72 Your Irrational Fear Pt.1

    The flame on the candle flickered as General Lee Minho shuffled the documents on his desk. With his forefinger and thumb, he tugged at his bottom lip as he examined them closely, his beady, black eyes narrowed and hooded by his long, straight lashes.

    "Master Minho?"

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    Minho tore his eyes away from his documents momentarily as he looked up. "Come in" he replied, beckoning the messenger behind his door to enter. In a few moments, he was joined by one of his staff.

    "I have a letter for you, sir" the young servant boy disclosed as he approached Minho's desk with his hand outstretched.

    Without batting an eye, Minho gestured for the boy to leave the letter on his desk as he resumed his reading. Once the servant boy had left, Minho dropped his pretence and tore the letter open immediately.

    His eyes scanned the contents of the page with eager speed. Once he had finished, he grunted. "So, the Kims think it was us?" he said aloud. "Bumbling buffoons." With a displeased expression, he dangled the piece of paper atop the flame of the candle and watched as it caught alight. "How dare they suspect us for the assassination attempt!" he sneered contemptuously. With narrowed eyes, he observed how the last of the letter burned away into cinders, the spirally handwriting of his informant incinerated into ash.

    Minho mumbled under his breath, "It is a good thing that I have planted a pair of eyes in that despicable household..." He furrowed his brows as he cast his gaze towards the pale moonlight seeping through the drawn curtains. "As I suspected, the Kims are not to be trusted." He spoke solemnly, "No one is to be trusted..."
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