51 Striking a Chord Pt.1

    With their breaths bated, the men at court eyed the entrance of the palace, where they were expecting the new emperor to make his anticipated appearance. Hushed whispers could be heard as the men exchanged looks with each other when they spotted one of the eunuchs emerge. He sounded the drum and all murmurings ceased. Everyone peered up expectantly.

    "His Majesty, Park Jimin, the emperor of Saim!"

    The new emperor materialised from the shadows, revealing his face for the first time. Reluctantly, his subjects kneeled before him but not until they had fully digested his features in a blink of an eye.

    The first thing the clansmen noticed was that their new emperor was undoubtedly a young one. Even from the back of the palace grounds, one could discern his age from the size of his frame and the way he walked. He was not a very tall man and his gait was somewhat unrefined, indicating to the men present that His Majesty had not yet acquired the gallant stride, of which all royals possessed.

    But like an unpolished jade, the clansmen could see that the new emperor had the potential to rule. He may not have received the education that all emperors before him had received but, only time will tell if this will prove a disadvantage to his reign. After all, he was now the Mandate of Heaven: the just ruler-the Heavenly Son of Celestial Saim-and only he could cease the turbulence which rippled across the kingdom.

    One by one, the clansmen approached the new emperor and swore their allegiance to him, reciting a sacred oath that vocalised their undying loyalty and love for their kingdom and ruler. It was a revered ceremony, one that the people of Saim took seriously to demonstrate their patriotism.

    "...I am your humble servant" one of His Majesty's loyal subjects would say, before rising to make way for the next person.
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