Chapter 51 - The Signal to Call for Help

    "I never would've thought that the Blood Sect has also entered the Green Illusion Realm." An Ying lowered her head and took a glance at the dried up corpse, "It seems as though the Ghost Sect, Blood Sect and Prison Department have really fixed their attention on us. It is just that I don't know whether the people from the Prison Department... have stepped into the Green Illusion Realm or not? If we add on the Prison Department, I'm afraid that our trip to the Green Illusion Realm this time for the trial shows no positive signs at all."

    The Blood Sect's appearance made An Ying, who originally still had a bit of confidence left, lose all shreds of assurance towards the Green Illusion Realm's journey.

    "What are we going to do?" Zheng Rui was also anxious, "How about we find a remote place and hide there for half a year? After half a year has passed, if we have not left the Green Illusion Realm, the seniors from the sect will most certainly come and check up on us. When that time comes, we'll be safe."

    The remaining trial takers had became taciturn and were of few words. No one was talking.

    Before coming to the barren land, they were all bearing the thought of killing all of the Ghost Sect disciples one by one after merging with the three sects and returning back to the glacier region.

    However, once they had entered the barren land, they saw that a Lingyun Sect's disciple had already been slaughtered by the Blood Sect.

    Humans were all afraid of dying. Those that they viewed as helpers from the Lingyun Sect were also in a difficult situation, whereby they weren't even able to help themselves. Their confidence was quickly sinking to an all time low.

    After An Ying had seen the corpse of the youngster from the Lingyun Sect, she similarly fell silent.

    She was seriously considering Zheng Rui's suggestion.

    "That way!" Pan Tao suddenly pointed towards the sky at the deepest parts of the barren land.

    Nie Tian squinted his eyes to look and realised that there was dark red smoke flaring up in the sky. It resembled an Azure Dragon that wanted to infiltrate the heavens.

    "That is the Lingyun Sect's signal to call for help!" An Ying said in a startled tone.

    "The people from the Lingyun Sect must have also run into trouble and are most likely battling with the Blood Sect!" Pan Tao pondered for a moment, "Jiang Lingzhu's strength is out of the ordinary. If it's only the Earth Lizard, it would be weird for her to release the signal to call for help. Moreover, the Earth Lizard has already been heavily injured by me in the glacier region and it is impossible for it to completely recover in such a short period of time."

    "It's possible that the Lingyun Sect is currently being attacked by the Blood Sect. After waiting for us to hurry over to them, they... perhaps are already more or less dead." Zheng Rui's complexion was indefinitely gloomy, "If, there are also Prison Department disciples there apart from the Blood Sect, then they would die even faster. Once we head over there, there is a dangerous possibility that we will have to simultaneously face the Blood Sect and the Prison Department. What do you guys think about this matter?"

    "You guys... You guys do as you see fit." Guo Qi weakly said.

    Nie Tian could make out the cowardice and fear from Guo Qi eyes. As for what Guo Qi was thinking in his heart, Nie Tian was also very clear about it.

    "I think that..." Nie Tian opened his mouth to speak.

    Once he spoke, everyone's gazes strangely converged onto his body in a flash.

    "What suggestion do you have?" Pan Tao asked.

    "From the Ghost Sect and the Blood Sect's appearance in the Green Illusion realm, the other three parties and us should be a whole entity that benefits from one another, sharing our lives with one another. The more people that die from the other three parties, the more that it would be unfavourable to us. You can imagine that when all of the people from the other three parties are killed, the Ghost Sect and the Blood Sect will undoubtedly leave no stone unturned in order to look for us."

    "The earlier they die, the more time the Ghost Sect and Blood Sect will have to search for us."

    "If we're found in the end, then we can only use our own strength to face them. We will no longer have anyone to go to for help."

    Once Nie Tian spoke to this point, he deeply looked towards An Ying and seriously said: "If you don't have the confidence of not being found by the Ghost Sect and Blood Sect after concealing ourselves somewhere in the Green Illusion Realm, then we should quickly rush over to the place where the Lingyun Sect is calling for help, as fast as we possibly can."

    "I-I..." An Ying stuttered and hesitated for a moment, before dejectedly saying: "The Green Illusion Realm isn't as big as you people think it is. Plus, the Blood Sect is the best in searching for people through the movements of blood. I don't think that we can escape from their search by going into hiding."

    Once she had spoken, Guo Qi and the others paled and seemed to have been struck down by her words.

    "Since that is the case, then what are you still waiting for?" Nie Tian countered.

    "That is also true!" An Ying looked up ahead and finally made up her mind, shouting out: "Immediately, head over to where the Lingyun Sect is and see exactly what it is that they have come across on their end!"

    - Xiu! -

    Once her words had fallen, Nie Tian was the first to rush out like a sharp arrow that had been released from its string.

    This time, he didn't conceal anything. The spiritual energy in his body exploded with a loud bang and with the sturdy physique that he originally possessed, Nie Tian rapidly blitzed past in a speed that made even An Ying feel amazed.

    There were Jiang Lingzhu and Nie Xian on the Lingyun Sect's end.

