Chapter 61 - The Underground Stone Palace

    The Black Ice Python slowly glided towards Nie Tian.

    It looked silently and mockingly at Nie Tian, and didn't suddenly attack.

    Nie Tian focused his attention and fixed his gaze on the Black Ice Python, while circulating his spirit qi and preparing to react at any moment.

    "Scales!" Nie Tian's heart suddenly violently shook.

    As he got closer, he suddenly discovered that the ten-meter-long Black Ice Python had grown copper-like scales!

    Earlier, he had been following Pan Tao to search for the Black Ice Python and had learnt many secrets regarding the Black Ice Python.

    According to Pan Tao, the Grade two Black Ice Python had an icy skin, as it wasn't covered by scales at all.

    However, once one of those scary scales appeared on the Black Ice Python, it meant that the second grade Black Ice Python had successfully broken through into the third grade.

    Third grade spirit beasts had a strength superior to that of a Zhongtian realm Lianqi warrior, thus the level of scariness was increased several times over!

    The Black Ice Python before him, had been hiding for a long time and had grown twenty to thirty copper-like scales, this meant that after its period of seclusion, the Black Ice Python had already become a third grade spirit beast!

    If the Black Ice Python was only a second grade spirit beast, then Nie Tian would still dare to battle it and try to use his Angry Fist to kill it.

    However, now that the Black Ice Python had become a third grade spirit beast, he knew that he didn't have any chance of winning, even with the Angry Fist.

    The Angry Fist could only kill Houtian Realm Lianqi warriors and the strength of the physical bodies of these Lianqi warriors, was far inferior to spirit beasts of the same grade.

    No matter what, he would find it hard to kill the third grade Black Ice Python, and if he was to forcefully battle it, he was just going to die!

    After he realised this, Nie Tian didn't dare to hesitate and immediately tried to leave at his fastest speed.

    - Xiu! -

    His body movement was like a long rainbow, as he headed towards the direction of the Ghost Sect and Blood Sect people, because he didn't dare to stay here for another second.

    He was very clear that there was no way that he could fight against the Black Ice Python alone.

    He would need to use the combined powers of the Lingyun Sect, Lingbao Court and maybe even the Blood Sect and the Ghost Sect before there was a possibility of killing this third grade Black Ice Python.

    - Sha Sha! -

    The sound of the Black Ice Python gliding on the sandy ground came from his back and after about ten seconds, the Black Ice Python had actually passed him and was silently waiting for him on the sandy ground in front of him.

    The third grade Black Ice Python was actually faster than him by such a large margin!

    Once he saw that the Black Ice Python had passed him and was actually in front him, while looking at him with an unusual gaze, Nie Tian's head nearly burst.

    Without thinking too much, he immediately turned around and headed in the opposite direction.

    - Sha Sha! -

    After about ten seconds, the Black Ice Python had once again passed him and waited for him up ahead again.

    Nie Tian was shocked and turned around once again, as he crazily circulated his spirit qi, together with his internal energy and utilised them to the fullest to run away.

    However, the Black Ice Python was still much faster than him!

    No matter how fast he ran, the Black Ice Python could always pass him easily and would wait up ahead for him.

    After many tries, Nie Tian was still unable to shake it off and had to abandon his thoughts of escape.

    He finally understood that there was no way he could run away from the third grade Black Ice Python.

    "Come at me!"

    Nie Tian had given up hope on escaping and assumed his fighting posture, since he was forced to fight.

    Weirdly, the Black Ice Python didn't have any reaction towards his provoking fighting posture.

    Its beady eyes flashed with the thoughts of brilliance, as though it had other plans.

    It didn't move and Nie Tian also didn't dare to move, as he kept his gaze firmly fixed on it, just in case it would try to kill him in the next second.

    After a long while, a mysterious light suddenly appeared in the eyes of the Black Ice Python and it turned around and moved towards the deeper regions of the desert.

    It glided for a while before it stopped and turned its head to look at Nie Tian.

    It seemed to be waiting for something...

    Nie Tian's face was filled with confusion.

    "Si Si!"

    The Black Ice Python flickered its forked tongue and emitted weird soft sounds, while it kept turning its head around.

    Nie Tian, who was blankly looking at it, could tell from its beady eyes what it wanted to say - follow me.

    Nie Tian was shocked.

    The Black Ice Python actually wanted him to follow it?

    "Si Si!"

    The Black Ice Python once again emitted the strange sound, which was suddenly starting to sound impatience, as though it wanted to tell Nie Tian to hurry up already.

