59 Do You Promise? Pt.2

    As the pair joined the crowd in waiting for the fireworks to begin, little did they know, that lurking in the shadows was a suspicious figure, who had been tailing them. The suspicious figure, concealed by the blanket of shadows, peered at the couple from its vantage point, taking care not to be seen.

    Is that the target? the figure signalled to its comrade using complex hand gestures.

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    From afar, a cloaked assassin emerged and signalled back, Yes. He is one of them.

    The suspicious figure nodded in acknowledgement.

    With fluid hand movements, the cloaked assassin signalled something back to the suspicious figure before merging with the shadows again.

    Determination filled the suspicious figure's eyes as it deciphered the message.

    Tonight, the House of Kim will fall.
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