Chapter 60 - A Tremendous Crisis

    Nie Tian harboured confusion, as he unhurriedly arrived in front of Du Kun's body, wanting to know exactly what had happened to him.

    Du Kun, who had fallen to the ground, made no large movements, but still twitched. Wisps of fresh blood had actually come from the corner of his eyes.

    "You lost your battling spirit just like that?"

    Nie Tian muttered to himself and kneeled down. He hooked Du Kun's neck in one hand and forcefully pinched it.

    - Kacha! -

    The sound of Du Kun's cervical vertebra shattering into small pieces resounded from his neck. His head dangled and he immediately died in a tragic manner.

    "The Ghost Sect seems to be very good at the secret techniques relating to the mind. I wonder whether he has those sorts of spirit arts on him."

    Nie Tian's eyes shone, as he started to search Du Kun's whole body, attempting to obtain any secret techniques pertaining to the cultivation of mental strength from him.

    According to Du Kun's statement, Nie Tian knew that his own mental strength had far surpassed any opponent, who was at the same cultivation level as he was.

    It was in that previous moment, when he had slightly tried out that tremendous mental strength of his, that he had defeated Du Kun in a flash. This made him come to the realisation of the wonders of his mental strength.

    Unfortunately, due to the fact that he had always been cultivating in the Nie Family and had never come in contact with information regarding mental strength, he drew a blank when it came to knowledge relating to mental strength.

    If he could clearly understand the subtleties of the mental strength through Du Kun, who was already dead, Nie Tian believed that his combat strength would increase substantially.

    "There aren't any ancient records on him."

    Nie Tian had left no stone unturned as he searched Du Kun's whole body, but he was still unable to find any spirit arts related to the cultivation of mental energy. As such, he felt greatly disappointed in his heart.

    He had only found about ten spirit stones in the cloth pouch on Du Kun's waist, as well as a Ghost Sect Identity Token within.

    After he had taken away the Low Grade spirit stones and the token that represented a Ghost Sect disciple's identity, Nie Tian squinted his eyes, looked in the direction that Du Kun wanted to escape in, and pondered deeply for a moment.

    He came to the very clear realisation that the Ghost Sect and Blood Sect disciples, with Mo Xi and Yu Tong as their respective leaders, were currently pursuing An Ying and the others at full speed.

    He didn't know whether An Ying and the others could meet up with Zheng Bin, who was in the volcanic region, before Mo Xi and Yu Tong had caught up to them.

    "I killed this fellow and removed a person from the Ghost Sect. This also counts as helping them. After I left, there were still nineteen people on their end, so they should be evenly matched with the Ghost Sect and Blood Sect, but just barely so."

    "Once they come across the Black Mist Palace's Zheng Bin, the Ghost Sect and the Blood Sect's operation in the Green Illusion Realm should have then completely failed."

    "I came to the Green Illusion Realm just to challenge myself. The spirit beast meat... has to be digested as quickly as possible, so that it won't be considered as being wasted."

    "The only thing that I can do is to remain here and hope that after the Ghost Sect and the Blood Sect realise that one of them has died, that they'll continue to assign people to come and kill me."

    Once he thought to this point, he sat down beside Du Kun's corpse and closed his eyes as he cultivated.


    The depths of the barren land.

    The Blood Sect's Yu Tong took out the Blood Searching Compass again to search for the position where An Ying and the others were at.

    "We're very close!"

    Mo Xi lowered his head and maliciously grinned as he looked at the compass, which represented the location of An Ying and the others. "We'll be able to catch up to them in one more day. We'll be able to intercept and kill them before they escape from the barren land!"

    He then looked at the compass again, and when he saw that there was a lone blob of blood-coloured light, Mo Xi said, "There is still one blob of light. Du Kun should've succeeded already."

    "Something is not right." Yu Tong frowned and lightly shook her head. "I noticed that this blob of light has no signs of movement from the start. If Du Kun really succeeded, he definitely wouldn't stay there."

    Once her words had been spoken, not only Mo Xi, but a few other Blood Sect and Ghost Sect disciples also became shocked.

    "What? Are you saying... that the person who died is Du Kun?" Mo Xi had a dark expression on his face.

    "I also do not dare to believe that Du Kun would fail, but the facts are laid out in front of me." Yu Tong said indifferently.

    Mo Xi was silent for a moment, then he suddenly commanded, "Song Heng! Head over and take a look!"

