13 friendship divided 2

    As diva and Evelina ran looks for Jack he was walking twords a shop and Evelina cought it out of the corner of her eye "sweetie there!" they ran in the store.

    Diva yelled "wait Jack sto-" she then saw it being sold to someone else as they walk out with it and Jack getting paid for it from the clerk as Diva started crying and ran out the store "Diva sweetie wait!" jack spoke "what happened?" Evelina then slap the heck out him then a wack with her staff dragging him by the ear out as Jack yelled "what was that for?!" the bag of money he got Evelina took "see this!" he throws it to him and blasted it destroying it with fire " Evelina why!" "one why were you in our room, two why did you sell Divas gem that's the only thing that she has left of her parents Jack eyes widened  "oh crap" "yep better apologie" she drags him to the inn and open the door "Axos did Diva come in?" Axos looked confused "no was she with you?" Evelina replied "she was but this person sold her parents gem, and made her run off"  Axos eyes widened "Jack that's mess up!" "I know" he looked down "we better go find her" he got up and head to the door.
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