4 Sands of Despair


    He couldn't help but curse at the difference in numbers between him and the Lizardmen.

    Not to mention their body armor, that is their scales, is very resistant to sharp attacks, this was a very disadvantageous fight for Link, but he had no choice but to confront these enemies even in this situation.

    They had a very basic team formation, warriors at the front and the  archer at the back, as basic as it is, it isn't bad at all, but basic stuff would only work on inexperienced people.

    Link, didn't waste anymore time and dashed off like a bullet towards them.

    'The archer first'

    The Lizardmen surprised by the unexpected outcome and their sneak attack's failure, seemed to be in a daze, Link not giving them a chance, utilized his leg muscle's, and jumped over the dumb walking warrior lizards in a very swift matter.

    he took the chance, and started sprinting towards the archer as soon as he landed, seemingly awakened by his movement's, the Lizardman pulled another arrow from its back and started loading his short bow, while aiming at Link.

    Bu the lizardman couldn't be more clumsier, and he seemed to be pretty low on nutrition's from his figure, Link could tell from its awkward and slow movements, Lizardmen weren't a dexterous race in the first place, and for an archer, how good was his hands coordination decided if he survived or not.

    Link roughly made up a plan in his head, while shortening the distance between him and the lizard archer, betting it all on one attack.

    the moment the Lizardman finished his preparation and was taking aim at him, he readied something that even regression back couldn't take away from him, his killing intent.

    Locking eyes with the Lizardman, Link's killing intent invaded its mind, giving birth to fear inside the heart of the walking lizard, it flinched and ended up shooting its arrow in the wrong direction, a fatal mistake that costed it its life.

    This was the chance Link has been looking for, he instantly dashed off again.

    in 1 second, he was already standing before the Lizard, his katana heading towards the spot under its jaw, the lizardmen's weak spot, he used the katana like a knife, because slashing won't be that effective for a one hit kill right now.

    'this is it if it works, he dies, if it doesn't, I die.'

    The katana met some resistance for a moment, but Link was not planning on losing any more time, directly applying more strength, and the katana dug deep enough to reach for the lizards brain, the moment it stabbed, Link pulled back the katana in one swift manner, and parried the incoming sword that was aiming for his life.

    Link took the chance, and kicked the furious lizardman away, simultaneously getting away from the lizardmen's encirclement

    Taking a step back to catch his breath.

    'Now that the archer's dead, this will be much easier.'

    The lizardmen's stamina was superior to his and they outnumbered him, but with the archer out of the picture, he now had a higher chance of success.

    hi body was overheating, the adrenaline rush had come, but regardless, Link was ecstatic at the feeling of being able to use the katana once again.

    He slightly lowered his point of mass, and brought the katana near his ear, stance ready, he waited for the lizardmen's rush.

    The katana in his hand's, known as Dark Bane, a unique existence with cheat like abilities, that had caused him disaster in the past for telling someone he shouldn't its abilities.

    God-like perception and advanced thinking.


    And lastly Life-steal.

    At the memory of the snake like man, that had caused his down fall in the past, Link's eyes started to grow colder, and the ecstasy from before, turned into a calm fury.

    The lizard warrior approached him, with its sword raised high, but before it could slash down, the sounds of the wind being cut sounded out, and the lizardman's fingers separated from its hands.

    But before he could finish the job, the other two lizardman's pounced at him, each from a different direction.

    A good strategy, but.

    Link who had calculated every possible movement the lizardmen's could take, blocked the first slash, and diverted it toward the other, the lizardmen ended up blocking each other, and link didn't hold back, directly slashing at them.

    The battle went on and the lizardmen's soon fell one by one, they tried to surprise him once in a while using their tails as an attack to sweep him off by his feet, but that didn't work because he had already anticipated that.

    Sitting down, Link gazed at the Lizardmen's corpse for a minute, then stood up and walked towards the nearest one and started skinning it.

    He was currently in a desert, surrounded by send nudes, he couldn't afford to skip on any resource he found.

    After he was done dismantling the walking lizards, he took what he could take, making some meat jerky in the process, and left the place.

    Moving through the desert, he took out a coat from his bag, and some goggles made especially for deserts like this, that he bought before he went in.

    He didn't know what the dungeon would be like so he prepared himself well, and it payed off.

    'Since im in a dungeon that should work'

    Link thought as he bit into his thumb, blood came out and he opened his mouth and chanted.

    'O ancient gods, of old, This traveller seeks light of guidance on his mortal path'

    When his chant ended a small Rpg like screen opened up infront of him.

    [Link Oakshield]

    Strength :100 (G)

    Stamina: 100 (G)

    Agillty :100 (G)

    Perception :100 (G)

    Potential left :4580

    Racial Limit (D)

    Thanks to the \u003c\u003c Body Of Endless Battle \u003e\u003e his stats grew to 100  without consuming any of his potential, and it could go even further, and take him up to rank F without consuming any of his potential.

    Usually it would take him up to 300 potential to reach rank F, on one stat, but thanks to his technique, he could reach rank F on all of them without consuming any potential.

    Potential itself, wasn't really much of a problem, there existed several ways for it to be gained, but what Link really frowned at was, the Racial limit, The racial limit decided the maximum point of growth a certain race could reach, for example Rank D for humans, which is really pathetic.

    But there was a solution to that.


    If one wanted to grow stronger, he had to discard his human body, and evolve into a stronger race, but that in itself was no easy task.

    The meager amount of people who were able to evolve, was a testament of that.

    'but I have to succeed regardless'

    Link thought as he raised his head and gazed at the horizons.

    Boundless sea of sands, and a scorching sun right above him, threatening to burn him alive.

    He took out a bottle of water, and started drinking, while resuming his march.

    "Can't meet lady fortune without going through misfortune huh."
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