34 Lets Star

    Fu Yan came back to his rented house after dealing with the matter in university. Dean Zhou was a total headache.

    He stayed in the university for 6 hours but he did not saw Ming Ye.

    "Is she not coming to university?" He thought.

    He asked about her and came to know that she was on leave due to some family reasons.

    After reaching home, he checked the progress of Qing. She had already collected quite a bit of data and was still sorting it.

    "Hmm, you have collected quite a bit, remember to sort it separately and categorize it."

    "Yes, Big Brother."

    After hearing Qing's reply, Fu Yan smiled.

    "Let's see, since she has already done her part so its time I do my part too."

    Fu Yan swiped on his hand and appeared in the great hall of the library. Old Shun greeted him as usual.

    "Old Shun I want to purchase 'behavior analysis' program and 'danger detection program by studying body language' program. Can you help me."

    Old Shun smiled and said.

    "Well, it's about time that I teach you about how you can spend your credits and buy things from the library."

    Fu Yan showed a little excitement.

    Old Shun started to explain.

    "First tap on the tattoo on your hand or just think about it in your mind. After that, a screen would pop up. You can see an icon similar to a shopping cart on the leftmost side of the screen. Click on it and you will see a search bar on the top. Write whatever you want to buy and it will show you the results. You can preview it because you are an intern now. It will show you what the item you are buying can be used for. What are the requirements for its usage? You can also do it with your consciousness and without even lifting a finger."

    Fu Yan followed the instructions of Old Shun and finally purchased the algorithm that he wanted. He spent 230 credits for it. Next, he used his consciousness and purchased the other software too.

    What he got after the purchase was the program, not the logic behind it. When he asked old Shun about it, he said.

    "Well, of course, You will only get the technology not the logic because logic or knowledge is more expensive. Let's see you spent 410 credits in total for the technology but if you want to borrow the book with the same technology, you will have to spend at least 4000 credits for them. So now you understand? It's like you can buy a special spice from a company. You can use it however you want but you can't recreate it unless you buy the recipe and company won't give you the recipe without extra money."

    "Ok, I understand. Thanks, Old Shun." Fu Yan nodded and said.

    He asked about many other things related to the market. Old Shun explained calmly and guided him about what he could not understand.

    Upon purchasing any kind of technology from the library, you would get the technology in the form of a flash drive. Since that flash drive is impossible to hack and would disappear on use so it was possible to get a refund if you want.

    All the technology that you purchase is for one-time use. If its a software then the flash drive is considered as one-time-use but the software upon installation can be used indefinitely but cannot be copied.

    There were many other cool technologies, but Old Shun said:

    "Don't waste your time browsing them and buying them because after you became a librarian, you can get these things easily. You should first focus on improving your status and knowledge. With your privilege as a librarian of the Galactic Technological Library, Many races would try their best to curry favor with you and you will get many things as gifts so why waste your credits on things that you will get for free. But remember this, don't ever trust anyone. These alien races would devour you if you are not careful. Not just alien races even humans would do the same so only trust the library. Never let your guard down, always be vigilant and always think about your own benefits first."

    Fu Yan listened to Old Shun attentively and nodded when he finished.

    When old Shun stopped talking, he asked.

    "Old Shun, do human exits in the universe other than earth."

    Old Shun smiled and said.

    "Yes, there are many planets in the universe that inhabits humans. Earth is just at the start of its civilization. Many human planets even have become eligible to come to Galactic Library so you can imagine how advanced they are."

    "Old Shun you said eligible. Do you mean not anyone can come to the library?"

    "Of course. This is the Galactic Library which has all the advance knowledge from all over the universe so you have to have a certain qualification to enter this library and enjoy the knowledge."

    Fu Yan put his finger on the chin and asked.

    "What is the qualification that is needed to enter the library."

    Old Shun smiled and said with a polite tone.

    "Don't worry yourself with these things now and just focus on your improvement. When you upgrade your status to Librarian, you will know all these things eventually. You knowing them now would only do harm."

    Fu Yan did not argue and said goodbye to Old Shun and returned to his room.

    He looked at the flash drive in his hand and thought.

    "With this, I can ensure my safety as well as of those who are close to me."

    He plugged in the flash drive to the main computer and software started to install itself automatically. He added these algorithms to the core program of Qing so that if there is a need to move the core program, these algorithms stay with her.

    After the installation of the program was completed, System rebooted.

    "Qing! How are you feeling now? Is there any problem with the system."

    "No Big Brother, there is no problem with the system. I feel like I can understand the content in the videos better now and it's like if I watch them enough, I might be able to tell what a person is going to do based on their actions."

    Fu Yan smiled and said.

    "Ok then lets start."

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