    "Don't." Yu Tong calmly stopped him. "Since the person who has died is Du Kun, letting Song Heng go alone would also not necessarily be safe. However, if we arrange for even more people to head over, then there won't be sufficient people on our end. Even if we catch up to the fellows of the Ling Bao Court and Lingyun Sect, I don't dare to guarantee that we'll definitely be victorious."

    "He killed Du Kun! He must die!" Mo Xi shouted out.

    "I understand." Yu Tong nodded. "My meaning is that we must distinguish our priorities clearly. We should first kill those nineteen people and then come back here. We can then kill him with ease."

    "Since he remains in the barren land, then with the Blood Searching Compass in our hands, he cannot escape. I will always be able to find him."

    Mo Xi pondered for a moment and also knew that her decision was a wise one. "Then all is well. I will let him live for a few more days!"


    After Nie Tian had eliminated Du Kun, he had become even more cautious than before, while devouring the spirit beast meat and cultivating.

    He would release his mental consciousness and search for the fluctuations of life force in his surroundings from time to time. He was on guard for the reinforcements coming from the Ghost Sect and Blood Sect, making preparations to meet the enemy's attack at any time.

    However, the two days later, he didn't wait for the enemy to descend upon him anymore.

    Through the course of those two days, he had eaten many pieces of the Earth Lizard's meat, with only a quarter of the original amount remaining.

    His spirit sea had also expanded by more than eighty percent. As long as he was given three more days, he believed that he could break through to the eighth Lianqi level!

    "The eighth level!"

    Once the thought of being able to directly break through to the eighth level from the sixth level of the Lianqi Realm in the Green Illusion Realm crossed his mind, Nie Tian became secretly excited.

    As long as he could reach the ninth level of the Lianqi Realm before he was fifteen years old, he could be received and welcomed up the mountain by the Lingyun Sect and become a real disciple of the Lingyun Sect.

    Once he had become a Lingyun Sect disciple, his grandfather's status in the Nie Family would rise together with him, like how a boat rises with the tide.

    Perhaps, the humiliation that his aunt had faced all these years, could then also find justice because of him.

    "I promised Auntie that I'll become a Lingyun Sect disciple! Once I leave the Green Illusion Realm, I should be able to achieve that promise of mine shortly after!"

    He viciously chewed on the pieces of spirit beast meat and gobbled them up. He then started the refinement process of expanding his spirit sea.

    Time slowly passed by, little by little.

    Three days passed in a flash. The remaining spirit beast meat had already been completely devoured by Nie Tian.

    Nie Tian, who had both his eyes tightly shut, was quietly sitting down and was currently using the Lianqi Arts to guide the energy to transform the spirit sea within his Dantian.

    Nie Tian, who was focused on cultivating, had an extremely sharp perceptivity. He suddenly sensed that the stifling hot feeling that existed in the barren land from the start seemed to have gradually disappeared.

    His hair seemed to secretly prick up due to the change in temperature.

    Nie Tian, who knew that something was abnormal, momentarily stopped the final round of transformation towards his spirit sea and released his mental consciousness, extending it towards his surroundings.

    He thought that there were people from the Ghost Sect and Blood Sect searching in his direction.

    An extremely copious surge of life force fluctuations was suddenly projected into his thoughts. His expression changed and he suddenly looked towards one direction.

    He spread open his mental consciousness and perceived a formidable life form. That level of bloodlust clearly didn't belong to a human being!

    "Spirit beast! It's a Grade Two spirit beast like the Earth Lizard!"

    He suddenly stood up and and stared in the direction that his mental strength had guided him towards, and without taking his eyes off of it, prepared for a bloody battle.

    Sure enough!

    After ten or so seconds, a huge silhouette suddenly emerged in the direction that he was looking attentively at.

    "The Black Ice Python!" Nie Tian was shocked.

    That huge python, that everyone had been painstakingly searching for in the glacier region, but seemed as though it had disappeared into thin air, had actually inexplicably appeared in the barren land!

    The Black Ice Python was the Green Illusion Realm's strongest Grade Two spirit beast. Moreover, this python seemed to possess intelligence that wasn't low at all.

    Once the Black Ice Python saw the Earth Lizard escape after getting injured in the glacier region, the Black Ice Python immediately left.

    It was in the glacier region and seemed to also know that everyone was hunting for it. Hence, it concealed itself from the start and didn't reveal traces of itself at all.

    The Black Ice Python was different from the Earth Lizard. It hadn't been injured by An Ying and Zheng Rui and had only consumed a little bit of its energy. Seeing as such a long time had passed, it should have long since recovered.

    This implied that the Black Ice Python, that Nie Tian was facing today, was at its peak!


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