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    darkness, I don't know how long I have been here, and I don't have any sense of time, but I feel like I've been here for thousands of years.

    I..I I feel like I'll lose something important if I don't if I don't.....

    I don't know what I must do, what is this place

    my name, I can't remember my name, no I must remember I must.

    'you really went all out there bro'

    'yea cap, was really amazing today '

    ' Yea he was like woosh and woosh and instantly 5 Gobs dropped dead, his sword skills are seriously something else'

    'haha it wasn't me that made the day it's our teamwork that did'

    'hahaha modest as always cap'

    'guys let's have a toast for the cap '

    'Yeah for the cap'







    taking in heavy breaths a teenager was sitting atop a cheap-looking mattress in very small and worn out apartment. His navy-blue eyes shined in the dark of the room and his hair was so black it perfectly fit in the darkness

    With his hands clenched he stood up, his legs shaky and his vision blurry, slowly step by step he approached the mirror hanging on the wall opposite to him.

    The reflection of his face, showed up, but it brought him nothing but the initial bit of surprise, and he just stood there, gazing at the reflection of himself.

    if it weren't for the noise coming from outside,

    it would seem as if time had stopped.

    suddenly the teenager lifted his arm and punched the mirror.

    the mirror broke down, some shards fell to the ground, while others penetrated the young man's fist.

    tears started heavily pouring out while he mumbled.

    "I can't remember their names".

    I can't remember their names, faces, nicknames.

    Link fell to his knees knowing full well what that meant.

    [Reversal] one of the few mythical skills in existence.

    It could reverse any kind of damage, but its usefulness was not only in defense, rather it could do much much more, it could reverse death itself, but the price for that was very hefty.

    And Link knew what price has been paid.

    they were definitely wiped out from past, future, and present, for that was the price of reversal.

    his friends for the sake of saving him sacrificed themselves, they used their very souls to give him one more chance at life.

    The clock in the back ticked, unfeeling like the machine it was.

    'I'm sorry everyone... I'm sorry I couldn't save you, I'm sorry I did not uphold my promises'

    Link fell down, next to the blood and mirror shards on the ground.

    Closing his eyes for a solid minute, he contemplated everything that had happened, the people that used them as a show, the dark abyss that hunted him, and the women that dragged him back to this moment of time and space.

    He cursed them all inside of his head, slowly building his conviction, and as strength built up in his eyes, the rooms temperature fell down, Link's killing intent was seeping all around, almost solidifying to the shape of a reaper behind his back. But, he, seemingly unaffected looked around, slowly recognizing his room.

    'it is just like he said'

    he remembers when his friend told him about his ability and how it can reverse time to a certain degree.

    'seems like I'm back to before that happened'

    his hands went through his pockets, and pulled out an old crappy phone, to check the date.

    He pulled out some money that would barely get him by as well, but he just ignored it for now.

    Turning on the phone, huge numbers showed up which read out.


    His eye's flashed for a moment.

    'I got one year'

    After he confirmed the date. he started treating the light injury on his fist, right after, he grabbed an old dirty backpack and filled it with whatever food he found in his fridge, alongside some clothes and a tent with everything packed, Link turned around and looked at long box next to his mattress.

    He approached it quickly, opening it carefully.

    This box was the only thing his father had left him, inside it, rested a 90 cm katana, he had always wondered why his father had left him a katana, he wasn't even of Japanese origin which really didn't make sense.

    But this one katana, played a huge role in his survive when the devil's descent had happened in the past, he couldn't have survived without it, but later on an accident happened, and he lost the katana, along with his arm to enemy that coveted his weapon, which caused him a lot of suffering later on.

    And now, with the katana in his hand, he did not know if he was fortunate or unfortunate, but no matter, he had to use it once again.

    he remembered clearly the day that changed the life of every person on this planet.

    'The Merge.' People of this land had called it, while some also called it 'Devil's descent'

    Regardless, he had 1 year till that happened, and he also knew about a certain secret concerning it, the merge, although weakly, had already announced its arrival long time before, but it was concealed by those who were in power, so they can have a head start, thus remaining in power.

    he walked with silent steps, as calm as he seemed to be, his heart was a volcano that is about to erupt, he concealed and buried his rage.

    his eyes the coldest they can be, Link walked out of his room.


    Pulling over a taxi, Link got on, and told the middle-aged man to drive him off to the outskirts. Sizing up the kid next to him, with close to no muscles built on him, the middle-aged man scoffed, and thought this fresh meat was going to get it, the city's outskirts wasn't some playground for kids to ** around.

    But he didn't care, he just drove his car, while putting on hopping off channels on the radio looking for something of interest to listen to.

