But now, all I worry about is you."

    "What do you mean?"

    "Your Majesty, after you are coronated, you must find a bride."

    Chim's face grew grim.

    Chayoung continued, "You have the duty of providing heirs. You cannot do as father did and only produce one son. You must produce plenty-"

    "I am aware of my imperial responsibilities, sister" Chim spoke icily. "But like Father, I only have the capacity to love one woman. I do not wish to bed many young maidens just so that I can produce an heir."

    "But you must!" Chayoung replied. "You, of all people, should know how much pressure there is for only one prince. His life would be in danger at all times-"

    A knock on the door caused Chayoung to fall silent.

    "Your Majesty?" It sounded like Zeren.

    Chim shifted his glance from Chayoung as he ordered, "Come in."

    Zeren appeared and bowed upon seeing that Chim was not alone. "Greetings, Your Highness" he addressed Chayoung before turning his attention back to Chim, "Your Majesty, it is time."

    Chim sighed at those words. This is it, he thought inwardly.

    "But before we go" Zeren suddenly spoke, interrupting his reverie, "there is still the small matter of your regal name."

    "My regal name?" Chim repeated.

    "Yes," he replied. "The royal eunuch is asking as he will be announcing your name during the coronation. What shall I tell him?"

    Chim hesitated. He knew that he couldn't use the name that the monks had bestowed upon him ever since he had started living with them in the temple.


    Chim turned to Chayoung.

    "Tell him," she said while looking at her brother, "to call him Jimin."

    Zeren nodded understandingly. "Jimin" he spoke with awe, "so be it." He eyed his friend with the utmost respect, "Long live Park Jimin, the new emperor of Saim!"
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