    Nie Tian was stunned for a moment, before he wryly smiled and obediently followed.

    He wasn't sure what the Black Ice Python wanted, but he was sure that if he really fought the Black Ice Python, he would definitely be the one to die.

    He had understood from the way that the Black Ice Python had easily outsped him before, that there was no way that current him could fight this third grade Black Ice Python.

    He couldn't escape and even if he fought, he was sure to die without a doubt.

    In this situation, to be obedient was definitely the smartest choice.

    Even though his heart was filled with a million doubts, but in order to survive, he could only follow the Black Ice Python into the deeper regions of the desert.

    Time flew past as he followed the Black Ice Python, and he felt that he had already walked for a very very long time.

    Along the way, the Black Ice Python knew that he was silently following it and used a speed that he could keep up with.

    Every now and then the Black Ice Python would turn its head to look at him, as if this python was making sure that Nie Tian wasn't trying to escape.

    Under the mystified gaze of the Black Ice Python, he would usually smile and continue to follow, as he was forced to abandon any plans to escape.

    The Black Ice Python moved forward, while Nie Tian followed closely behind, as they continually hurried along silently.

    He didn't know how much time had passed when the Black Ice Python suddenly stopped and he also stopped accordingly.

    He adjusted his breathing, as he stealthily looked at his surroundings, to find out why the Black Ice Python had chosen to stop at this place.

    This was just a tiny green valley with a small lake, which had a mysterious green coloured water and a fishy smell emitted from within the waters of the lake.

    There were many low lying plants beside the green lake and these plants looked like they were on the verge of death, as though they would turn brown at any time.

    The Black Ice Python hadn't stopped for long when it's gigantic body glided slowly towards the center of the lake.

    It's tail suddenly lurched upwards and pointed towards the sky, at which moment drops of fresh blood seemed to be forced out from the sharp tip of its tail.

    - Plop! Plop! -

    Drops of fresh blood fell into the green waters of the lake, after which the fishy smelling lake suddenly had ripples of waves.

    A blinding green light was suddenly released from the lake, which looked rather scary.

    - Pu! -

    The tail which was pointing towards the sky suddenly pierced towards the lake, fiercely like an awl.

    Nie Tian looked closely and discovered that the Black Ice Python's tail had pierced through the ground at the centre of the lake and kept going downwards.

    The ten meter long body of the Black Ice Python also smoothly followed its ground-piercing tail into the earth.

    When it only had its gigantic head at the water surface, it suddenly looked at Nie Tian and its eyes conveyed the same message as before.

    Follow me!

    Nie Tian was shocked and wanted to swiftly leave and run far away.

    However, at that moment it seemed as though Black Ice Python could read his thoughts, as the majority of its body, which had gone underground, once again emerged fiercely.

    Inside the lake, an underground tunnel clearly emerged after its body had left.

    The Black Ice Python moved its body aside, so that the underground tunnel was clearly visible to Nie Tian and the python used its gaze to indicate for Nie Tian to enter first.

    Nie Tian, who had found his thoughts discovered, could only smile wryly, as he nodded and helplessly entered the lake, before he slowly reached the center of the lake.

    Having come to the center of the lake, he found that the water level was only up to his chest and he sighed as he looked at the underground tunnel, before he closed his eyes to jump in.

    He could feel that he was sliding down into the deeper regions of the earth. Here, everything was filled with a gross fishy smell.

    - Splash! -

    He fell heavily into another body of waters similar to the lake's water.

    He opened his eyes quickly.

    There was actually a gigantic stone palace in the deep underground regions of this desert!

    There were various rows of statues inside this stone palace, which all looked like gigantic spirit beasts.

    Apart from the statues, there were also stone pillars, which had life-like looking dragons wrapped around them!

    He was at the corner of the stone palace floating inside the waters of a crescent moon shaped well and observed the antique stone palace from the mouth of the well.

    - Hu! -

    At this moment, the body of the Black Ice Python suddenly descended from the skies.

    Nie Tian immediately looked above his head.

    He could see that there was a long underground tunnel at the top of the stone palace which seemed to be the link between this place and the outside world.

    As the Black Ice Python fell, it turned its body around and avoided him and even landed in the empty space in the middle of the stone palace.

    The Black Ice Python looked at one gigantic stone pillar, then looked at him and used its gaze to express its intention to him.

    Under the Black Ice Python's prompting, he also looked at that stone pillar and discovered, that coiled around it, was actually a flame dragon.


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