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    Link, got off the private plane that he had rented for his trip to avoid any kind of trouble on the road he was marveled by the sight before him.

    The mountains range far away had instantly caught his eyes, mesmerizing him, he felt as if they were calling for him.

    The atlas mountains, a truly mysterious place, that didn't really draw much attention, but, this very unsuspecting place, had a rumor about it that caught his attentions, it was said that it have been hosting an unexplored dungeon for a very long time, and that no one had survived inside of it.

    At first Link was at denial, he didn't believe that a dungeon existed on earth, if no one survived the dungeon, how did the rumor of a dungeon existing in the atlas mountains spread in the first place.

    But later on, he had found out, that dungeons did exist on earth, not one, not two, but numerous. Which is a mystery in itself.

    dungeons are very rare things, and for such a high number of dungeons to exist on one planet was very weird.

    Shaking off the thoughts in his head, Link did not waste any more of his time, and headed off towards the mountains range.

    He only had 1 year, he had to gain as much strength as possible and find the dungeon hidden in the mountains in that duration.

    So that the past won't repeat itself, he has to work harder than ever before.

    Everything has been set for him, he has stacked up on water, food, and nutrition's that would help him build a weapon out of his body.





    5 months later, a man climbed up the mountain beneath his feets with steady steps, and long deep breaths, the man of course was link, after 5 months of harsh and intense training and the nutrition's that he had taken, his body, had witnessed a very huge change.

    The muscles under his shirt, moved in perfect synergy, they were very defined and not overly muscular. His body was the very epitome of perfectness, and it all came down to one of the training technique's that he had acquired in the past.

    \u003c\u003c Body Of Endless Battle \u003e\u003e

    One of the very few treasures, that he had acquired, but sadly couldn't use, because he had already wasted a huge amount of his potential, It laid down the foundation of the being that practiced it, and gave a nice buff to his initial stats.

    He had memorized it back then on a whim, but who would have known it would come in use now, it was truly a funny thing.

    It was almost night time, and he was only around 10 meters away from the peak of this mountain, Link had already explored 90% of the atlas range, in the past 5 months, and he was really starting to lose hope, but as he reached the top of the mountain, his efforts had finally paid off.

    There floated a small black crystal, that link almost missed because of the night time, grabbing the crystal in his fist Link mumbled.

    'Just the intent of going inside one, made me remember several memories I wish I didn't.'

    'the things I had to go through to get where I was, only to be killed in the end.'

    'not even knowing why I was targeted, nor the identity of my killer.'

    He sighed right before crushing the crystal in his hands. And right after, he found himself in a dark place.

    As heslowly started walking into the darkness, he felt his surroundings change every time he took a step in, but as he kept walking, his vision slowly started coming back to him.

    he found himself inside a large hall, torches all around him.

    shining rune patterns of foreign magic that he didn't recognize were inscribed on the stone walls.

    The place was as silent as it could be.

    his senses were heightened to the max, with the katana in his hand, he was ready to pounce at whatever came at him.

    An additional information on these dungeons that came his way, was about how peculiar they were, first of all they didn't have a dungeon core, nor did they have a simple goal, like clearing the boss or something like that, they were more of a trial than a dungeon and the odd thing about these dungeons is that most of them  remained unconquered, till the day they disappeared without a notion or a hint to what was their purpose alongside earth.

    while most did remain unconquered, those that were, brought about insane benefits and rewards to those who challenged them and were lucky enough to survive.

    but Link knew he can do it, he knew he could because this time he had something that he didn't have before.

    In his past life, if a certain incident didn't happen, if his arms were not crippled, he would have soared regardless.

    but as they say, a crippled genius is no longer a genius, after his arms were crippled he was stuck at the lower-Helios realm, hardly surviving, holding back his teammates that didn't want to leave him behind.

    He took in a deep breath and focused on the katana in his arms.

    'this time, I'll change my destiny, I will reach the pinnacle that was rightfully mine, this time'

    'I'll kill them all...'


    A very hoarse and deep voice sounded through the empty hall.

    "interesting weapon you have there mortal"

    Link could hear a genderless voice talk with a very deep tone directly into his mind.

    "whose there, show yourself"

    "telepathy!?" spoke out Link with shock

    "I guess you could call it that, it has been 7400 years since someone visited the tomb of the ancient god, I assume thee wants to challenge the tombs authority"

    The voice once again sounded out, but this time with a questioning tone full of curiousty.

    'A godresting place? tomb?'

    the trial being related to the ancient fallen gods made him a little bit more anxious

    "Hmm, did thy come here not knowing, what awaits him?"

    "I came here knowing I had a trial to go through"

    'it seems this was a gods tomb, quite troublesome indeed, but there is no time for regret now'

    Link shook his head and strengthened his resolve, his hands clenched the black hilt in his grip even harder.

    " I have come here bearing the will to gain unprecedented strength, that is my goal and it remains unchanged, a gods tomb or not, I will take it on"

    "hahaha, I can not tell if thee is a brave man or a foolish one, with your current strength, it is more of a suicide then a challenge, but who I'm I to judge thou hahaha"

    "quiet the humble guy, for someone who won't even introduce himself"

    At link's witty reply the voice shushed for a second then spoke again.

    "Oh pardon my rudeness, I am Rashmar, the tombs guardian, and now that I am done introducing myself, I shall send you on your way, are you ready mortal?"

    With a weird look in his eyes link replied.

    "Won't you ask for my name?"

    "there is no point in knowing the name of a dead man is there? "

    "You got a point, I am ready"

    Replied link with a mocking tone, not bothering to bicker with the tomb spirit anymore.

    "then off you go warrior, the trial is "

    Link suddenly felt dizzy and started losing his vision again, then he heard the so-called tomb guardians whisper to his ear.

    "To survive"


    The moment links feet's hit a solid floor, he felt his skin shiver, and his hair spike up.

    he instantly jumped to the side, half a second later an arrow passed through the spot he was at.

    he raised his head to see the source of danger, they were standing roughly 20 meters away from him, a body full of scales, and bright yellow eyes.

    1 lizardman archer, and 3 lizardmen warriors.

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