104 Your Guardian Angel Pt.2

    From the small crack in the window, Taeyeon let out a long sigh as she watched the carved gates of the Kim household come into view. It had been a fair while since she had last visited her home-not that she could call it 'home' anymore. Despite the familiar walls and the familiar servants, Taeyeon felt uncomfortable. She knew that her uncle would not welcome her with open arms if he heard of her unexpected visit.

    "Who passes?"

    The palanquin came to a halt as a security guard questioned her manservant.

    "It is Lady Lee Taeyeon" the servant replied.

    Taeyeon heard the crunching of footsteps approach her palanquin window. There was a soft knock.

    "Lady Taeyeon?"

    Taeyeon, unaccustomed to having her palanquin inspected, drew the sliding window by a fraction to reveal her face. Had she known who awaited her at the other side of the window, she would have refused to reveal herself. For if she had known, she would have avoided the re-opening of tired wounds and the inescapable heartache.

    Taeyeon blinked when she met eyes with the man before her.

    Briefly, the security guard's eyes reflected her anguish before returning to his placid countenance. He nodded curtly before he stepped away to command the sentry guards to open the gates.

    As the palanquin entered the household, Taeyeon willed herself not to look back at the guard, who she knew was most likely yearning for their eyes to meet again.

    Be strong, Taeyeon, she murmured to herself. You must let him go.

    Taeyeon fixed her gaze down at her hands, her jade rings suddenly catching her attention. They were the rings her husband had given her; rings that bound her to him as his wife; rings that despite their beauty reminded her constantly of her miserable fate.

    Taeyeon bit her lip as she fought the tears that started welling up in her eyes.

    If only I had been stronger...

    She shook her head to be rid of the memories of a naïve romance awoken by her abrupt meeting with the security guard. She didn't want to be reminded of an unfulfilled promise; of her failure to be brave and above all, of the decision to choose her station over love.

    It is too late to change things, she reminded herself. You are no longer Kim Taeyeon. She held her head high as the household grounds came into view. You are Lee Taeyeon now.

    As the palanquin came to a halt and her carrier was lowered, Taeyeon observed the interior of the Kim household, unsurprised that everything remained the same. She surveyed the courtyard and was delighted to find that the person she had come to visit, was steadily approaching her.

    "Joonie!" she called out.

    Namjoon's dimpled smile became visible as he drew closer. "Sister, what a pleasant surprise!" With his arms outstretched he took hold of Taeyeon's and held them gently. "As soon as I spotted your palanquin from my window, I came straight out," he told her excitedly. "What are you doing here?"

    "I came for a visit" she replied with equal enthusiasm.

    Namjoon glanced around her as if he was searching for something. "Brother-in-law did not come with you?"

    Taeyeon's smile remained unfazed. "No, it is just me today."

    Namjoon's features showed a hint of displeasure that faded as quickly as it came. He remarked, "Well, it is not too big of a loss." He gestured for them to make their way to his private quarters, where their long and overdue conversation could finally take place.
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