Chapter 59 - Cut!

    "He escaped?"

    Due to his shock at seeing Du Kun run away so quickly, Nie Tian was frozen to the spot and was unable to react immediately.

    He didn't know that the Ghost Sect's disciples regarded injuries to their souls as way more serious than physical injuries.

    The Ghost Sect was most skilled at relying on their superior mental strength to attack the mental consciousness of their enemies and in doing so, gain an advantage during a fight with their enemies.

    However, once their mental attacks became useless upon meeting opponents, who had a stronger mental strength, the rest of their tactics would usually not yield good results.

    And Du Kun was already convinced that Nie Tian's mental strength was much stronger compared to his own mental strength.

    This was because he was unable to use his "advantage" to seriously wound Nie Tian and had even suffered a backlash in the process, which had inflicted a serious injury to his soul.

    He decided to be cautious and not continue to fight with Nie Tian. All he wanted to do was to leave as soon as possible and heal his soul injury first.

    - Hu! -

    Du Kun had his heart intent on escaping and appeared to have morphed into a shadow, whose shape was constantly shifting and moving at an extremely high speed.

    "You cannot escape."

    Nie Tian finally reacted as he coldly snorted. His body flashed into a long streak, as he began to aggressively chase Du Kun.

    At that moment, he no longer felt the pain in his chest and the ten injuries that had been inflicted by Du Kun had long since stopped bleeding.

    The energy started from his abdomen and began to scatter throughout his body, causing him to feel full of energy, as though he would never be tired.

    Du Kun was in a state of panic and continuously withdrew spirit qi from his body and continued to increase his speed.

    As for Nie Tian, whenever he lost sight of Du Kun due to the hills blocking his line of sight, he would use his mental consciousness to feel and scan the area. In this way, he was able to once again accurately locate Du Kun's whereabouts.

    Nie Tian's keen senses were just like the Blood Sect's blood-seeking compass and could detect all signs of life within a one hundred meter radius.

    As such, Du Kun was completely unable to use the terrain and the coverage of the hills to cause Nie Tian to lose sight of him.

    No matter what skills he used or how skilfully he used the terrain, Nie Tian was always able to pinpoint his location.

    Various mystical arts and escape skills of the Ghost Sect were used by Du Kun in an experienced matter, but were useless and only caused him to exert even more energy.

    When Du Kun noticed that even though he had obviously vanished from Nie Tian's line of sight, yet Nie Tian could discover his location again, he started to become anxious.

    He started to be fanciful in his escape and took curved routes instead of straight routes.

    Compared to taking straight routes, this would cause him to use almost twice the amount spirit qi, but when he discovered that Nie Tian repeatedly closed in on him, he had already unknowingly used around sixty percent of the spirit qi in his body.

    Having realised that his fanciful tricks had no effects on Nie Tian, he finally decided not to waste his energy anymore.

    He started to use all his energy to dash in a straight line towards the direction of Yu Tong and Mo Xi and hoped that Nie Tian's speed wouldn't be fast enough to catch up to him.

    "Accept your fate already." Nie Tian once again emerged, just five meters behind him, and mocked him, "I can see that you have used up too much spirit qi. I can also see in your eyes that you have insufficient energy. Does this mean... that your soul is also injured?"

    "Oi! Your spirit sea is injured and you have used up too much spirit qi. Even though you can try to run away, the final result will be that I'll tire you to death."

    "Instead of that, why don't you stop and have a honourable fight with me?"

    "At least you can die with some honour."

    Due to the fact that he had consumed large quantities of spirit beast meat, he was full of energy throughout the whole time he was chasing Du Kun.

    This was because the energy that he was using to chase Du Kun originated from the energy swimming around in his body.

    This energy was from the spirit beast meat and not from his spirit sea.

    Even though he had already pursued for such a long time, he didn't use much spirit qi from his spirit sea .

    "Our Ghost Sect and Blood Sect's comrades are just a short distance ahead!" Du Kun didn't even look back, as he laboured forward and retorted at Nie Tian, "You can continue to pursue me! After a while, you'll discover that you're just digging your own grave! When I have reunited with them, no matter how many mysteries your body possesses, your fresh blood will be sucked away by Yu Tong!"

    "The Blood Sect's Yu Tong has already set her sights on you! Once you appear in front of her, you'll definitely be sucked of all your fresh blood by her blood refining technique and will become a dry corpse!" Du Kun threatened.

