Chapter 197 - Seven "Eyes"

    Through several times of probing, Nie Tian could generally figure out the methods to have controlled the Blood Demon Skeleton. The first one was to lock onto the target by using its mental consciousness and then it instructed the Blood Demon Skeleton.

    The second way was that he only needed to see the enemy then he could have signaled the Blood Demon Skeleton.

    Only like that, did the Blood Demon Skeleton, which had lost more than half of its intelligence and only had its dead soul left, could have recognized the target.

    However, that high-level demon possessed a profound secret spirit art. It was impossible for Nie Tian's mentality to have locked onto him.

    Moreover, the high-level demon that was hiding inside of the vigorous demonic aura, hence, he could not have signaled the Blood Demon Skeleton. Thus, showing him his intentions.

    If it was like that, there was no way he could have used the Blood Demon Skeleton, letting him savage the high-level demon.

    "Protect Nie Tian!"

    As soon as he had heard that Nie Tian could not have used the Blood Demon Skeleton to handle the high-level demon, Feng Luo hastily changed his strategy.

    He was well aware that Nie Tian was at the critical point in utilizing the Blood Demon Skeleton. As soon as unwanted things were to happen to Nie Tian, they would have lost control of that Blood Demon Skeleton. Not only could it not have helped the Blood Sect in savaging those demons, but it could have also turned this into a massacre without distinguishing between foe and friend.

    When that happened, they would have also become the Blood Demon Skeleton's targets, frantically being pursued by it.

    He had seen with his own eyes how that Blood Demon Skeleton had savaged the other demons. He knew well how terrifying that Blood Demon Skeleton could be.

    If that Blood Demon Skeleton used the same methods, which he had used on those demons, on them, the consequences would have been unimaginable.


    The surging vigorous demonic aura listened to the high-level demon, then rapidly spread forward.

    In mid-air, those floating demonic aura had also attached itself to the wide Demonic Saber, furiously covering down.

    The disciples from the Heaven Leaving Domain's seven sects could not think of any methods when they saw  that the demonic aura was gradually approaching them.

    What they could do now was to instantly retreat, using all of their efforts to run away from the area which was covered by the demonic aura.

    The path, where they had before came, did not have any gleams of demonic aura, to them, that area was safe.


    Nie Tian had also followed the group of people, constantly flying backwards, avoiding the spreading demonic aura.

    The countenances of all the people from the seven sects were solemn. They all coagulated the energies inside of their spiritual sea to cooperate with their own specializing cultivation attributes and created, one by one, glowing light barriers.

    Those light layers contained various colors, possessing different attributes such as flame, ice-cold, thunder, and flowing water...

    They were all afraid that if the vigorous demonic aura had entered their human bodies, their flesh would have been infiltrated. Therefore, they could only take the light barriers out to defend against the invasion of the demonic aura.

    "Haha, useless." A laugh from that high-level demon resonated clearly from inside of the dark purple demonic aura, "The Heaven and Earth spirit qi inside the Heaven Leaving Domain were gradually turning into the demonic aura following our transformations.  Not long after, the whole Heaven Leaving Domain will be filled with the demonic aura. That will then be the end of the Heaven Leaving Domain."

    He loudly laughed. The demonic aura that was descending from the sky had abruptly fluctuated its direction.

    Groups of thick demonic aura were like seawater falling down appearing behind them, one by one.

    Since it was like that, no one had any room left for maneuvers anymore. They could have only stayed inside of the demonic aura, confronting that high-level demon.

    Obviously, fighting inside of the demonic aura was extremely advantageous for the high-level demon.

    Yet they needed to constantly urge their spiritual energies to form the light barriers so as to withstand the demonic aura while fighting it.

    In the meantime, their mental consciousness would also have been affected by the demonic aura. Their five senses would also have been decreased.


    The ear-piercing sound was released from the demonic saber. One by one, dark purple slashes were like wriggling purple lightning and rapidly flickered inside the demonic aura.

    "Nie Tian be careful!"

    The Prison Department's Hong Can immediately shouted as he saw the vicious intentions emitted from the demonic saber.

    The disciples of the seven sects, who had still wanted to retreat, saw that their escape paths had been blocked. Also, the surroundings were mostly mountains; and they knew it was just a matter of time before they had gotten emerged in the demonic aura.

    Hence, they did not even bother to have avoided it. As they heard Hong Can's words, they gathered around Nie Tian in a blink.

    The seven sects' disciples were holding their spirit equipments. Different colors were emanated from their light barriers as they were using different defending skills. Inside of the demonic aura, their countenances were quite fuzzy and couldn't be distinguished.

