60 Do You Promise? Pt.3

    Gyuri and Taehyung watched as the royal staff lit the first fireworks in honour of Minseok and Princess Chayoung's marriage, illuminating the inky sky with bright colours like a sudden splash of paint on a plain canvas.


    Gyuri turned to her left, where Taehyung was gaping up at the sky with his mouth ajar. "Is it your first time seeing fireworks?" she enquired.

    Taehyung nodded absentmindedly.

    How cute, Gyuri thought as she stifled a giggle. In the end, he's still a kid. She turned back to look at the sky as more fireworks were launched but suddenly stopped when she noticed an obscure silhouette on the roof. What is that? She wondered as she squinted her eyes to try and discern what the silhouette could be. But just as she was doing so, something fast pierced through the air, only narrowly missing both Gyuri and Taehyung as it whizzed through the gap between them.

    A pained grunt was heard as the man in front of her collapsed to the floor, an arrow protruding from his back.

    Gyuri's eyes bulged at the sight. What the-?

    The next thing she knew, screams replaced the cheerful laughter as the crowd broke down into anarchy. All around her, a stampede ensued as the alarmed guests scrambled for their lives while a torrent of arrows, from all corners of the household, flew in every direction.

    Stunned and confused by what was happening, Gyuri surveyed her surroundings only to witness bodies crashing to the ground as sharp arrows claimed their victim. The smell of gunpowder lingered in the air as blood pooled around the fallen bodies, staining the gravel in crimson. Pots and plates shattered as they were knocked to the floor: an orchestra of chaos.

    Gyuri couldn't believe what was happening.

    "Protect Her Highness!" she heard someone shout.

    She turned to her right and saw that Zeren, the flirty turd, and a group of imperial guards had surrounded themselves around Minseok and the Princess like a human shield. In fact, some of the guards had even swarmed around the other Kims, reminding Gyuri that she had one of the brothers right next to her.


    With quick reflexes, Gyuri swerved around and immediately found Taehyung, petrified on the spot. His crescent eyes were as wide as saucers, fear etched on his boyish features. Gyuri was relieved to find that he was okay but, her relief was short-lived when she suddenly spotted the scruffy servant, from before, aiming an arrow at him. Her heart stopped.

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