Chapter 52 - The Might of One Fist!

    After Nie Tian arrived, he didn't immediately participate in the battle, but he rather first observed the situation.

    With a single glance, he had already seen Yu Tong from the Blood Sect.

    Yu Tong, who seemed to be around fifteen or sixteen years old, was grandly dressed and had a graceful figure. Meanwhile, blood snakes were slithering in circles around her.

    She, who was fully using the Blood Sect's secret technique, "Blood Snake Dance", seemed as though she was dancing as she extended her captivating curves. Her movements were graceful and Nie Tian couldn't help but to glance at her a few times more.

    Since her opponent was Jiang Lingzhu, it was implied that she was the Blood Sect's strongest disciple in the Green Illusion Realm.

    After he fully understood this point, Nie Tian immediately viewed her as the most important target and prepared to start off with her.

    Yu Tong, who saw that Nie Tian had appeared and knew that the trial takers of the Ling Bao Court were about to hurry over at any moment, evidently began to slightly panick.

    She seemed to know, that if she wanted to use conventional means and not pay the price for it, it would be almost impossible for them to kill everyone of the Lingyun Sect before the Ling Bao Court had arrived.

    She only hesitated for a moment then painfully made up her mind, suddenly shouting out, "Forbidden Blood Technique - Layers of Blood Shadows!"

    All of a sudden, her pupils turned blood-red in colour.

    A heavy scent of blood flourished from within that graceful ketone* body of hers. She bit her tongue and made a hand seal with both her hands. The hand seals fluctuated like they were drawing something towards the earth.

    [Editor note: ketone is an organic compound containing a carbonyl group =C=O bonded to two hydrocarbon groups, made by oxidizing secondary alcohols......... ok]

    Her bright red face also paled slightly in this moment.

    It seemed as though she had consumed too much of her power in such a short moment and it seemed as if she was slightly unable to bear such a heavy burden.

    "Quickly dispose your opponents!" She shouted out in a stern voice.

    Nie Tian, who had wished to attack, just then looked over with rapt attention and his complexion abruptly changed.

    He noticed that the fresh blood in the bodies of the spirit beast corpses, that had been scattered all about, as well as the blood of the two Lingyun Sect disciples that had died, suddenly spiralled out like a hurricane!

    The fresh blood spurted up into the sky and had actually strangely solidified together.

    Within an extremely short period of time, the fresh blood that came from the bodies of the spirit beasts and the Lingyun Sect disciples had solidified into blood shadows!

    More than ten blood shadows were floating in mid-air, not affected by the Green Illusion Realm's gravity. They were like evil spirits that had been reincarnated through fresh blood, baring their fangs and brandishing their claws as they threw themselves on Nie Tian and the others.

    "Forbidden Blood Technique - Reverse Blood Flow!"

    Under Yu Tong's orders, the four other Blood Sect disciples also explosively and malevolently shouted out.

    The pupils of the four of them had also turned into a scarlet-red colour, like blood, in a flash. It seemed as though their pupils were full of blood and each and every single one of them appeared to be so malevolent that it was frightening.

    A strange magnetic field was discharged from their bodies and rapidly extended towards their surroundings.

    - Pu! -

    Nie Xian, who had been forced to retreat in defeat little by little, was enveloped by the magnetic field, and he immediately spat out a mouthful of fresh blood, falling head first into the lake.

    The remaining Lingyun Sect disciples had also been influenced by the magnetic field and violently withdrew, as if they had been heavily attacked by an unknown force.

    A strange magnetic field spread out and gradually arrived at the place that Nie Tian was at.


    Nie Tian's complexion suddenly changed. When the magnetic field extended towards him, he realised that the fresh blood within his body was actually flowing in reverse!

    The reversing of his blood flow caused disorder in the spirit sea in his body and he was unable to rapidly gather his spiritual energy.

    Nie Tian immediately understood the reason why Nie Xian and the others didn't have any battling strength left and could only continuously withdraw after the four Blood Sect disciples released their Forbidden Blood Technique - Reverse Blood Flow.

    "Seize this opportunity to kill them all!" Yu Tong coldly said.

    - Hu! -

    Jiang Lingzhu, who was battling with Yu Tong, had also been affected by the Forbidden Blood Technique and didn't dare to fight her head on anymore, retreating in defeat in a flash.

    However, those blood shadows, that had been formed from fresh blood, were hovering in the sky, throwing themselves at everyone like evil spirits.

    Nie Tian had a panicked look on his face and he couldn't help but to turn his head around and look, hoping to see An Ying and the others.

    He saw that An Ying, Pan Tao and Zheng Rui were now still more than a hundred meters away from him, whereas Tong Hao and the others were even further away.

    "It's too late!"

    He was in a violent and unstable state.

    It was also in this moment that he astonishingly realised the abnormalities in his body's blood flow had actually been magically stopped.

    His blood seemed to have freed itself from the influence of the Forbidden Blood Technique within an extremely short period of time.

    "Fury Fist!"

    Nie Tian's rage was rising within his eyes. When he realised that the blood flow in his body had recovered to normal and that his spirit sea had also become stable, Nie Tian immediately gathered momentum and madly dashed towards Yu Tong.

    In a flash, pure and rich spiritual energy immediately poured into his arm, trickling thinly like a small stream.

    The spirit light from the fist, that he had clasped tightly and held high in the air, was as bright as a torch!

