Chapter 58 - Mental Energy Battle!

    "Against just you?"

    From the start, Du Kun didn't even place Nie Tian in his eyes. He looked at Nie Tian's oncoming attack and didn't even bother taking his spirit weapon out.

    When Nie Tian was ten meters away, he smiled softly and slowly extended his fingers out.

    His ten fingers, originally his own skin color, seemed to turn into a slightly unhealthy, yellow, waxy color.

    When he opened his hand with his fingers fully outstretched, his palm and the base of each of his fingers unexpectedly suddenly turned as black as ink.

    At a glance, it seemed like he had suddenly put two black gloves on, as wisps of black light came out of his fingertips.


    His two hands flung a bundle of thick and thin black lights, as if releasing a sharp, pitch-black arrow, and in a flash they stabbed towards Nie Tian's rib cage.

    From within the black lights came portions of chilly breaths, wanting to reach Nie Tian as if they could hear and understand the evil Ghost Sect disciple's voice.

    "Ghost Weep!"

    With a cold face, Du Kun lightly made a sound and squeezed the bone bracelet, which he usually wore on his wrist, in the middle of his palm.

    Wisps of black smoke floated out from the middle of the bone bracelet and within the blink of an eye, evolved into a warped, evil, ghostly head.

    Once the evil, ghostly head had taken shape, Nie Tian suddenly heard a resounding, spirit-quivering, ghostly cry!

    The chorus of the ghost's wailing cries were like sharp stabs, as if they could permeate the depths of Nie Tian's spirit sea.

    He immediately had a splitting headache.

    Also at this time, Du Kun's fingers continued to emit black light, each of them thrusting towards his rib cage.

    - Pu pu pu! -

    Nie Tian, facing Du Kun's oncoming attack, had not just momentarily stopped but also, enduring a stabbing pain, had to repeatedly retreat backwards.

    When his body finally stabilized itself, he lowered his head and discovered that his rib cage area had more than ten bloody holes drilled into it.

    Blood streamed from each hole. It was so painful that he couldn't help but to let out a low growl.

    "He unexpectedly didn't die?"

    After smoothly executing one attack, the Ghost Sect's Du Kun stared in amazement at what had unexpectedly occurred.

    This time, the five people that the Ghost Sect had sent into the Green Illusion Realm were all people who had cultivated to the ninth Lianqi level.

    A year ago, Du Kun had broken into the ninth Lianqi level and he had already killed off seven opponents at his level.

    Those seven people were also all at the ninth Lianqi level, however, when each person had been hit by his black-pointed tip attack, their bodies had all been penetrated by the pointed tips.

    The main point was, that when these seven opponents had been pierced by the ten pointed tips, all of them had almost instantly died.

    But Nie Tian, although having been hit by the attack and forced to retreat little by little with ten bloody holes appearing on his chest, still had a strong vitality left.

    Nie Tian's abnormality made Du Kun a little puzzled, as he quietly began to restrain the contempt he had for Nie Tian and reexamine him.

    "I have been injured..."

    As Nie Tian lowered his head to look at the ten bloody holes on his rib cage area, his face coldly sank and his eyes gradually filled up with a strong desire to fight.

    This was the first time that he had been truly injured!

    Before, when he and the other Nie Family's younger generation fought, it was forbidden to use spirit weapons, so he had never sustained a serious injury.

    His greatest injury was just a few drops of blood being spat out.

    However, in this fight against Du Kun, a face-to-face type of fight, he had unexpectedly received over ten bloody holes in his rib cage area.

    Were it not for his body being abnormally powerful, then this attack would most likely have been fatal.

    Yet in his wounded state, even though he was currently feeling incomparable pain in his chest, he wasn't afraid in the slightest.

    Instead, he was vaguely exhilarated!

    - Yi! -

    Just as he was about to take action and ready himself for another attack, he suddenly noticed a warm current coming from his abdomen, which was unexpectedly converging towards the bloody holes in his rib cage area.

    Just then, he remembered that before Du Kun came, he had swallowed a copious amount of spirit beast meat.

    Originally, he had been planning to use the spirit beast meat to continue tempering his flesh and bones as well as help his spirit sea to expand.

    But, because of the sudden battle, he wasn't able to calm himself down and hence he had stopped cultivating. At this moment, it had began to provoke the energy of the spirit beast meat he had swallowed.

    The stirred up energy, within his perception, didn't fuse with his flesh nor did it stream into his spirit sea, but rather automatically converged towards the ten bloody holes.

    When he lowered his head once again to take a look, he discovered that the ten originally bleeding holes had unexpectedly stopped bleeding, and didn't even have a single drop of blood flowing out.

    Furthermore, his previous pain, that had been incomparably painful, had unexpectedly become just a small pain.

