61 Do You Promise? Pt.4

    It was dark. It was warm and dark.

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    "Gyuri?" Taehyung's voice was muffled as he spoke with his face buried in Gyuri's embrace. He couldn't hear the panicked screams and the thundering of footsteps any longer. All he could concentrate on was the rapid beating of Gyuri's heart and how his own heart was palpitating against hers.

    Slowly, Gyuri released him and searched his face with a concerned expression. "Are you okay?" she asked worriedly. "You're not hurt?"

    Taehyung shook his head weakly. He couldn't help noticing how close they were to each other and how he had a perfect view of her lips. "No."

    "Thank goodness" Gyuri murmured with a weak smile. "Thank goodness you're safe..."

    Suddenly, Gyuri started swaying to the side, alarming Taehyung. "Gyuri? What is wrong-?"

    Unable to stay upright any longer, Gyuri abruptly collapsed onto him, showcasing the arrow that had struck her on the back of her left shoulder.

    Taehyung's eyes widened. "You are bleeding!" he exclaimed fearfully. "Gyuri, you have been shot!"

    Gyuri could only chuckle wryly as she leaned on Taehyung for support. "No **... Sherlock."

    "Do not talk!" he anxiously shouted, ignoring her sass. "Just stay still. We-we need to get some help! We need- we need a physician- I need to get Cousin Namjoon!" He searched the chaotic scene but it was all in vain.

    It was every man for himself.

    Not knowing what to do, he peered down at Gyuri, who he was now cradling in his arms. Her deathly pallor and half-closed eyes frightened him. Like the blood seeping from her wound, her face was losing colour. "Do not close your eyes, Gyuri!" he shouted while desperately shaking her. "Stay awake! Stay with me!"

    "Such a... troublesome kid" she muttered feebly. With a small smile, she reached her hand up to him and he clung to it tightly. It was deathly cold. "This... makes it the third time I've saved you" she croaked. "Such a... troublesome kid-"

    And without warning, Gyuri's eyes closed.
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