Chapter 54 - God Helps Me Also!

    Nie Tian silently stared at the Earth Lizard's corpse lying on the ground.

    For a moment he had retracted his gaze, but he was now looking at the Earth Lizard's meaty limb that had been pulled out of the sand dune.

    This time, he didn't immediately start circulating his qi and absorb the spirit beast's strength, but rather he constantly devoured the Earth Lizard's flesh.

    Only after continuously eating several tens of jin worth of spirit beast meat and feeling that he had reached his stomach's limit, did he once more close his eyes and feel his abdomen bloat with the warm current again.

    The strength, compared to last time, was several times more violent, as it scattered from within his abdomen out; it allowed him to circulate his qi using the Lianqi Arts and converge every last bit into his spirit sea, not leaving a single trace behind.

    Shortly after, his originally depleted spirit sea had changed into one of full strength.

    Although the spirit sea was full, energy continued to pour into it, making it undergo a whole new round of expansion!

    "For Grade Two spirit beasts, the increase in strength is seven times more!" His face remained motionless; however, inwardly he was filled with ecstasy.

    Originally, he had planned to spend two months' time to utilise the spirit beast's flesh and advance from the seventh Lianqi level to the eighth.

    However, with the appearance of the Grade Two Earth Lizard, where its flesh had rapidly increased the energy sevenfold, he was able to quickly think of a new direction!

    "This Earth Lizard, if all of its meat were to be mine... I would single-handedly devour it in a mere ten days! I could probably advance to the eighth Lianqi level!"

    He was filled with happiness, almost to the point of idiocy, and he quickly discovered that the energy that went from his abdomen to his strength-filled spirit sea began to disperse into his flesh and bones.

    The flesh of the Earth Lizard, that he had just ate, generated too large a source of energy, so much that his spirit sea couldn't absorb it all in such a short amount of time.

    At that moment, he suddenly felt as if his body had transformed into a gigantic sponge, as it greedily absorbed the dispersed, excess energy.

    Without his realization, his body temperature began to quickly rise, as if he was a furnace.

    Not long after, he began to drip with sweat. The surrounding area also seemed to be affected, as the temperature suddenly rose.

    Here in the desert, it was already extremely hot, and under normal circumstances, doing things for the trial would result in making the body sweat.

    However, as he output more and more heat from his body, his forehead burned with pain akin to having a splitting headache, and his skin gradually turned very red.


    He suddenly recalled the time when he and Nie Hong had fought, and he had been afflicted with a high fever for several days.

    "It won't be like last time, will it?" He inwardly worried.

    "Eugh! My stomach feels a little bit uncomfortable so I'm going to relieve myself." At that moment, the boisterous Zheng Rui, on the opposite side, rushed off into the distance with an embarrassed look.

    Not long after he left, Pan Tao suddenly clutched his stomach, and with a weird look on his face, also left.

    An Ying looked at the two, originally wanting to laugh at them, when her body suddenly trembled.

    "Well, you guys take care of the Lingyun Sect's people lest the Blood Sect comes back." She pretended to act as if nothing was amiss and commanded, suddenly standing up and walking out saying, "I'll scout the surroundings."

    In the blink of an eye, the three of them had left, one after another, each of them carrying a weird expression.

    Quite a while later, Zheng Rui took the lead in coming back, but not long after he sat down and before he had a chance to speak, his face had distorted yet again.

    "Big brother Zheng, are you okay?" Guo Qi asked with some concern.

    "Diarrhea." With a bitter face, Zheng Rui hurriedly explained in one sentence before rushing away.

    Not long after his leave, Pan Tao also come back. But just as before, it wasn't long before he sped away again, his face contorted.

    An Ying on the other hand, didn't return at all. It seemed as if she had left for a very far away scout.

    It had been over an hour before the trio finally returned, one after the other, each of them looking exhausted, as if they were about to collapse.

    "Diarrhea?" Pan Tao asked.

    "Yep... You too?" An Ying replied.

    "Ah! You guys also had diarrhea?" Zheng Rui asked with a pale face.

    "Big sister An Ying, you guys... previously all ate the Earth Lizard's meat." Jiang Miao pursed her lips and laughed softly, saying, "Everybody said that the Earth Lizard meat was too rough and dry, so no one wanted to eat it. It was only you three that said that the Grade Two spirit beast meat was a delicacy and that it must be eaten."

    "It was the Earth Lizard's meat?" Pan Tao was startled.

    As if suddenly remembering something, he stood up with some difficulty and looked at the far away Nie Tian.

    "That guy ate the most!" An Ying also moved.

    Suddenly everyone's eyes converged on Nie Tian's body.

    Upon seeing him, they discovered that Nie Tian's skin was very red and his entire body was dripping in sweat, as if he had been baked on the shelf of an oven stove.

    "His, His symptoms... they seem to differ from you guys." Tong Hao said.

    "I'll go check and see if he's okay." Jiang Miao got up, and approached Nie Tian, while her eyes were filled with worry.

    "I'll go check on him too." Pan Tao followed right after.

    As they walked towards Nie Tian, the latter finally opened his eyes, as he had finished cultivating.

    He no longer felt energy being discharged from within his abdomen, and knew that all of the Earth Lizard's meat, that he had eaten, was finally digested.