    Boundless furious intent, created deep inside his heart, was stored in his fist, causing it to look as though it was burning with tumultuous waves of anger. Its grandeur was extremely astonishing.

    Although he had yet to arrive in front of Yu Tong, the complexion on Yu Tong's face immediately changed, as she could already acutely perceive Nie Tian's presence.

    Yu Tong didn't know why she could feel a berserking power that was sufficient to kill her in an instant from that single punch of Nie Tian!

    She suddenly lost all colour in her face.

    "Blood shadows return to the sect!"

    Each and every malevolent shadow that had been throwing themselves at Nie Tian and the others turned into blood light and arrived in a flash.

    All of a sudden, seven blood shadows appeared in front of Yu Tong!

    The seven blood shadows lined up in a row and faced Nie Tian directly as they successively threw themselves at him.


    Nie Tian explosively roared and his punch, which was filled with spiritual energy and furious intent, overbearingly rumbled out.

    - Boom, boom! Boom, boom, boom! Boom, boom! -

    One by one, the blood shadows ruptured under a single punch from this fist and turned into fresh blood, which filled the whole sky and splashed about.

    The seven blood shadows, that were lined up in a row, failed to stop the explosive momentum of that fist and were completely destroyed.

    Surprisingly, his punch didn't weaken in the slightest, even after killing seven blood shadows, and persistently pounded in Yu Tong's direction.

    Yu Tong's pupils, that were radiating with blood light, suddenly had a serious look in them. Her slender jade finger continuously dragged fresh blood out, which solidified as she shouted out in a low voice, "Forbidden Blood Technique - Blood Shield!"

    Once those words had been spoken, fresh blood seemed to have been sucked out of that exquisite ketone body of hers that was originally well-rounded, and she suddenly shriveled.

    - Pant, pant, pant! -

    A large amount of blood light suddenly bubbled out of her body and turned into a small blood shield right in front of her.

    Once that blood shield solidified, Nie Tian's one punch arrived with a loud bang.

    - Bang! -

    The blood shield only flashed for a moment before it was destroyed with a loud bang, splashing specks of blood light around.

    Yu Tong coughed and wisps of fresh blood spilt out from the corner of her dark red lips.

    - Xiu! -

    Her graceful ketone figure seemed to also turned into a blood shadow and retreated high in the sky like a demon.


    Yu Tong, who had turned into a blood shadow, could only remain high in the sky for a moment. After she landed on the ground, she ran off into the distance without looking behind her.

    Once the four remaining Blood Sect disciples heard Yu Tong's command, although they knew that as long as they pursued and attacked for a while longer, they would be able to kill and behead everyone from the Lingyun Sect, they still gave up at the first possible moment.

    They also turned into four blood shadows and chased after Yu Tong.

    After one attack, Nie Tian, who had consumed all of the spiritual energy in his body, suddenly sat down on the ground, only focusing on gasping for his breath.

    Nie Xian and the others, who were still affected by the Forbidden Technique - Reverse Blood Flow, stared with their eyes wide open as they watched Yu Tong and the four other people calmly leave, unable do anything at all.

    - Boom! -

    The few remaining blood shadows suddenly exploded after Yu Tong and the four other people disappeared into the distance, turning into an abundance of blood as they fell to the ground.

    "Where are they?"

    "Where are the people of the Blood Sect?"

    It was in this moment that An Ying, Pan Tao and Zheng Rui finally arrived.

    "That way!" Jiang Lingzhu pointed towards the direction that Yu Tong had escaped to. "Quickly chase after her! They have sustained heavy injuries. Do your utmost to kill them!"

    "Are you guys alright?" An Ying asked, deeply concerned about them.

    "We're alright! Go! Go and chase after them!" Jiang Lingzhu said in a pressing manner.


    After the An Ying trio knew that Tong Hao, Guo Qi and the others behind them were able to quickly hurry over, they then went, according to the plan, to chase after the Blood Sect disciples.

    In that moment, Jiang Lingzhu, who had broken away from the Reverse Blood Flow Forbidden Technique, blinked and looked towards Nie Tian with a burning gaze in her eyes.

    Not only her, but even Nie Xian, who had crawled out from the lake, was also staring at Nie Tian with uncomparable astonishment, as if this was the first day he knew this junior clansman.

    "You're Nie Tian?"

    Ye Gumo, who similarly came from Lingyun Sect and had barely escaped from the calamity, looked blankly at Nie Tian. After which he asked Jiang Lingzhu, "The person that Uncle Li instructed us to protect in the Green Illusion Realm is him?"

    Jiang Lingzhu was slightly flustered, but she still lightly nodded her head. "Yes, it is him."

    "He needs us to take care of him?" Ye Gumo had a strange expression on his face. "Even though I was retreating in defeat just now, I clearly saw him destroy the seven blood shadows that that witch had solidified with a single fist. He had even burst that witch's blood shield into pieces. It was him who used a single fist to force that witch to retreat. He... really needs us to take care of him?"

    After pausing for a moment, Ye Gumo shook his head and mockingly said, "Little Junior Sister, perhaps you heard wrongly. Uncle Li might have possibly meant for him to take care of us more in the Green Illusion Realm."

    "Hehe, then it should be that I have heard wrongly." Jiang Lingzhu relaxed and laughed.


    Translator: Nata Nata
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