    It seemed as if after just a little time of letting the energy work, the ten bloody holes, that were split open by Du Kun, wouldn't be able to affect him at all anymore.

    The abnormality of his body surprised him, which, from start to finish, was all seen by Du Kun, who also became aware of his restorative powers.

    Du Kun frowned, and carefully weighed him as he just remembered Yu Tong's words from before.

    "This brat called Nie Tian, seems as if... he injured Yu Tong before."

    He first inhaled deeply, then Du Kun suddenly forcefully blew at each and every one of the devil heads, that were floating on the bone chain.

    "Hu, hu, hu!"

    Seven demon heads, that seemed to take form from the coagulation of black smoke, let out ear-piercing ghost shrieks, as they suddenly floated towards Nie Tian.

    At the same time, Du Kun spread his ten fingers out and released pitch black rays of light again.

    - Xiu, xiu, xiu! -

    Ten rays of light shot out from his fingers once again, as fast and sharp as a sharp arrow.

    This round, the target of those ten rays of light were Nie Tian's eyes!

    "Wu, wu, wu, wu!"

    The mass cries of the evil ghosts started to sound once again.

    Nie Tian had calmed himself down and was ready to make his move when he was once again affected by the ghostly cries, as manifestations started to occur in his brain.

    At this moment, the seven ghost heads, which were continuously shrieking, seemed to have transcended the empty space and appeared within a split second in his brain.

    "A mental energy attack!"

    Nie Tian had already been on the losing end of this attack once and immediately reacted as he squinted and used this period of time to release a large amount of powerful mental energy.

    Using his spirit sense, he imagined his mental energy to be a sharp blade flashing with lightning.

    The sharp blade, which was formed by his mental energy, changed according to his state of mind and was swung in a chopping motion towards the ghost heads, which had appeared out of nowhere.

    - Peng! Peng, peng, peng! -

    Beyond Nie Tian's expectations, the ghost heads, which had appeared in his brain, suddenly dissipated into nothingness, without any resistance, under the attack of his mental energy blade!

    "I see, mental energy can actually be used in such a way!" He laughed loudly.

    Since he was no longer affected by the mental energy, he just looked at the attack of ten rays of light and easily avoided them.

    The ten rays of light were unable to hit their target, disappearing behind him.


    After he had avoided the rays of light, he looked and realized that the seven shrieking ghost heads, which had been attacking him, had all disappeared!

    "Could it be that the ghost heads have all been killed by my sharp mental energy blade and that was actually reality?" He suddenly felt confused.

    He originally thought that the battle, that had just happened in his mind, was just an illusion.

    That was, because he had previously definitely seen that those seven floating demon heads were still rather far away from him.

    However, after he had used the mental energy, that he had painstakingly cultivated, to kill those ghost heads in his brain, the seven ghost heads in the real world had also disappeared.

    All these years, he had always been cultivating in the Nie Family and had never been guided by a profound Lianqi Warrior.

    The skilful use of spirit qi and the mysterious wonders of the mental energy were also discovered by him using his own abilities.

    Up to now, he had been limited to only using his mental energy to sense sign of lights in a surrounding one hundred meter radius.

    - Pu! -

    "Y-you... how can you have such a strong mental strength?!" Du Kun had a look of horror on his face.

    Nie Tian didn't know that the Ghost Sect disciples were all experts in the secretive ways of the strange mental techniques. Furthermore, their mental strength was far stronger than those of the disciples of other sects.

    The "Ghost Tears" that Du Kun had displayed just now, was a secret mental technique of the Ghost Sect. This secret technique was so fearful, that it was sufficient to exterminate the soul of their opponents with.

    To be in the Lian qi realm and to be able to use spirit qi to attack the opponent's brain, this could only be done by Ghost Sect disciples.

    Only people who had incomparable conviction and determination, could resist the mystical arts of the Ghost Sect and battle with the Ghost Sect disciples at the same time.

    A person who could similarly use their mental strength and completely destroy the "Ghost Tears" that he had used, and even reflect it back to him, Du Kun hadn't encountered a single person who could do that, until now!

    "I also don't know why I have such a strong mental strength." Nie Tian's tone was indifferent, as he suddenly increased his speed, heading towards Du Kun.

    Nie Tian didn't specifically know what had happened in Du Kun's body, but seeing as he was dispirited and listless, it seemed as though it had had some result.

    He wanted to seize this opportunity, while Du Kun was feeling down, to take Du Kun's life!

    "You're different from other people!" Du Kun's expression changed, "You actually don't know how to use any mental energy skills, but the strength of your mental energy is abnormally strong! And because your mental energy is stronger than me by so much, you were able to break my Ghost Tears and caused me not to be able to attack!"

    "Nie Tian! I will remember you!"

    After he shouted this sentence of his, Du Kun actually escaped without battling any further, just like a demon. He decisively ran away.


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