    Nevertheless, Nie Tian knew, concurrently, except for Qiu Heng, that everyone would not have wanted anything bad to have happened to him.

    He, who could control the Blood Demon Skeleton, was the most crucial, and also the critical key to coping with the high-level demon.


    Various colorful light barriers burst out from their spirit equipment, facing that purple lightning in a flash.

    Besides Nie Tian, brilliant light barriers and light spots were sputtering. The impact from the attack of different power attributes had fiercely fluctuated the surrounding's energy.

    Yet he was protected by everyone and was not encroached upon by anything.

    He vaguely saw that everyone seemed to be struggling while fighting with that high-level demon as well as the fear existing in their hearts.

    Nonetheless, it might have been because of his ability to control the Blood Demon Skeleton that although everyone was scared on the inside, they still had to brace themselves and declared a bloody battle with that high-level demon.


    A ray of purple electrical light pierced through all those spiritual energies and reached a Grey Valley's Zhongtian Realm warrior.

    After that purple electrical light stroke him, the blue water color's light barrier on that Grey Valley Lianqi warrior was broken into pieces. The electrical light instantly hacked down into his bosom.

    A minute later that figure had silently fallen over to the ground. As dead as a log.


    Another lightning strike like a swimming snake had twined itself on a Prison Department Zhongtian Realm warrior.

    The icy light barrier on his body was busted into numerous ice crumbs in a blink. The snake-like purple lightning was twining tighter and tighter on his body. It did not dissipate until the body had been twisted into a distorted shape.

    Although that person was frantically struggling to survive, he had still died due to the lack of air.

    In a short while, two Zhongtian Realm warriors from the Grey Valley and the Prison Department were all killed by that infiltrated purple lightning.

    Faint laughter was emanating from the middle of the demonic aura. The high-level demon simply did not look like he was in a rush. On the contrary, he was quite enjoying this killing process.

    Many people could not have seen him. They could only have seen rays after rays of purple eccentric lightning, shooting out from all directions, invading them like threads of silk.

    They all had wanted to dash out and search for that high-level demon to directly confront him.

    However, they knew that as soon as they had left Nie Tian, then Nie Tian, who was only at Houtian Realm, would have been quickly killed.

    When Nie Tian was dead, the Blood Demon Skeleton would have lost control and gone on a massacre killing spree. It would have become unbearable for everyone here.

    They could have only died protecting Nie Tian.

    Nie Tian could also recognize that the situation was getting worse. He understood their thoughts, as he also knew he was the critical element which determined the outcome of this fight.

    As he could not lock onto that demon, he sat down in the middle of everyone.

    As soon as he had sat down, he cut off every chaotic feeling that he was having. He then removed his thoughts about the two persons that had died for him, the dead-end in front of them, and also the battle without any hesitations.

    He deeply inhaled, adjusted himself, focused his mentality, and sensed his spiritual sea.

    The seven star fragments were still stunning inside of his spiritual sea. Through the four Recovering Holy Pills, the star fragments were getting even larger, emitting light spots after light spots, illuminating the entire spiritual sea.

    He tried to borrow a stream of special power from inside of those seven star fragments.

    The seven star fragments which only he could have felt had started to flicker. Seven threads of mental consciousness, coming from inside of his spiritual sea, abruptly wrapped around them.

    The flickering light threads, which were suddenly covering the brilliant star fragments, left his spiritual sea, heading towards the demonic aura. A magical feeling suddenly arose inside of him.

    He felt as if he had seven more eyes all of a sudden.

    Previously, he could have only sensed the movements of his surroundings vaguely through his mental consciousness. From there, he could then sense the living forces.

    However, right now, those seven threads, which contained the mental consciousness of those brilliant stars, had turned into seven "eyes". Through the floating seven eyes, the previously vague scenery inside of the demonic aura had now become strangely clear due to the illuminating light.

    Moreover, when the transformed mental consciousness was shining on the seven sects' disciples of the Heaven Leaving Domain, it seemed that he could have looked through their bodies and have fuzzily seen the blood flowing inside of their bodies. He could even guess the powerful levels of their spiritual sea. Therefore, he could have predicted their true cultivation base.

    The high-level demon, which was hiding inside of that demonic aura, had also appeared clearly thanks to the magical "Eyes"!

    He could now tightly lock onto that high-level demon almost in just a blink. Moreover, no matter how much that guy was moving, his light could have still shined right on him through the seven "eyes".

    The Blood Demon Skeleton, which was now standing still inside of the vicious demonic aura, suddenly dashed out as soon as Nie Tian had locked onto the high-level demon.

    A killing intention from the Blood Demon Skeleton suddenly arose towards that high-level demon!
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