81 That Female Physician Pt.3

    "Mother, why does Father hate me?"

    Lady Sooki turned to face a young Junmyeon, who was peering up at her with gloomy eyes. "Oh, Junmyeon, why do you say that?" She kneeled down so that she was eye-level with her son. "Your father does not hate you."

    Junmyeon remained doubtful.

    "Your father cares for you deeply" she continued to reassure him. "As do I." She stretched out her hands to cup Junmyeon's soft cheeks. "You are his son so of course, he loves you."

    Junmyeon smiled weakly as his mother pecked him on the forehead. "Are you sure?" he asked.

    "Of course, I am sure!" she replied with confidence.

    "But why does he treat me differently to Brother Minseok and Second Brother?"

    Lady Sooki appeared taken aback.

    "Why does he always ask them to accompany him when hunting but never me?" He gaped at his mother questioningly. "Mother, did I do something to upset him?"

    Lady Sooki pulled him close, burying him in her chest. "Oh, my poor son," she said mournfully while stroking the back of his head. "No, you did not do anything wrong."

    "Then, why?"

    Lady Sooki loosened her embrace so that she was facing Junmyeon once more. "Do not mind your father" she murmured and Junmyeon noticed the strain in her voice. He searched her chocolate brown eyes and was startled to find that they were woeful. "He has always been a stoic man, so he finds it difficult to express his love for you."

    Junmyeon eyed her dubiously.

    "Just remember that you are a Kim and no matter what, no one can ever take that away from you." She smiled at him affectionately, "And if you work hard enough, there will come a time when your father can no longer overlook your talents."

    Hearing this, Junmyeon's child-like eyes brightened. "Is that true?"

    Lady Sooki nodded in affirmation.

    "Then I shall work hard so that I can shine bright like the sun!"

    His mother chortled at his enthusiasm. "Yes, you should do that from now on." She caressed his cheek affectionately. "Shine as bright as you can so that your father will have no choice but to accept you..."
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