    Jiang Lingzhu was the one that Nie Tian had had a fated meeting with once in Black Cloud City and she too was the pearl in the palm of the Lingyun Sect's Sect Master, Jiang Zhisu. The impression that he had towards Jiang Lingzhu wasn't too bad.

    Nie Xian was similarly a clansman of the Nie Family like Nie Tian.

    Nie Xian was one of the very few clansmen in the Nie Family, who had left a favourable impression on Nie Tian.

    He was merely rushing over for Jiang Lingzhu and Nie Xian, for even if the rest of the trial takers of the Lingyun Sect had already perished, he still couldn't disregard those two.

    Besides, he understood more than anyone else that they would only be able to increase their odds of survival, if most of the trial takers from the Lingyun Sect were still alive.

    He usually could rationally see through the situation clearly during crucial moments and know how to go about it, so that he could save himself from being injured.

    He clearly recognised that helping the Lingyun Sect meant that he was also helping himself!


    In the middle of the barren land there was a small lake.

    Jiang Lingzhu, Nie Xian and five other Lingyun Sect trial takers were currently battling with Yu Tong and four other people from the Blood Sect. Rays of blood light were passing quickly over the battlefield.

    On one end of the battlefield, two trial takers from the Lingyun Sect had fallen into a pool of blood and had just died not too long ago.

    There were a few spirit beast corpses that had been badly mutilated lying by the lakeside and even that Earth Lizard was within them.

    Jiang Lingzhu and the others had found the Earth Lizard nearby not long ago and after a hard battle, they had killed and beheaded that Earth Lizard, which had already been heavily wounded.

    When they were preparing to chop off that Earth Lizard's head, the five people from the Blood Sect, with Yu Tong as their leader, had suddenly appeared.

    It seemed as though the Blood Sect had been hiding in the dark all along and were waiting for their battle with the Earth Lizard to end.

    They had just killed and beheaded the Earth Lizard and before they were able to conduct any recovery to rest and reorganise themselves, Yu Tong and four other people had showed themselves at the first possible moment. They didn't waste any time and immediately used their killing moves.

    One party had exhausted all of their strength while the other party was going all out with the energy that they had stored up. The battle wasn't on equal standards from the start.

    They had only been battling for fifteen minutes and two trial takers from the Lingyun Sect had already been killed and beheaded by the Blood Sect disciples.

    The Lingyun Sect was only left with seven people, and they were at an absolute disadvantage facing the five Blood Sect disciples with Yu Tong as their leader. They had no choice but to release the signal to call for help, hoping that people from the other three sects were nearby, would see it, and could rush over to them.

    - Pant, pant, pant! -

    Slithers of blood snakes, that were as thick as a thumb and were five to six meters long, were by Yu Tong's side and were making sounds that sounded like the cracks of a whip.

    The slithers of the blood snakes were emitting pungent odors of blood and contained the strange power that made people lose control of their own fresh blood.

    When Jiang Lingzhu and Yu Tong were battling, she still had to distractedly control the strange movements of the fresh blood inside her body. The situation was extremely disencouraging.

    - Bang! -

    A long blood snake suddenly emerged from the sandy soil behind Jiang Lingzhu, viciously clashing against Jiang Lingzhu's back.

    Jiang Lingzhu groaned and immediately felt the scorching pain on her back. Her figure staggered as she fell forwards.

    - Xiuxiu! -

    Even more blood snakes seemed to be selectively devouring people and under Yu Tong's control, they headed towards Jiang Lingzhu with the notion of biting and ripping her to shreds.

    "Fantasy Cloud Shield!"

    Clusters of clouds suddenly escaped leisurely from a silver coloured shield in Jiang Lingzhu's hands. It turned into a thick cover that surrounded her and completely enveloped Jiang Lingzhu's body that was staggering along.

    - Bang, bang, bang! -

    Slithers of blood snake flung themselves against that cover, which was thick and heavy with fog, thrashing about until that cover crackled out in a disorderly manner.

    Jiang Lingzhu's face paled, as she seemed to have consumed a large amount of her spiritual energy. She hatefully said: "Despicable! If it wasn't for the fact that I killed the Earth Lizard first and lost a portion of my spiritual energy, do not think that a woman like you can land a strike on me."

    "Oh." Yu Tong coldly responded with an expressionless face, continuing with her vicious attacks.

    - Hu! -

    It was in this moment that a silhouette suddenly revealed itself from behind a sand dune.

    "Nie Tian!"

    Nie Xian, who was being forced to retreat in defeat by a Blood Sect disciple, little by little, to the point where he was almost going to be pushed back into a lake, suddenly shouted out in surprise.

    "Nie Tian!" Jiang Lingzhu's spirit rose up and she happily said: "How about An Ying and the others? Are they behind you?"

    "Yes, they'll be arriving soon." Nie Tian shouted out.

    When the Lingyun Sect disciples, who were on the verge of desperate straits, heard that the people of the Ling Bao Court were going to arrive, their hearts were stirred.

    "Everyone, hold on for a little while longer!"


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