11 new arrivals

    In a dark cave a guard drop to his knee said spoke "master, we failed to capture the girl form Farstar, she got away and took out two of our men we know where she's hiding if we can attack now we can ki-" he stops seeing a hand telling him to stop and said "thank you for your report, go back to your post" the guard spoke "yes master" he walked to his post.

    diva fell over exhausted as Axos came and picked her up as Jack said: "and she's the only one that can get us home!" Evelina spoke "oh stop your whining" as she hits him with her staff "owe that hurt!" Axos yelled "let's just get home!" they started walking as they were being watched. they arrive at the inn as Diva awoke as a lady was talking to everyone "um do y'all know any great foods, I'm asking y'all because well you and your adventures" everyone shook no as Diva said "what is it that you serve?" the lady looks happy "well, it's mainly a side im thinking of having" Diva thought as she knew her favorite side for lunch "I got one buys it's mainly for lunch" "that will work" she pulled out her phone and looked up mozzarella sticks "ah here we g-" she looked as everyone was shocked and confused on what she is holding "I'll be comfortable if y'all don't ask me about this it something that helps channel my magic" everyone nodded "ok so here's the recipe" as Diva told the lady the recipe she wrote it down "y'all want some" "sure" everyone said "alright let's get to making!" a few hours later there was a plate for all of them "alright let's eat!" Evelina had the first bite "ohhhhh the cheese just melts in your mouth and the bread crumbs make it so delicious!" everyone else took a bite and the lady said, "wow this is amazing, people will love this, you said there were called mozzarella sticks?" Diva nodded "yeah that's right" the lady smiled "why not Diva sticks you made them after all!" "sure" she smiled glad that her favorite side now had her name. a guard came to a shadow person again "master, she's been found again it seems if she uses too much of her magic she'll pass out!" the man replied "good" he then started laughing historically.
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