12 The Petrified wyrm.


    I exhaled hard-


    and coughed up blood at the same time.

    My heart beat violently.

    I succeeded in eliminating Morador, a fallen king like no other, but it came with a price.

    I was basically meatpaste right now, not one signle bone in my body was left undamaged.

    Even so, I felt carefree. I let go of everything.

    At that moment I felt a heavy burden lift from my shoulders.

    For a while, I laid my body down, on that land of desolation where no buildings stood intact.

    Link closed his eyes and thought about his journey, how he traveled from world to world and the special day earth merged with the nine worlds.

    Back then, he had been naive and unprepared. Dangers were common, and it was nothing short of a miracle that he had managed to survive.

    with each action and choice he had taken, he grew, as a person, and a leader.

    but never had he felt like he did today.

    today was special for him as if he had finally broken through the cocoon that embraced him for years.

    as if he was the monkey king, Sun Wukong when he finally broke the stone that held him captive for thousands of years.

    He was a new man, but one with obligations.

    heads had to fly for his responsibilities to be met.


    munching on a piece of bread that was smeared with dirt, Link limped down the stairs leading further down in the throne room.

    in his hands, a book that he found, it's cover was bright blue with a black gem embedded in the middle.

    it was the only item that wasn't petrified in this whole city, surely it must have been made of some kind of special material with immunity to petrification, hell it might even have immunity to all kind of curses.

    such items were of the rarest kind with no clue to what their purpose was, which meant they were either a normal item or the exact opposite.

    and link was more inclined to believe that it is the latter.

    slowly andcarefully he opened the book and started reading


    68th of dusk, Year of Pyre 710

    The wyvern tribe has routed us. We have retreated to Mardrop ruins and secured ourselves amongst the fortifications, I have just shy of 2000 men left under my banner, some of the best warriors I have ever served with, but we are simply no match for the numbers we face.

    Counting them is difficult, but I would put q minimum estimate at 10000. The tribe has camped a league away - they seem to be waiting for reinforcements. This does not bode well...

    I have sent messenger invisible owls to all the kingdoms. I can but hope they send aid in time.


    25Th of haze, Year of Pyre 710

    Five men tried deserting last night. Today I had them flogged in front of all others. I have given warning that any future deserter shall be hanged. These are measures I do not like to take, but harsh times call for harsher discipline.

    Our supplies are holding steady for now, but I fear they may not last. I've received word that it will take at least fifty days to muster a force that can save us, alas, food may well be the least, of our worries, for the wyverns have begun to attack our strongholds. Thankfully we have had time to reinforce the existing structures. indeed, little was needed for the foundations of this place are strong.

    The men have taken a fondness to the place, and have named it "Last Hope". though I normally discourage such romantic notions I cannot help but feel the same.

    These stones walls give strength to my heart - I feel we can fight through this.


    47Th of haze, Year of pyre 710

    Rations low, Men demoralized, Winter haze wind is making conditions underground unbearable. The fortress is holding, but each night they pick off some of our troops above. It is but a matter of time before we no longer have the strength to resist.

    I can hear their blasted roars again, accursed swine! We have no rest or sleep, not the slightest sojourn without their braying, howling, jeering, taunting, insufferable cantations! It is driving me from my wits! But I must remain strong... I must put on a brave face for the men. They are relying on me, and though the burden feels close to crushing me I must bear it with the dignity of a king.

    It is getting dark again. Who will die this night? I am so very afraid... But I cannot show it...


    The frown on Link's face spoke of his confusion.

    but he couldn't help but show some pity as well.

    Wyverns, and an organized tribe at that, the underground city surely had it tough, at least they died through petrification and not in the jaws of a flying lizard.

    whatever struck this place was a terrifying beast that he would rather not make its acquaintance


    Hey, guys author here, I just wanted to let you know that the next chapter will mark the end of volume 1 and link will finally set foot into the true world.

    if you have noticed I will be been holding off showing Link's status screen, that is because something that would play a very important role in the story will happen soon, and showcasing his status screen over and over would be a waste of words.

    Also some explanations about how time/ months work in the new world.

    1st month has 64 days, and the year has 384 days

    months of the year are in the following order.







    and if you have confusion about the Nine worlds or realms, rejoice for I will explain them in the next volume.

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