    It took link a while, for him to reach the city's outskirts, Link payed the taxi driver his due, and got out of the taxi, which drove off instantly, not wanting to stay here one more second.

    The box in his arms, he started slowly walking towards a valley nearby, his steps slow, as if he was taking a stroll in a garden.

    And soon enough the fish took the bait, 5 thugs entered the valley after him, 30 seconds later, one of the thugs ran out of the valley, with one of his hands missing.

    "Crazy bastard who uses a katana in this kind of era"

    The thug looked back, and saw the crazy guy who had just cut down, his four brothers with no mercy. Following him.

    He ran as if his life depended on it, but he couldn't shake the kid off.

    Soon the thug went inside a bar, and Link soon followed him in. The thug who had just ran in started screaming



    But before he could finish his shout, a long katana, had already dug through his skull.

    The atmosphere instantly grew intense, and the people started screaming and running away, some took out their guns ready to shoot down the uninvited guest.

    But Link was faster, as he cut down every person that immitted the slightest killing intent towards him, while digging his way in to the back of the bar.

    Screams and sounds of gun shooting went off wherever he went, but soon a complete eerie silence spread.

    An obese middle-aged man, sitting on his couch, with 5 girls servicing his little wood stick, opened his mouth.

    "They finally got it over with huh, these guys are growing lazier, it **ing took them such a long time to deal with one guy? What the ** I'm I paying them for if they take this long deal with one guy"

    He said as he tried to deepthroat one of the girls, but couldn't because of the pathetic size of his penis. He grew frustrated.

    Suddenly the door slammed open, and the pig in human clothing had finally found a target to let out his rage on, but what he saw was not one of his guard, but a man with a long blade on his shoulder, drenched in blood, looking at him coldly.

    The obese man, instantly shat himself, and the girls hurried away from him, disgusted, but he didn't care, rather he was too scared to care.

    "Wha-wha-what ddddo yooouuu wannnt" He opened himself stuttering.

    Link frowned at the sight in front of him, but in an instant, he appeared in front of the pig and dug his katana into the guy's shoulder, it was a waste to use his katana on someone like this, but he had to.

    The obese man started squealing like a butchered pig.

    "I need money" Link spoke.

    " and. I. need. It. Fast." He spoke slowly as he twisted his katana.

    The pig, started squealing again, and the image of Link in his head slowly started to overlap with the devil's.

    Link who also noticed the man's change, smirked, he didn't think this guy would fall into obedience this easily, even pigs weren't this easy to tame.

    Pulling his katana from the man's shoulder, Link took out a cloth, and sat on a nearby chair, with a smile of satisfaction on his face, he started to clean the katana.

    And the obese guy even though injured and scared, he pulled up his pants, and started to walk into a safe nearby, his fingers shaky while entering the code, no more words were spoken but he already knew what he had to do.

    [CORRECT PASSWORD] a robotic voice sounded off, as the safe slowly opened up, inside were a bunch of stacks of hundreds of dollars, a gun, and a bunch of diamond's in a small pouch.

    At the sight of the gun, the obese guy gulped, but shook away any idea's that sprouted in his head. as he felt the cold gaze that suddenly locked into his back, almost making him piss his pants again.

    And soon enough, link walked out of the bar, with a bag that held almost 5 million dollars inside.

    With a smile on his face.

    Thankfully he had brought with him a pair of spare clothes, as he couldn't walk around with bloodied clothes, if he did, he would be basically begging for the police forces to go after him.

    Shaking the car keys in his hand, that he had borrowed from his obese friend, Link hoped in to the jeep Wrangler, and started engine.

    After sitting down, and starting up the car, the drawback from utilizing every muscle in his undeveloped body came back to bite him.

    Every muscle in his body ached like a bitch as he drove off into the distance, at first, he wanted to go back home, but because of his body state, he decided to just take residence in the closest motel, nearby.

    And soon enough he was sleeping in a motel room, or rather was trying to sleep, what happened today, kept hunting him, the stadium, the women.

    He knew he shouldn't overthink stuff, since he couldn't do anything to them right now anyway, but he couldn't help it.

    Fortunately, his body was too tired, that it just took a bit longer than usual for him to fall asleep.

    And at the next light of the morning, Link was already taking a shower with feelings of disappointment at his current body.

    The feeling of going from a very fit body straight into the one he had now, left him with a very bitter taste.

    But he would fix that really soon.

    After dressing up and getting all set up and prepared for his day, link grabbed the long box that had the katana inside of it, and his bag pack alongside with the bag full of money.

    And headed out.

    His destination, the atlas range.
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