77 Happy One Day Pt.2



    As soon as Gyuri opened the door to the sanatorium, the pattering of small feet filled the room as the orphans competed to get to the door first.

    "Mama, you're here!" Gulnar piped as his grubby little hands latched onto her skirt.

    Chun Chun soon followed. "We've been waiting for you."

    Both Gulnar and Chun Chun grinned at the sight of Gyuri, but their toothy smiles soon started to slip when they noticed who was behind her.


    From behind Gyuri, Taehyung appeared, his eyes wide in surprise. It had been so long since he had last seen the orphans that he hardly recognised the pair: they had grown taller in the time he was away.

    "Chun Chun... Gulnar..." He crouched down so that he was eye-level with Gulnar, his arms extended as if inviting him for a hug. "I have missed you two."

    Gulnar glanced up at Chun Chun, who had slipped her hand in his. She ushered for him to stand behind her as if she was protecting him from Taehyung. Seeing Chun Chun act protectively, Taehyung searched their wary countenances, unsure as to why they were frightened of him.

    "Chun Chun? Gulnar?" Taehyung repeated softly. "What is the matter?"

    Gyuri quickly intervened. "Chun Chun, why don't you and Gulnar go to the other room? I need to have a word with Tae." She gestured for the door that led to Namjoon's office.

    Chun Chun nodded wordlessly as she held onto Gulnar's small hand and tugged for him to follow. With befuddled eyes, Gulnar reluctantly allowed Chun Chun to steer him away, briefly glancing back at Taehyung, who shared his confusion.

    Once they were gone, Taehyung turned to Gyuri. "What is going on?" he questioned. "Why are they acting that way?"

    "Don't you remember?"

    "Remember what?" Taehyung asked, vexed. The orphans had never acted so wary of him before and it wounded him to see them react that way. It was almost as if...

    "They know who you are."

    Taehyung glanced up immediately. "What? How did they-?"

    "When you almost drowned, remember?"

    Taehyung could only vaguely recall.

    "I tried explaining to them that you had your reasons for keeping your identity a secret but... Chun Chun doesn't seem to believe me." Gyuri scratched her head. "Even I don't understand why they're so frightened of you."

    It didn't take Taehyung long to figure out why. "It is not me they fear" he spoke sadly. "It is my name."

    Gyuri tilted her head at him questioningly.

    But instead of elaborating further, Taehyung dejectedly sighed before enquiring, "Will you ask if I can speak with them?"

    "Alright," she replied. She could tell from Taehyung's mournful expression that this wasn't the first time this happened.
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