90 The Fair-haired Stranger Pt.3

    "Is he safe now?"

    Gyuri inspected the tall men, who were peering at their red-headed companion. It still felt surreal to her that they were speaking in her language, a language that was at the tip of her tongue but for some reason, she was unable to speak it. It was like an invisible force was preventing her from forming the right notions.

    What is this? She inwardly groaned. Why am I struggling to speak English?

    The fair-haired stranger responded with a relieved smile. "Yes, Brahms will be okay now." He turned to Namjoon and Gyuri. "My companions and I thank you for your help" he spoke amiably. "We are so relieved that Brahms will recover."

    "It was no trouble" Namjoon replied but Gyuri couldn't help noticing the stiffness of his tone. "He will be healthy in no time."

    The fair-haired stranger translated Namjoon's words to the other pair and they grinned after hearing them.

    "I guess I can rest soundly knowing that Brahms is in capable hands" the blondie uttered while sneaking a glance at the red-head, who was resting on the bed. He met eyes with Namjoon and Gyuri again. "On behalf of the New Britannia Colony, I thank you truly." He placed his hand on his chest to show his sincerity.

    Namjoon cordially nodded.

    "I wish to pay for the services" the blondie stated while trying to reach for his pouch. "How much do I-?"

    "No, no money is needed." Namjoon waved his hands to signal his insistence.

    "Oh?" the fair-haired man murmured. "Then, as a token of good will, we, as a kingdom, owe you a favour." Namjoon was taken aback when the fair-haired gentleman bowed. "That, I solemnly swear." He glanced up and asked with his hand still on his chest, "May I know the name of Brahms' saviour?"

    Namjoon reluctantly replied, "I am Namjoon. Kim Namjoon from the House of Kim."

    The stranger's odd-coloured eyes flashed. "Charmed to make your acquaintance, Sir Namjoon." He raised his head and Gyuri noticed the subtle change in his body language. Something about the way he was looking at them sent chills down her spine. "My name is Vernon" he replied while extending his pale hand towards them. "Vernon Montgomery, consul of the New Britannia Colony." His smile was soft but his eyes offered no warmth. "I hope we can become firm friends."
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