    However, at the moment his sweat was still pouring and he still had a high body temperature, which was currently burning him to giddiness. Fortunately, this time he didn't pass out.

    Suddenly, he realized that the sweat his pores was releasing, was unexpectedly muddy as the sweat seemed to have a lot of the body's inner filth mixed in.

    As the inner body filth and sweat was excreted out, his body's shockingly high temperature slowly went down as well.

    Not much later, when Jiang Miao and Pan Tao arrived, his red-as-a-cooked-shrimp colored skin had already reverted back to normal.

    - Ta Ta! -

    These sounds suddenly resounded in his ears. Surprisingly they were Jiang Miao's and Pan Tao's footsteps, which seemed to be a lot louder than what it used to be.

    As he looked at Pan Tao's figure, he also discovered that with just a single glance, he could see Pan Tao's small fine hairs on the corner of his mouth.

    "My hearing and vision have increased by a large degree!" He suddenly realized.

    Suddenly jumping up, he immediately felt his whole body calmly unfolding as lithe as a swallow, just as if his body had just undergone a mysterious transformation.

    "Nie Tian, are you okay?" Pan Tao subconsciously held his stomach, and laughed dryly once or twice, "You... do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?"

    "Recently my whole body was feverish, but now it's alright, there's nothing wrong." Nie Tian calmly answered.

    "You didn't feel discomfort in your stomach, or have diarrhea?" Pan Tao asked again.

    Nie Tian suspiciously shook his head, "Why do you ask?"

    Pan Tao bitterly laughed, "After An Ying, Zheng Rui, and I ate the Earth Lizard's meat, we all had diarrhea; it made me want to collapse, it really hurt ah."

    "Pan Tao shut up!" An Ying's face turned deep red.

    After all, she was a girl; so when this matter had happened to her, she was originally very embarrassed, and naturally wouldn't want others to talk about it.

    Pan Tao laughed and winked at Nie Tian, "But, you ate more of the Earth Lizard's meat than what the three of us ate combined. Don't tell me you didn't feel a thing?"

    "You guys all had diarrhea?" Nie Tian wasn't all that surprised, but feigned concern, as he worriedly asked: "Are you guys okay? You guys and I aren't the same; my body is more robust and strong, so I'm able to digest the Earth Lizard's meat. You guys, ah, are spoiled and elegantly raised nobles and must pay more careful attention. Otherwise, you'll end up eating something bad during a crucial moment, and injure your own body!"

    Of course, after discovering that the Earth Lizard's meat produced seven times more energy than the average Grade One beasts, he had been searching for an opportunity to claim it all for himself.

    And just recently, he had also discovered that the dispersed energy he hadn't refined into his spirit sea, went into his flesh and bones, causing them to have major benefits.

    He was secretly determined that in the next two days, he wouldn't do anything but eat and use up as much of the Earth Lizard's meat as possible.

    He had originally wanted to rely on his large quantity of food, and then allow the others to fight over the food while stealing away the head of the Grade Two spirit beast, all in order to enhance his strength as fast a possible.

    However, he didn't expect, that after eating the Earth Lizard's meat, An Ying and company would surprisingly each have diarrhea.

    He couldn't help but to shout in his heart, "God helps me also!"

    "Eh, it's good that you're fine." Pan Tao glared at him, as he silently cursed, "This monster..."

    The three of them combined could only eat one jin of Earth Lizard's meat, before they couldn't endure it anymore and were badly battered.

    Nie Tian had eaten over ten times more, than the three of them combined, and though he looked a bit off when they had walked over to him, right now he seemed to be brimming with energy.

    He had no choice but to respect Nie Tian's abnormalism.

    "Big sister An Ying, shall we discuss on our next step?"

    Right at this moment, Jiang Ling Zhu had finished using the spirit rock to recover her power and she had finally woken up. She was by the side where everyone had gathered, and called: "Nie Tian, you come too."

    "Let's go, We'll walk over together." Pan Tao also invited him.

    "No, it's fine. I'm a little bit tired and will rest a bit. You guys will be just fine without me." Nie Tian shook his head, as he looked at the concerned Jiang Miao and smiled, saying: "I'm okay now, thanks for your concern."

    "Well, if there's no problems then that's good, no problem is good." Jiang Miao quickly replied.

    Nie Tian, no longer having anything to say, denied Pan Tao's invitation, before he sat back down and closed his eyes.

    The no longer sweating him felt as if he was in a special state, full of vigour*, and ready to face any challenge. This made him suddenly want to try out his spiritual awareness's perception range.

    [Translator note: The actual characters used was  (jing qi shen), which refers to the three energies in Chinese medicine. Anyway, the sentence basically means that his energy, or state of being, or whatever was in tip top shape. If you're interested in learning more about  (jing qi shen), you can check out this link: http://www.newworldencyclopedia.org/entry/Jing_Qi_Shen]

    He calmly began to meditate, before releasing his spiritual power outwards towards his surroundings.

    Ten breaths later, he abruptly opened his eyes, as his eyes shone with a resplendent light.

    "Seventy meters peripheral coverage!"


    Translator: LOG HUT, just Log Hut!

    Editor: Zach! and Sietse
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