    "Really?" Nie Tian's expression didn't change. "I can see that the Ghost Sect and Blood Sect are now relentlessly pursuing the Lingbao Court and Lingyun Sect's cultivators without stopping. I have already been separated from them for a few days and they should be close to leaving the barren land. As for your people, they should also have already pursued them for one to two days?"

    "It should have taken you at least one day to leave on your own and come over to me right? When you were running towards me, they still continued their pursuit, so for you to come over and now to go back, you have already wasted too much energy."

    "From my quick calculations, I know that it'll take at least one day for you to reunite with them."

    "Such a long time is sufficient to use up all your spirit qi and will also be sufficient for me to kill you." Nie Tian unhurriedly analyzed.

    Du Kun's face slowly fell, as he heard this analysis.

    He knew very clearly how accurate Nie Tian's words were. If he wanted to catch up to Yu Tong, Mo Xi, and the rest of them, he would need at least a day.

    And this was assuming that his soul hadn't been injured and he was full of energy.

    With his current condition, he wasn't able to keep flying forward for a long period of time. Actually, he really needed to rest for a while so that he could use the Ghost Sect's arts to stabilise the abnormalities in his soul.

    However, at the same time he knew that once he stopped, he would immediately face Nie Tian's aggressive attacks.

    There was no way that Nie Tian would even him give him a glimmer of an opportunity to recover.

    His soul was injured and he had already used up too much spirit qi, so he no longer had confidence that he would be able to win against Nie Tian, who seemed to not know the meaning of fatigue.

    He ignored Nie Tian's insults, closed his lips tightly, and focused only on dashing ahead, not wishing to waste his time arguing with Nie Tian.

    The closely pursuing Nie Tian also felt slightly anxious, as he had long since discovered that, just like what An Ying and Du Kun had said, the Ghost Sect's arts did indeed have their unique factor.

    Du Kun, who had put all his energy into escaping, seemed weightless and appeared to be moving swiftly and smoothly forward.

    Even though Nie Tian had even used his spirit qi in the later part of the chase, he was still unable to shorten the distance between him and Du Kun and could only stay far behind him.

    The closer to the Ghost Sect and the Blood Sect they were, the more unsafe he was. Since Du Kun could accurately find his location, this meant that the Blood Sect and Ghost Sect had either a mysterious man or item that could sense signs of life in the desert.

    At this moment, if the Blood Sect sensed their movements and sent someone over to check it out, it would actually be quite dangerous for him.

    "No! I can't waste too much time and energy on this person. I still need to use the spirit beast meat to break through to the eighth Lianqi level in a short period of time!"

    Nie Tian clenched his teeth and his eyes sparkled mysteriously, as he thought about how to swiftly finish Du Kun off.

    "His soul is injured..."

    "The revolt by his soul was obviously caused by me, so could it be... that when those seven ghost heads were in my brain and I used my mental energy to forge a sword and kill them, the revolt against his soul took place?"

    "He can morph his mental energy into ghost heads to invade my brain, so can I use the same tactic against him?"

    "He is about sixty meters away from me and is outside the range of attack of my spirit qi. However, sixty meters is within the range that my mental energy can sense! Can I use my mental energy to attack him?"

    "And even his soul has been injured!"

    Having thought to his point, Nie Tian, who had been aggressively pursuing all the while, suddenly stopped.

    He closed his eyes and peered coldly at the escaping Du Kun. Suddenly, he released a tremendous amount of mental strength!

    The speed of the mental strength was way faster than the physical body, and in a flash, his mental energy had locked onto Du Kun!


    Nie Tian softly shouted.

    In his mind, his mental energy, which had locked onto Du Kun, suddenly morphed into many sharp blades and pierced toward Du Kun viciously.

    At the moment when he shouted out "Cut!", he suddenly had a strange sensation, as his mental energy blades had pierced into Du Kun's brain in a flash!


    Du Kun, who was now eighty metres away, suddenly fell down as though he had been struck heavily!

    After he fell to the ground, Du Kun vomited white foam as his whole body convulsed and cramped. There was no longer any life in his eyes!


    After that blow, Nie Tian had received shocking and wonderful results, and he couldn't stop himself from softly releasing a sound.

    Once he relaxed his concentration, his convergence of mental energy suddenly vanished into nothing.

    However, Du Kun, who had fallen in front of him, didn't stand up again.


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