15 darkness rising/lost of a friend.

    Evelin, Jack, and Axos took defensive poisons as the hooded figure spook "so these are divas friends, pathetic, a warrior, a summoner, and a mage" Evelin yelled "wheres my daughter!!!" The man laughed a bit "she's fine and it won't be long now, she is a key, a key to a new world" axos looked confused as he said "a key?" Jack spoke "a new world?" Evelin charged at the man as he kicked her back as he heard a voice in his head "sir she's awake and  she's under our control and transformed shall we?" "Yes, do it" he spoke as he teleported all of them on a platform in the sky as they were confused and looked down seeing the clouds Jack screamed "how in the world did we get up here!?' Axos said "i don't know weren't we in the woods?!" evelin said "yes we were the man must be a maige too" a giant monster appeared and scratched at them as axos yelled "what is that thing!?" evelin was shocked "n-no not my baby!!!" the two looked at evelin "thats diva!" the two were in shocked as diva shot a giant energy of wave hitting an ocean as Jack said "we need to stop her before she dose something stupid, like hit the capitle" he was about to summon  something as Axos had an idea "wait, what if we try to reson with her instead of attacking" Jack stoped "fine" he stopped  as evelin floated up divas monster face "diva, diva its me your mother" diva stoped as axos spoke "diva your better then this dont let the power take over yo-" he then sees a hole on her forehead and it looked like it was missing something and looked at evelin "evelin look up on her head what if thats" evelin finished the sentenced "where her gem goes got it!" sh started to few up but was knocked over by divas giant hand as she got back up "i can't reach it she'll knocked me down" axos said "give it to me i can do it being a warrior has its perks" she gave it to axos as he gripped it as he then jumped on her right arm then left arm as he then leap to her head as diva shot a energy beam at Axos as he got the gem in but hit with the blast as diva was turning back to normal "A-axos?"she awoke with everything around her black, dark with no light to be seen diva called out "hello?" she looked around and walked straight and called out again "anyone?" a voice yelled out screaming as diva was scared from the scream as and eyes popped up looking like hers she spoke" h-hello?" it didn't speak but yelled making her cover her ears "wait that sounds like" she stopped and thought " no this can't be me, can it?" it looked angry at her but she couldn't tell why " i see that you are angry can you tell me why?" it then took a form and looked like her but with pink skin and short hair "wait that's when i was 10, except im pink' she then spoke "you let your emotions take over and you released me but i didn't like what they did to me they tourtuert this part of you remember when you were ten you had enough at school and you made it look like you were arresting your bully and took him to the principles offices and he got in trouble and you walked free and your father was proud" "but in this your stronger and meaner right" she nod "and its because of them" "yes" she said "i'm sorry that happened to you" she replied "it's alright let be one again so we can wake up"  she looked down then back up and smiled hugged he as she merged with her and she awoke on the ground with no one to be seen.
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