53 Threatening the Librarian!

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    Fu Yan felt that he was floating and all he could see was just white light. He was a little anxious as he did not know what would happen or if he would get into an accident. After a while, he could see a planet and it felt like the planet was getting bigger and bigger.

    It was not the planet that was getting bigger but Fu Yan who was getting near the planet. After arriving near the planet, Fu Yan stopped. He needed to locate the book, then land near it. He checked the coordinates on the transparent screen that came up after he swiped on his left-hand tattoo. This planet is "Pheonon", his destination.

    He took out a small pen from his pocket. The pen was very simple looking but despite its appearance, it held the most advanced technology that could detect the books from the library even from far away galaxies.

    He took it out and pointed it towards the planet. A small transparent screen popped up and a red dot started to blink on the screen.

    He clicked on the dot and a video started to play on the screen. In the video, he could see two parties fighting, one black and another green. It seems as if the green party was ambushed.

    The device showed that the book was in the carriage surrounded by the green armored soldiers.

    He locked the coordinates and soon he started to decent.


    Marin Briarfall looked outside her carriage and when the dust settled, a man wearing strange clothes appeared. He looked very handsome and had a unique temperament.

    He looked around and paid no attention to the surrounding soldiers. He started to walk towards her carriage.

    When the Xoria empire's soldiers saw this, they hurried forward to stop him.


    When Fu Yan saw soldiers blocking his way, he stopped. He looked at the carriage and saw no movements.

    The soldiers nearby were cautious since he suddenly appeared, so they did not know who he was or what he could do.

    Fu Yan looked around a little and opened his mouth.

    "Who is Adoh Briarfall? I am here to collect the book back. You have failed to return to the book on time so you will need to pay a late fee."

    The surrounding people were looking at him with confusion as they did not know what he was talking about.

    Marin upon hearing this was surprised and she hurriedly stood up.

    "My Queen, what happened?" The surrounding maids looked at her with confusion and surprise and they have never seen her acting like this before. In their view, the Queen was always calm and composed. No matter what the situation was, she would always stay calm. Even when she was ambushed and surrounded by the enemy, she did not get flustered. But now upon hearing what the man just said, she acted like this.

    Just when they were thinking this, the man's voice again sounded.

    "I am here to collect the book, if you refuse to comply then I might have to use force and your actions might affect your world too, so consider wisely."

    Marin Briarfall upon hearing suddenly opened the door and came down. Her maids hurriedly followed her.

    When Fu Yan saw a beautiful woman coming down from the carriage, he smiled a little. The woman was really beautiful and compared to the stars on earth, she would rank first.

    When the Xoria empire's soldiers saw their Queen coming down, they hurried to make way but they were still vigilant of Fu Yan.

    When Marin came towards him, carrying a cube which he noticed at first glance was the book that he came here to collect. Not all knowledge in the library is stored in the form of books. It can be stored digitally or in different types of devices, like the cube.

    This cube was a little special, it contained the knowledge to develop the magic swords and instead of showing the full knowledge, it would teach the user the process of developing them, step by step.

    Fu Yan glanced at the cube and then looked at the lady that was coming towards him. When she came near, he said in a cold voice.

    "Are you Adoh Briarfall?"

    The lady looked a little embarrassed upon hearing this and shook her head.

    "I am sorry Mr. Librarian. I am his daughter. My father passed away 2 years ago and due to some circumstances, I was not able to return the cube to you."

    Fu Yan waved his hand and said.

    "No need. But since the book was not returned on time, no matter if the borrower is dead or not, the late fee should be paid. There is no exception." His voice was cold and carried authority.

    Marin's maid upon hearing this became furious and she pointed her sword towards Fu Yan.

    "How dare you insult her majesty." While she said this, her sword came near Fu Yan's neck.

    Suddenly a white light shined and the maid was sent flying. She slammed into the carriage and coughed blood.

    Other maids upon seeing this, drew their swords. They all surrounded Fu Yan.

    Fu Yan smiled a little and then looked towards Marin and said with a cold voice that carried a chill.

    "SO this is how you welcome someone. Not only have you failed to return the book on time and on top of that you are threatening the librarian."

    Marin started sweating. She angrily looked at her maid and said furiously.

    "What are you doing? Do you all want to die? Lower your swords. I said, lower them!"

    The maids looked embarrassed and lowered their weapons and started to back off. Marin looked at Fu Yan in panic and said in a trembling voice.

    "Sir, I am sorry for the behavior of my maids. Please forgive them." After saying that she suddenly knelt down. She did not care about what her soldiers would think of her behavior.

    Her father had repeatedly warned her not to anger the Librarians in any way because according to her father, they could destroy planets with the flick of their fingers.

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