6 The Hidden

    Night time was approaching, Link was still sprinting through the sandy terrain's, thanks to his 500 stamina, his body didn't tire that easily.

    He was running for several hours now, with top speed at that, with a sense of urgency hunting his head.

    but he wasn't running mindlessly, because of his sense, he felt that there is a need to find a safe spot as soon as possible, he didn't what was about to happen, his body was all tense, and his heart was anxious, he could feel the temperature around him decrease, and the wind grows stronger by the second, these were the hints nature was giving him, warning him of its wrath, actually, he had already guessed what was coming.

    A sandstorm.

    And a **ing huge one at that., far different than the one's he experienced in this past 2 months.

    He subconsciously knew, that there is no way in hell he could survive it right now, especially it being in this cursed trial, it surely will come with a unique effect of its own.

    No matter, at least his road was peaceful, the monsters were probably hidden to avoid the sandstorm.

    roughly 2 hours later, he could see one hell of a disastrous, gigantic sandstorm, but what was scary wasn't the sandstorm itself, but what was inside of it.

    'What the hell?? Is that a Godzilla'

    It looked like a Godzilla, but, was 3 times its size, and with the sandstorm surrounding it, it looked even scarier and ferocious.

    Fortunately, he had finally found shelter.

    when he was running through this particular spot, the ground texture suddenly changed, it went from this sandy feeling into a rocky one, in simpler terms, it became more solid, so it picked his interests.

    and luckily Link did check it out, it seemed like this whole terrain was made of manufactured stone bricks.

    and after further search, he found a gate with stairs leading underground.

    But then another problem presented itself.

    he didn't know what was waiting for him down there.

    so now he had two choices that he could take, stay and fight his way through the sandstorm, with his current strength, that was basically suicide.

    if he draws the attentions of that thing, he would die before he knew it.

    or, he could go down these stairs and face the waiting unknown.

    Link thought that even if he survived the incoming sand storm, there is a huge probability that a beast would sniff him out after the storm ends, and it might not be just one beast.

    his chances of survival didn't go above 5%.


    he took in a deep breath in and started heading down, clicking his fingers, a habit of his that would show itself whenever he grew nervous.

    With every step down he took his anxiousness grew, these stairs gave him quite the eerie feeling, it was as if he was walking down the abyss itself, they seemed never-ending, but he took care to make my steps as silent as they can be, while calming himself.

    Never to lose confidence in himself, he swore.

    It was dark as hell down there, his lighter was in his hand, but he didn't dare light it up, he would be asking to be attacked if he did.

    by the time he reached the end of it, his vision started adapting to the darkness.

    taking in his surroundings, around him were the statues of gallant looking warriors, their heads held up high, and their swords piercing the ground, the banners of an all spiked hedgehog filled the walls, fancy but old furniture all around the flour.

    it was a small-sized hall.

    after looking around a bit more, he found a huge door leading somewhere even deeper underground, but he didn't proceed further.

    he needed to have some rest, especially after what he went through today.

    heading towards one of the corners of the hall, his hands tightened around his katanas hilt, he slowly raised it near his chest, taking a defensive stance.

    threading carefully, he could feel it watching him.

    the moment he had stepped into the hall, his sense picked up a faint feeling, it was a feeling akin to having cold water poured down your back, so he knew there was something dangerous hiding somewhere around here.

    As he approached one of the stone statues, he could feel his sense of alarm grow bit by bit every time he took a step forward.

    When the distanced between them was but 1 meter, the stone statue, suddenly punched towards Link.

    'Shit! He's faster than I thought he would be'

    But he dodged the punch nonetheless.

    'I can finally go all out '

    Link so far had either, overpowered his enemies, or fought against unfavorable numbers, so he wasn't able to really unleash all of his battle prowess.

    But the stone warrior in front of him was different, he knew they were pretty much equal in prowess.

    So, all it came down to now, was skills.

    Counter attacking, Link slashed at the Stone warrior's chest, who was slightly slower than him, but at that next moment he jumped back, while dodging 3 stone projectiles with minute movements and slashing diagnostically cutting down 2 other stones.


    The stone warriors, whose fingers has just shot like bullets towards Link, had his finger already growing back, alongside with the slash in his chest.

    But Link was in no way going to just sit still while his enemy regenerated.

    Suddenly his presence thinned out, and he dashed straight towards the stone man, who in response, shot his other 5 fingers at link.

    Link who was at the moment utilizing 100% of his prowess, plus the ability of Dark Bane, experienced the weird state that showed up whenever he utilized Dark Bane 1st skill, his perception of time grew slow, and all his surroundings became more vivid and colorful, he could see the tiniest details on the stone man, and the slowly approaching 5 projectile stone fingers.

    A smile broke into his face, as he executed 5 slashes, cutting the five fingers instantly, and in just a moment appeared in front of the stone man who had his hand still stretched out.

    Sensing the danger, it tried to put up its guard, but it was too late.

    Link was already slicing and dicing it with his katana in an extremely fast fashion.

    1 second passed and link turned back to his normal state, next to him was the corpse of the stone warrior which was cut to a thousand pieces.

    "Regenerate from that little bastard"

    "Seems like I can only keep this state for 5 seconds for now."

    A state in which he reached full coordination with his body, no latency, no lagging behind, utilizing his brain and body at 100%.

    Link wished he could remain in that kind of state forever, but that was not possible right now, so he knelt down and started looking through the monsters remains for the monster core that he had purposely avoided cutting earlier.
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